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  1. Thanks for providing these. What a crock of absolute shite. Beautifully drawn plans of the proposed housing development and a red/white oblong where the new combined training centre might be! How can anyone be taken in by this? So to cut though all the crap and hype about it being a new "state of the art" facility all that is happening here (if it happens at all) is that they're faithfully duplicating ("same scale") the existing senior training centre on the existing JTC site and we lose the additional facility for the Academy lads. In terms of pitches we lose the 5 full size
  2. Forgive me as I'm not on Twitter so I haven't seen a copy of the planning application the Club has submitted? Do these relate solely to the housing development or is there a specific plan of the exact training centre that is to be built as well? It seems that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into ascertaining they could squeeze 170 houses onto the STC site but from what Swag was saying this weekend it almost sounded like a case of we'll see if we're allowed to build any houses then depending on how many of them we're allowed to build we'll think about a new training cent
  3. The bit in bold about having to have a facility that is for the use of the Academy only and to be available at all times would appear to kibosh these new plans as far as Cat 1 status goes then, as didn't Swag insinuate the new facility would be one which would be of benefit to the local Community?
  4. That's been going on for a long time, not just recently. I wish people would also stop picking up on a throw away quote he made years ago and stop expecting him to just walk out without a pay off. It isn't going to happen and you wouldn't expect any sane person to do the same either. Gone are the days where they were on a few hundred pounds a week. The owners are going to have to sack him to get him out and it's all he deserves on the basis of his performance since returning to the Championship. The most we could expect from Mowbray would be for him to approach the owners asking for
  5. This sounds very patronising but the "problem" with fans who only started supporting through the glory Jack/King Kenny years or the subsequent relatively frugal but well managed Walker Trust is that they have never seen us compete and punch above our weight at the equivalent of Championship and League 1 level in the days when we genuinely didn't have a pot to widdle in under far better managers than Mowbray. Mowbray doesn't know he's born in comparison. Most Clubs have to cut their cloth accordingly and trade players when necessary to raise finances. Our manager is simply allowed to pile
  6. Indeed not. Well seemingly a fully fit Dack anyhow. We struck lucky with him (credit to TM for signing him and the owners for funding it) but we wouldn't have been anywhere near promotion without him.
  7. Mowbray seems to rate players who "hold their position" like Evans and Smallwood to the extent that proper players like Harrison Reed have to sit on the sidelines and learn how they play according to our esteemed leader. I'm sure I remember Travis being a lot more dynamic and proactive when he first burst into the side as well. He's been Mowbrayed. It'll be tragic if he ends up being Lowe/Evans/Trybull Mk 4.
  8. Sets a very dangerous precedent that. Having blown his whistle and (according to the player interviewed afterwards) having told the player he could take it, saw the ball was going in and attempted to blow his whistle again before it crossed the line. Very dodgy indeed. I wouldn't let him referee again this season.
  9. Hope Venky's don't come on here tonight to gauge fan reaction. They'll come away thinking everyone is happy enough because they're talking about barnacles!
  10. A practical consideration that no-one seems to have mentioned anywhere is that unless we could time the sale and rebuild the new facility within a very short window indeed during the summer we'd be left with nowhere to train wouldn't we?. Back to the pre Jack days of dodging the dog turds at Pleasington playing fields
  11. Mowbray was the one who recommended him for the role thereby making himself virtually bombproof. The owners are the ones who shouldn't have been taken in (yet again) by this clear conflict of interest.
  12. Very dangerous bloke to have around given his involvement at Coventry.
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