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  1. Not to sound numb but where did you watch the interview?
  2. I'll take another 7-0 on Saturday if it means the clueless cunt goes. Absolute shambles. 2-0 down a man down, go out and defend and don't let it get embarrassing.
  3. Looking like Messi won't be signed on before the morecambe game tonight? Also he's nipped to France for his medical no idea why.
  4. I think we pressed them brilliantly most of the game . Happy that gallaghuero got a goal and looked a threat on occasion. Diaz like I said after the Leeds game, what a difference a bit of confidence can do to a forward. Rothwell made his little darting runs and looked really up for it. See in we can keep hold of him. Dolan was fantastic loves a tackle but needs to learn how to strike the ball. Nyambe was an absolute machine. Buckley was the outstanding player for me. Especially in the first half, Hope he keeps it up because what a player he could be. My only criticism would be we should've scored more and made it more comfortable.
  5. Mixed feelings aboug today. I almost wish I hadn't been to the Leeds game, as its taken away from that first game back excitement 😂. Swansea are in a similar if not worse situation than ourselves. So we should be beating these lot don't care who or how. Get it done and get some signings in before deadline day.
  6. Wouldn't be the worst deal if we can get idah as well. I'm not saying he's as good as Armstrong but he's better than what we've got. Money wise it's about as good as we can hope for on a player with less than a year on their contract.
  7. Random but without wasting time ringing up the ticket office. Will I be able to use my old season ticket from 19/20. I've renewed last Wednesday will it just reactivate?
  8. Brereton looked like a new man, amazing what a bit of confidence can do to a forward. Great effort tonight from the whole team. Just need to do the business off the pitch now and get some players in. What impressed me most was how well we defended. But yeah great to be back and bring on Swansea.
  9. Yeah I've always said he was a bit of a luxury player, capable of the spectacular then too slow to get back on side in time. There's no denying he has been brilliant, for the last 18 months and we would have been knackered without his goals. He will go we just need to try and hold out for as much as possible. How much of that we will get to reinvest worries me.
  10. Not to sound sarcastic but who would want Rothwell? He had two good games back to back a couple of years ago. The way he cuts in when he dribbles makes him look class. Then he has to actually kick it or take on a player and the wheels fall off every time.
  11. How are we all feeling about Wednesday? Also do we have any idea of how many tickets have been so far? I can't wait for a flat two pint pot that tastes like plastic 😍
  12. I think we peaked at that Preston game at Deepdale last season. After the last few times of going and coming back devasted, that was one game I wish I was at.
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