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  1. Which young lad is that? I can't keep a track on here. Cheers
  2. 113 pages and zero transfers. Come on rovers help us out a little. Give us something to talk about
  3. Me neither but can we trust the source? Click bait I fear. Last year when we had a dof most transfers went under the radar. This year may be different but I still don't trust the daily mail a source of genuine transfer knowledge
  4. Telalovic will be our first striker come the start of the season.
  5. They are petty. He clearly spoke his mind and got stuff done but those around him didn't see his value. The project is now survival
  6. Better than our Swedish GK too Marc Roberts, Scott Hogan, Ivan Sunjic, Gary Gardner and Neil Etheridge will all leave Birmingham.. sign them up GB...oh wait
  7. Thanks for posting. Great reading by GB. Fair play he is good at spinning but we did achieve some positive stuff in his time
  8. Offering fleck a new deal because no one else would want to join us I guess. Or we can't get the paperwork done. They probably see him as a good signing as he is in the door already. Less chance of messing up the paperwork
  9. That new article at least puts it to bed. Glad he came out and said that..must have been awful experience for him. Such a shame that rovers reputation is being tarnished further each day
  10. Yep that's the situation. Even cheaper running costs in league one
  11. How come..? Sure he can't be that bad... He hand picked the leather seats for the bus... 😉 .
  12. Director of Football Gregg Broughton has also departed, though Rovers are yet to formally announce his exit. It's understood he left the club at the end of last week following talks with the board. Just read the above in an LT article.
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