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  1. We have a 40% win record this time round which doesn't sound bad, but the problem is that up until yesterday we'd lost as many as we'd won hence the reason we're languishing some way outside the play offs.
  2. That's great news and tends to confirm the view of some that the owners always provide money when asked. There's only one missing ingredient!
  3. Not much in it, 40.2 to 41.8 and I would imagine that would be accounted for by TM's time at Celtic. I'd rather judge it on Warnock's eight career promotions to Tony's two really. I also saw a piece online from Mowbray in the Liverpool Echo in which he said Warnock was a wonderful individual away from the pitch but he's a very emotional manager and on reflection might think he shouldn't be fronting up to an 18 year old. About right and credit to Mowbray the best interview he's given in a very long time.
  4. Substitute Lambert's name for Mowbray and League 1 for the Championship and that more or less mirrors our situation here. Doubt we'll ever see a similarly ballsy piece in the LT though. As for Lambert, he doesnt seem to have changed much since he was here, says all the right things but the performances and results under his watch don't match the spin. At least he didnt insert a get out clause at Ipswich then walk out when things didn't go to plan. Probably realises his stock is going lower and lower with every job he takes.
  5. We're fine thanks Gav. I saw Tris in Blues just before Christmas 2019 and he imparted some news I wasn't aware of at that point so hope all is OK at your end.
  6. Very strange. Not going to do his development any good whatsoever.
  7. Serious question re: the Greek lad as I've heard nothing whatsoever about him since the initial euphoria about it supposedly being a massive feather in the cap of the European Scouting System when he signed. Is he playing at all and if so at what level?
  8. Hi Tony. Actions speak louder than words and I've formed my opinion over a period of time based on Mowbray's tenure here. You obviously have a different view and that's fine. I doubt you know Warnock any better than I know Mowbray but even if we were to accept your character assessment of them both, Warnock's managerial CV eclipses that of our manager and I want a manager who'll get us success not one I can invite round for tea.
  9. What makes you think it will be any different than Mowbray's previous 132 games in the Championship with us?
  10. The parachute payments skewer the equation slightly as regards automatic promotion but we're not even at the races in regards to challenging for the top 6. We're also only three points ahead of teams who were struggling desperately against relegation last year like Huddersfield, Barnsley and Luton so we're not exactly performing well are we? Edit: two, three and five but the point stands.
  11. Would you not say Ainsworth had done a pretty remarkable job at Wycombe? Edit: As for Johnson, he seemed extremely well thought of for his work with the youngsters before joining the first team set up (maybe less so since?) but those at the Club ought to be able to assess his capabilities and whether he might be able to make the step up.
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