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  1. Its the modern way - never admit you were wrong - blame everyone else. You see it everywhere at the moment - Trump and Boris are good examples - big up the few success and sweep under the carpet numerous disasters. TM has now changed tact by bigging up the player he said a few months ago wasn't quite ready for the Premiership - now he needs a positive to show the owners and the media - Armstrong is being given as an example of TM's good work.
  2. I disagree with your first paragraph - but would say for both players when they have generally poor performances these are occasionally covered up by their goal scoring. With BB - it will be his eventual position - but I think part of the reason he has done so well holding the ball up is because he is invariably against a physically smaller right back. Not certain how well he would currently do against a more physical centre half.
  3. Totally agree - Watford had a front three that would scare most defences - and yet we left our defence totally isolated at times. TBH I felt sorry for our young centre halves - who did fairly well in one on one situations - but messed up some more basic defending. TM needs to look at successful managers - like Simeone or Mourinho. It does reaffirm the belief that TM has taken us as far as he can.
  4. It might be being done to help meet FFP regulations. My concern is that this is a one off thing - once sold - BRFC assets are permanently reduced, with no real wriggle room.
  5. Or Bolton or Portsmouth ? I was just pointing out that we aren't self sufficient - we are no longer a Premiership club - and don't have a large fan base. Realistically - unless there are some genuine Rovers fans out there with very deep pockets - who would finance us ? This isn't pro or anti-Venky - just the reality of our current situation (brought on by our current owners).
  6. Being realistic - without external financial support - we would lose it anyway.
  7. I wouldn't say he looks great until he can learn how to beat the first man when crossing into the box.
  8. I actually think we might win - every time TM is under pressure he seems to pull a rabbit out of the hat to take the heat off. Though to be honest - a win really shouldn't take the heat off - as top 6 is now an almost impossible dream (barring a run we have never seen under TM). TM himself said top 6 was minimum for this squad.
  9. For the accountants out there - if we got planning permission would it help the club appear more solvent (I.e against even more loans) - I presume the clubs assets would increase in value (even if the land wasn't sold) ?
  10. Thanks for this - I just wondered whether it would be possible to sell off some land and maintain a top class academy. Based on this - I would agree compromises would be needed.
  11. A quick question for people in the know - how large is the Brockhall complex - is there any existing land not actually used - would it be possible to sell off part of the land and consolidate to a smaller foot print while keeping a state of the art academy - how much would the sale potentially generate ?
  12. They should have asked him how our stats looked in 2021 - I would guarantee they are skewed by those first few weeks of the season.
  13. No - dressing room is clearly sign posted at most grounds.
  14. I think we are. The loan players we got in were all sounded out by clubs vying for promotion - which one of them wouldn't take Elliott. I am sure any of these clubs would take Armstrong, Dack, Nyambe, Travis, Kaminski off our hands. Personally I think players like Rothwell would also attract interest - depends whether you think his inconsistency is down to him or the manager.
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