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  1. I think that's unfair to Kaminski - looks a top keeper to me, better than Raya imo. Best signing in a long time. Dolan is very young, but like Rothwell you can see as he matures he could turn into a top player. Got all the attributes to routinely beat his marker and scores goals. Otherwise hard to disagree. Branthwaite started really well for us in the first three games but since then he's been all over the place. If we'd got a decent defender who was fit instead of Ayala, and a decent left back with a bit of an engine as opposed to Douglas, we would be in a much better positio
  2. Mowbrays been interesting, actually active on the sidelines, not sitting and sulking like most of Feb.
  3. Very noticeable that our 433 was getting absolutely pumped by their 343 in the first ten minutes (quel suprise... it's been like that all bloody season). But today we had the wherewithal to change to a 4231 within the first 10. Immediately got on top. Rothwell excelling in the free role behind Armstrong. If we'd had that plan b earlier in the season we would be in a much better place today. I really don't understand why we have only just come up with it as we've needed it since October.
  4. Yes I think so too. We only go to 4231 when Dacks on the pitch. Main plus is Rothwells playing - we are so much better when he's playing central. Really hard to be enthused though. Whole season is in tatters and we are just treading water till Mowbray is inevitably sacked.
  5. Where did you get the 800 million vaccines supplied from? Not in the artical, and the global supply of vaccine hasn't reached anywhere near that level yet (only 230 million doses have been given globally so far). Do you mean 800 million contracted to be supplied in the future? Somewhat undermining your argument the article also states that the West will dominate global vaccine provision : But the lead enjoyed by India, China and Russia in so-called vaccine diplomacy is set to evaporate in coming weeks.
  6. I think since he went to Man City he's had a chip on his shoulder. Walked out of Fulham after a year and never looked happy at QPR or Stoke even with a lot of resources. I can't see him stepping down to the Championship, or if he does that he will stick with it. But obviously if he did come he would get all my support and I would be excited to see what he does. Just would have a few question marks.
  7. With Warnock and McCarthy though they are committed to being promotion focussed Championship managers. I think Hughes thinks he is better than that level. I just don't think he would be that motivated.
  8. Hmmm. Hughes coming back.... not sure the hungers there. Coming back rarely works out. Not sure about it. Also could really see a Lambert situation where he just can't handle the Venky circus and walks after a few months. Cowley brothers decent shout. Neither of those really make you think we will definitely improve our chances of being promoted though. Not a Bielsa, Hughton or a Warnock. But then there are very few in that category...
  9. I think in the right situation the intense 433 we played at the start of the season worked really well. But it's very hard to keep up the intensity required over the season, arguably makes us more vulnerable to injury due to the stress of it to the players, and it's vulnerable to the opposition playing three at the back and crowding us out. Preston were a really good example in how we battered them in the first game, but they completely figured us out in the return fixture and we were totally out played and fought. Ultimately we have struggled by not having a good plan b when the 433 stop
  10. Well he's got us to the point where we expect to be top six for the last couple of seasons. You make it sound like he has been continuously terrible since we got promoted, but if that were true we would have been in a relegation dog fight last two years. He's done okay to be honest but he's obviously not going to get us top six, and clearly that's the next step so he's got to go.
  11. Anyone with any connections at the club who has heard anything? Surely something is happening after 5 losses on the spin and clearly missing our top six target with a quarter of the season still to go.... There will be some owner reaction surely?
  12. This seems about right to me. He looks like he knows he's going to get sacked, just not sure when.
  13. I'd say we have a really good squad with top players right down the spine of the team. Kaminski, Lenihan, Travis, Dack, Armstrong all real top 6 quality. Around that we've got some promising players - Nyambe, Rothwell, Dolan. And then beyond that a lot of decent squad players. It's pretty rare that we play a team and I think they have a better squad than us. Probably only a couple of ex-prem teams have fallen into that category (Watford, Bournemouth). In the games we play we very rarely get beaten by better talent. Usually we get outfought and beaten on set pieces. Reason we haven't kicke
  14. Well it was an incredibly poor attempt at distraction as it has totally backfired! He's pretty well covered though as everything Macron said was actually accurate. BionTech did say you shouldn't use it more than 3 weeks apart. There was a study in South Africa which challenged the effectiveness of the AZ vaccine. There was a lack of over 65s data in the studies published by AZ. It was a (correct) UK political and scientific decision to take the roll it out as they had confidence in the vaccine even though there wasn't explicit data in the study for certain groups. The French and Germ
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