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  1. The infection rate will continue to be a significant concern until more people are vaccinated. As it stands only around 30% of the population (albeit those most at risk) have been vaccinated and had 3 weeks to work up immunity. A significant rise in the infection rate would raise the prospect of the NHS coming under severe pressure again with many admissions. Also a significant rise in the infection rate will 1) make mutations more likely, 2) make it much harder to track and trace effectively and isolate cases of dangerous varients. The government is working to the principal that the
  2. Business time now..... Schools back, and much larger numbers of people are routinely bending the rules. Expectation of the government is with the vaccine roll out massively reducing hospitalisation and transmission things will stay under control. Now we get to find out if that's true. Circa 22nd/23rd March the picture will be clearer. I cant really see how there won't be a huge leap in cases as schools re-open. But to be positive... 30% of the population vaccinated and had 3 weeks to work up immunity, weather getting better, many kids will have immunity because they had it before i
  3. I'd be really surprised if we went back to 433 after finally winning with 4231, especially against a Swans team that can pass through is for fun. So same personnel but with Trybull and Buckley sitting, Dack more advanced behind Dolan, Gallagher right, Brereton left.
  4. The goals were fluky, but we were completely and utterly the better team. Should have won by more. Can't really shake the feeling though that we won because Millwall were terrible.
  5. Well everybody who played today had played in those positions previously under Mowbray, but I think Dolan as a 9 only a couple of times as a sub (and he had looked decent when he did it). So from Mowbrays perspective it would have been pretty consistent with how he's approached formations previously (strikers on the wing, wingers at 9, winger at RB). That said outside of Mowbrays own tactical universe it was pretty unusual! But for him not too weird.
  6. Totally dominated the game. Makes you wonder how we lost 6 of the last 7. Could be that Milwall just didnt turn up. Felt that way. Or could be the team was better setup with Dolan, Trybull, Buckley, JRC in the side in a 4231. We'll get to find out on Tuesday as it's likely, at least I hope to God, to be as close to an unchanged team as possible. Thought Dolan was really terrific. Think he will be a top player for us. Buckley was very poor on the ball first half but interestingly put in some crunching tackles... I think he should get a run of games alongside Trybull. Hey h
  7. I think Brereton is really good at hold up play. Rarely loses it and if he does usually gets a free kick. What he is really rubbish at is heading the ball, which is what makes me wonder if her can really play a 9 role. But given how terrible we are I'd give him a run at 9. If Armstrong's out what other option do we have? A half fit Dack as the so far totally unproductive false 9, and the kid McBride.
  8. @JoeH- do you have any stats on how we've performed against teams with 3 at the back (343, 352, 3412)? Even when we were playing well it seemed a theme that we get turned over by those formations. Basically the oppos wing backs end up dominating our full backs and we can't get any change out of their 3 centrebacks.
  9. We're absolutely all over the place at the moment. No idea what we do formation wise. In Feb we've gone from being decent going forward but weak defensively to rubbish at both. Heads are down too. We've tried 433, 4231 and 343 and not looked much better in any of them. If you were to pin it to one thing the defence just doesnt look stable and that undermines the whole team. That's been a consistent issue under Mowbray but it's probably at its worst ever point currently. I'm sure virtually any new manager would come in, spend whatever money is available on defenders and work on c
  10. I've thought about it, based on the comments above and the managers available, and agree it sounds like it will be Pulis 😞 The key thing with Venkys is low effort simplicity - so if Pulis is represented by people they know, and is available, and has the basic metrics on his CV (ie. a promotion) then that makes sense. Add to that Mowbray's pretty intense discussion of possession football winning promotions post game, and saying to stick to that philosophy, I think it sounds pretty nailed on that Pulis is on the cards. To be more optimistic maybe there are a couple of names in the hat
  11. Ah.... that would tie up with Mowbray banging on about possession football getting teams promoted in that interview, and you should stick with it, and not tear it up and start with a "new idea" - ie. Pullis hoof ball.... Jesus. Pulis would be a real downer.
  12. Oh nothing of any real substance. Think there was a snippet in the Sun or something a week or so back.
  13. I am intrigued about how exactly Venkys are going to find and negotiate with a new manager. The whole setup the club is so mental. As someone on here pointed out we got Mowbray through Paul Senior, who left when we got relegated. Then Mowbray effectively appointed Waggot (lol). So they don't know if they can really trust him to find a new manager. So they've got to go via an agency (but presumably will be wary of that after being rinsed by Kentaro). Or go for something mad like the Shebby Singh thing where thye get someone they trust to do it, even if they know nothing about footba
  14. What I found funny about this is the sky pundits were on one hand saying they thought we should be top six but also seemed to think Tony was under no pressure despite losing six in seven. Bizarre.
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