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  1. What's the point of that letter - "the last ten years have been crap but this is not a protest" - Well it bloody well should be. "As you were lads - nothing to see here". Sheesh.
  2. That Club statement denies we've missed any filing deadlines as alleged by the Daily Mail and suggests that we won't be in embargo for anything we might or might not do by June 30th either.
  3. The second part is certainly right....... As for the first, he's been here three seasons and has never had the nine or ten unbroken games he imo needs up front to assess whether or not can can become the answer there and become reasonably prolific. He'll never get it while Mowbray's here.
  4. Why do you think it was shelved then? If it couldn't ultimately be sold without their say so, equally, there's no rational explanation other than that they stepped in to pull the plug on it. What they were told it would be like initially is anyone's guess. World Class new facility Cat 1 status retained etc etc.............
  5. Exactly. Can't believe some people are still falling for the nice but dim Uncle Tony jumpers for goalposts routine. You could just about forgive him for installing his own boss IF the owners were daft enough to suggest it. However the way Waggott has subsequently defended Mowbray to the hilt despite him pissing money away like water and producing abysmal results and then the three of them all trying to pull off the same stunt as at Coventry suggests there is something rather more sinister afoot.
  6. Great post. No-one has ever held the view that we needed to acclimatise in the Championship because we were relegated when arguably we shouldn't have been. It's just something Mowbray has invented in the last few months to excuse his own abysmal performance.
  7. Wake up Gav, why do you think we we training on an already knackered pitch in the middle of winter in atrocious conditions? Of course Mowbray was instrumental in it just as much as the other two. They tried (and failed) to pull off the same sort of scam at Coventry as well. You can't pin that on Venky's.
  8. When's the next Fans Forum meeting?, I shall be reading the minutes with great interest as obviously the Forum will obviously collectively tear Waggott a new one for wasting Club money on a project which - if the main aim was as stated I.e. to maintain Category 1 status - was doomed from the outset. Perhaps the Forum could also ask Waggott or Cheston to specify exactly how much money was wasted on the scheme?
  9. According to the Fans Forum minutes Cheston told the Forum it could be financed. As we apparently can't even finance a £2m pitch that just shows how ludicrous and unlikely that suggestion was. Just as, as soon as some basic questions about the scheme were asked, there was no answer to them and it had to be shelved. I can't believe Waggott and Cheston ate still in a job on the back of that tbh. I wonder how much of the Club's money was wasted on the doomed project?
  10. So it was "The Rovers Two" and "The Birmingham One" trying to oust "The Coventry Three!" 🙂 Cracking effort by you guys.
  11. He's way worse than Coyle for me. Take away the superior financial backing he's had and there's naff all to choose between then in terms of ability and more crucially Coyle didn't attempt to flog off our infrastructure like Mowbray and his mates. I'll give you Kean but in devil's advocate mode he had us 5th or 6th when he was sacked, something Mowbray could only dream of.
  12. I don't disagree the owners overall record has been terrible but I'm failing to see why Mowbray couldn't have made a decent fist of things with the (imo) extremely generous backing he's had. Granted they should never have in a million years allowed him to install Waggott as his immediate boss but that shouldn't in itself have automatically meant poor performance, it was just bound to lead to obvious problems if he needed to be replaced at some point.
  13. I can't reveal the source of my info on that, suffice to say the info itself was fairly precise and seemed entirely credible at the time. The original source of the info would have had absolutely no reason to make it up either. I have been referring to it indirectly over the last month or so and wouldn't have done so if I didn't believe it to be correct. What's the point in making stuff up and then looking daft when it doesn't happen? However, I am admittedly starting to wonder why Mowbray apparently has been allowed to veto potential transfer targets IF he is leaving. Are thin
  14. I have absolutely no idea on either count, I'm only relaying what I've been told!
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