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  1. WBA must be considered favourites if they are seriously in for him, both in terms of salary and Premier league ambition. So wouldn't be a shock if he signed for them, but a pleasant surprise if he chose us
  2. Pelly Ruddock staying at Luton after agreeing new deal
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.footballinsider247.com/sources-middlesbrough-lead-blackburn-in-ruddock-chase-after-he-quits-luton-town/%3Famp
  4. How close you think we are to agreeing a new contract with brereton? Can’t imagine the club will want to pay 5-7 million for a player and then lose him with his contract ending wouldn’t look good at all 1 https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1024259157199872000/093TGn4U_x96.jpg Rich Sharpe @richsharpe89 Replying to @callumgrimshaw1 one of the many contracts they need to work on. Think they'll get something done, but not aware of anything being close.
  5. Think you’re confusing bickering with relentless negativity mate. That’s all you get on here
  6. Funny how that £7m Mowbray “wasted” on Brereton seems to have been conveniently forgotten. Now it’s tie him to a long term deal , he’s worth more than AA. Just maybe he was bought as a 20 year old kid with potential, and that potential is starting to be realised.
  7. I take your point, but I don’t believe that Mowbray doesn’t “get us”. He is from a working class background and often compares Blackburn with his Middlesbrough roots. If we were to say he isn’t “popular” with the fans , that is another point, but that is down to perceived failure on the field, not his affinity to the club. Steve Bruce is a lifelong Newcastle fan yet he is hated by the vast majority of Geordies because he hasnt been a success in their eyes. it’s simple, if your a success you will be liked by the fans, nothing to do with affinity imo
  8. So, what are you saying, any future Rovers manager must either have lived in the area or have played for us in order to be considered? Would be a pretty short list. Maybe we could ask Dunny? Does Klopp have an affinity to Liverpool or Pep to City? No, they manage these clubs because they like the project. Then they move on, just like players
  9. I am no financial expert, but was just wondering if someone could answer this question : If, and its a big if, Venkys were looking to sell, is it possible they could just write off the debt to make it more attractive to a buyer? I believe something similar happened at Sunderland when Ellis Short wrote off a £170m in order to sell to Stuart Donald. Sunderland are now apparently debt free. Whatever anyone thinks of Venkys I don't believe they have anything but the best interests of the club at heart
  10. If you are a supporter it's through thick and thin, you support your team no matter what. You don't have to like the manager to support the team, especially in the current climate. No doubt when season ticket sales are down again people will just expect Venkys to put their hands in their pockets again (and get untold stick for it not being enough).
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