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  1. Wish they'd get a shift on, after various rumours I heard at the end of last season and again in the close season I bet my mate's son £20 that Mowbray wouldn't be here by the first day of the new season. Looks like I'll be paying out. On a more serious note of course it makes zero sense to wait and keep him and Waggott in situ all summer, put pressure on them by cutting off funding then sack them six games into the summer as that's putting this season in severe jeopardy. We'll see I suppose. The squad is now so weak I don't think they would be capable of pulling out a few results to save Mowbray's neck as they always seem to have managed to do in the past.
  2. £75 k p.a. here or at Salford? If Salford, do you know what he was on here?
  3. Now it's been made official, you'd better ask him yourself! At least some of the info I get pans our correctly. How the hell did the Coventrio manage to convince the owners that actually the problem was everyone else but them?!!!
  4. Plus Category one Academy regulations require the facilities to be available for the youngsters exclusive use.
  5. All this stuff about a split site is rubbish Neil I've yet to hear one legitimate example of how our facilities lag behind what is now considered to be state of the art. And please don't give me "all under one roof". That's rubbish unless the primary motivation is saving on running costs.
  6. Think you're fishing a bit there Neil. Like you I was never in favour of and still am not in favour of chasing billionaire owners out of the Club. You can't deny though that when they took over we were a reasonably established Premiership side and after a decade of mismanagement we are now in a desperate state. Any comparison to the good old days is of course completely moot as well. Then we were completely skint, now said owners pump in £20 m p.a. to cover any losses and compensate for various cock ups.
  7. I'm absolutely appalled by the comments of yourself and Neil John, but not surprised given your ambivalence when the previous scheme (scam) was being put forward. I can't believe you're still receptive to any replacement of Brockhall after Cheston (according to the minutes) had the nerve to sit in front of you and claim a new training centre could be financed when apparently we can't even afford to finance a new pitch! Have to say as well that as you and Neil and Mushy are in favour of moving the facilities as well as goodness knows who else on there, that is a very disproportionate and unrepresentative range of opinion for such a small group. It should be made plain to the Club that whilst those are your personal views they are not necessarilyrepresentative of those of the fanbase as a whole.
  8. Why would we bring Trybull back? He was absolute garbage last season. That said, we do have form for signing people after disastrous loan spells, Luke Varney, DJ Campbell and more recently in the case of Gallagher an indifferent one.
  9. Hi Neil? Hope you're well. It's not the Club's job to rejuvenate the town and community by needlessly moving what are essentially private facilities to an inferior location just to suit some in the town hall "Bring it back home?" It's only about 2-3 miles outside the boundary of BWD. You make it sound like it's in Manchester or something. What an insult to Jack Walker.
  10. On the embargo thing, if you're paying someone 300k p.a. to run the Club (Waggott) surely it's not too much to expect to expect them to comply with EFL regulations and submit any accounts or paperwork in timely fashion so as to avoid an embargo? Agree entirely it's the owners fault Waggott and Mowbray are still here.
  11. OK might be someone different then. If that's the case I'd be very suspicious.
  12. I think from memory he has been on the Forum for quite a long time and was on it when I was on it. If it's the same person he seemed a reasonable enough bloke back then but I can't understand why anyone would want to move the training facilities to an underprivileged or run down part of town, which players would want to sign for us then? The facilities are in the best place where they are now. Perhaps he's just hoping any new facility would be sited near to where he lives.
  13. I wish you'd stop making excuses for Mowbray. He's been very well backed and then some since he's been at the Club. The current crisis is entirely of his (and Waggott's) making. Yes, the owners should have seen the warning signs and nipped it in the bud long ago. But Mowbray is the one who's created the latest crisis. No-one else.
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