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  1. I think his best position is part of a midfield 3 - which is the formation we played last season. Rothwell looks like a Rolls Royce when running with the ball - and I struggle to think of many better players doing that in his position. BUT - there is rarely an end product and his normal passing is very hit and miss. I keep waiting for him to show consistency - and I don't think you can just blame Mowbray for that.
  2. Dolan's performances dropped after the death of a close friend. Around this time he was left out of the team for compassionate reasons. This coincided with signing Elliott - which didn't help his path back into the team. If nothing else - I like his constant running off the ball - he showed when playing as a striker (when Armstrong was injured) how this helps the team as a whole. Hopefully he will continue to progress this season.
  3. He can be like a Rolls Royce drifting through the opposition midfield at times - but apart from occasional free kicks it rarely seems to lead to anything. He is also apt to give the ball away in dangerous positions. He is one of our more frustrating players - as he looks at times like a top Premiership player - but rarely over a full 90 minutes, usually in the same match he switches from premiership quality to League 1. I would still keep him though - as we have nobody like him in the squad.
  4. Though I agree he has to go - how does our budget compare to other championship clubs ?
  5. I think people forget that - how many people on here moaning at the LET actually buy it ? They have to tread a fine line - TM has already got prickly at even slight probing.
  6. I will say one thing about BB - when he was on top form at the start of the season he was a far better "out" ball than Elliott- with the ball sticking with him better. They are essentially different players - I think Elliott is good - but somewhat over hyped.
  7. Douglas has created more chances for the opposition than any player I can remember. He has no pace - and his crossing is largely wasted in a team where our 6ft+ centre forward plays on the wing
  8. Douglas any better - combine the two and you still would only have a half decent player
  9. TBH- my biggest disappointment is that what has been a relatively successful time for TM where he did some good work - is being totally undermined by a determination to hang onto his job (something he said he wouldn't do) when it is obvious his time at the club has run its course. IMO he has taken us as far as he can - and I think this season has shown that - a season when we should have been challenging for top 6. Having said all that - I wouldn't just give up a job without compensation - but then again I don't spout about "doing the honorable thing".
  10. I agree partly with this - but I think a lot of the sending off's were as a result of pressure and good attacking play. The PNE match was a good example of this. It is also more difficult against 10 men to score - as they tend to pack their defences - so I think some credit still has to be given.
  11. TBH - not certain how we went from a free scoring attacking team to one that looks like it can't score. I do wonder how much we miss Dolan's energy - not necessarily his actual play - but his movement off the ball and energy provides outlets I think we have badly missed. It was interesting when he played as a striker for a while - how much more cohesive we looked as an attacking unit. Just shows how we are too static as a team in the attacking third - TBH think this is down to TM - as players often don't seem to know whether to stick or twist when it comes to attacking or defending.
  12. Another match that typified our season - good possession, looked the better team for long periods - but ultimately a mirage as we created few clear chances and then had to rely on our keeper as we made their attacks look like Real Madrid. The only possession that really counts is in the final third - which is where we fail badly.
  13. I wouldn't go as far as doggers - but he has fallen below the high standard he set early season. But I agree with "no thanks" far too expensive both in terms of transfer and wages - plus a Premiership club will definitely take a punt on him.
  14. As you say it is all about opinions - the one that frustrates me the most is Rothwell. Without doubt shows easily enough talent in flashes to be a Premiership player - but you need consistency to be a Premiership player - and he has never had that. My hope is Super Atko - nothing more than an average 2nd Division right back - transformed by Dalglish into an effective midfield player, key to us winning the title. A number of our current squad are arguably more talented, but don't have the drive or the right manager behind them.
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