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  1. Rothwell's not without one or two flaws but if he was absolutely perfect , he wouldn't be at Blackburn Rovers at this precise point in time. Any other manager would be saying something like "Joe has qualities that no other player at the Club can bring us therefore we're really keen to persuade him to commit his future to us". But no, he knows he's completely messed up the contract situation so it's a face/arse covering exercise "I never rated him that much anyway". Which may actually be true as he seems incapable of leaving him on the pitch for 90 mins whereas I think he'd leave Gallagher on if he was missing a limb.
  2. Don't be fooled by the forked tongue comments of Mowbray and Waggott. They now seem to be insinuating that the contract situation is the owners' fault because there's a wage cap in place. I'm sure that's news to the likes of Ayala and Gallagher Mowbray essentially admitted the contract problem was of his own making because he didn't want to offer the players in question improved deals in the midst of a pandemic and potentially upset the rest of the squad. Well boo hoo, better players earn more than ones that aren't as good. It's the manager's job to look after the interests and future of the Club by securing it's major assets, not worrying about pandering to and upsetting the feelings of the less important players who if they didn't like it should have been told they were welcome to look elsewhere. I suspect Waggott and Mowbray have now been instructed to sort the contracts out to avoid tens of millions of pounds of talent walking out of the door for nothing but that the stable door has already firmly bolted and Waggott and Mowbray have damaged the relationships with said players beyond repair. As for your final paragraph, £10k p.w. (if that's correct) for Poveda to sit on the bench is hardly "nothing" or "next to nothing" is it? Hundreds of thousands of pounds more wasted that could have gone towards improved contract offers. And, the money was there to bring in Obafemi or Maja had they wanted to come or not failed a medical respectively.
  3. The bloke (Mowbray) is a disgrace. Knows Rothwell won't sign for him therefore is trying to stick the boot in and make out Rothwell isn't that good anyway before he (Mowbray) departs the Club as well. If you were being offered the same or similar money here as elsewhere why would any player worth his salt want to sign for Mowbray? If he is allowed to see his contract out that decision will cost us dearly regardless of our final finishing position this season.
  4. I'd go a step further and say it's been in decline since Mark Hughes left.
  5. Hmm...... if he was granted a new deal then maybe. Perhaps the FFP mess Mowbray got us into ironically dictated a pragmatic approach of not incurring further expense by not paying him off unless it was absolutely necessary?
  6. Glad you edited and put the last bit in, I was about to post as you seemingly feel Mowbray is doing such a fabulous job then by extension you must also be full of praise for the owners both for appointing him initially and keeping him in situ recently.
  7. So according to you we pay the wages out of our own income and then have a separate £20m loss? Where do you think that £20m p.a. disappears to if not on players wages?
  8. I thought someone posted a table on here without Venky's input which tended to suggest that once their £20 m p.a. contribution was taken into account we were actually about 4th in terms of overall finance. Happy to be proved wrong if that's incorrect.
  9. Funny how when Brereton wasn't doing so well he was apparently a player foisted on an unwilling manager by the owners............ And we netted around £10m for Armstrong so if the others walk for nothing £50m is a bit optimistic to say the least! Gallagher good business? Reel 'em in Gav!
  10. Have to say that whilst I may disagree with the views of those who come on and make out that everything is OK after a win they are perfectly entitled to have that point of view. I think in general the mods are far too quick to to complain about or remove posts they don't like in recent times.
  11. It's unbelievable. I think some people assume players play for nothing. How much do people think Mulgrew and Evans were on? How much do people think Gallagher and Ayala are on?
  12. By the end of the season roughly £100 m of the owners money on top of whatever income the Club has generated off it's own batt!
  13. Given the backing he's had, I think it would have been impossible for virtually anyone else not to!
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