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  1. And replaced with ? Mistake that "eventually" resulted in a goal apart he has played ok.
  2. Just to add a hint of realism - the only team in form we have played so far has been WBA - who should have won by far more than 2-1. Anything can happen in this league - and confidence goes a long way - but still three points away from relegation rather than an end of season top 6 finish at the moment for me.
  3. I thought it was just me with a tear in my eye 🙂 - it was a dream that many Rovers fans thought they would never see. I can remember going into every match expecting us to win - what a team, what a management team and the best owner ever.
  4. Neither are reported as fully fit - if that is the case, would make sense
  5. Akpan was the midfield equivalent of Gallagher - he could "trap" the ball further than I can kick it.
  6. Linesman put his flag up - so it was offside 🙂 I did wonder at first whether he had flagged for a foul on Ayala in the build up.
  7. Damien Duff looked knackered in the warm up - never mind 25 minutes into the match 🙂
  8. Agree with what you previously said - but Mowbray got lucky ? or identified our shortfalls and addressed them ? Most managers can get formations etc wrong at the start of a match - it is how they address them during the match that is key. It isn't often TM gets things right - as you say the initial formation was awful - but I am prepared to give him some credit for at least changing it. If Hull could score they would have won that game - you could equally say they could be top of the league if they could score 🙂
  9. Maybe scarred by last seasons collapse - but I still see last nights 3 points as being important as it was against a potential relegation rival - rather than getting us into the play offs. Other than WBA we have played either average teams, or ones out of form. Having said that confidence is a great thing - and this season we seem to be playing a lot more pragmatically than last season (when trying and failing to play a possession game).
  10. Lets be fair to him - he was a loan ranger feeding off scraps in the first half. He was often surrounded by 3 or 4 Hull defenders with no help in sight. Flip forward to the second half subs - when he got a bit more assistance - and he looked a lot better. IMO most forwards would have struggled in our first half formation - as he was often left isolated.
  11. Not the finished article - but seems to be improving game by game as adjusts. He has been targeted by a number of teams - and our formation doesn't really help the full backs (leaving lots of space behind them) - though not spectacular at the moment - he is definitely an improvement on last season
  12. No - not for his centre forward play - but his height at defending set pieces (not that it helped much when they equalised).
  13. The one issue that remains - Armstrong gave us a "get out" ball with his pace, where a lump up field could be turned into a good ball because of his pace. We also miss the effect that his pace has on the opposition defence - it was noticeable that Luton were able to play a fairly high line most of the time because we don't have a electric pace up front any more. We suffered when we had Rhodes - because lack of pace up front meant they could squeeze us in our half. There is a similar risk at the moment - though our front three are quicker than Rhodes - none really have outstanding pace. Be interesting to see if any of the wingers we brought on loan can change that dynamic.
  14. Irrespective of tactics - we had enough chances to kill the game. There was a number of opportunities on the break we just wasted, as well as other chances. Just prior to their goal - Gallagher had the ball - and rather than pass to the player clear through and unmarked - he decided to go to the corner flag - and promptly gave the ball away. It was just one of those matches - TBH we were lucky to not be down to 10 men after 10 minutes.
  15. I thought Buckley was one of our better performers. I think it is interesting that we blame going 5 at the back for our demise. I would equally point at our forwards who wasted numerous chances and good breaks. It is a match we should have put to bed long before they scored. I also look at the penalty we should have got when Dolan was mysteriously yellow carded. Whether Lenihans rash challenge (being polite) wound them up - Luton are the dirtiest team I have seen for some time. Over the match the game should have ended up 10 v 8 based on the red cards that should have been.
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