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  1. There won't be much money being spent on transfers, outside of the Premier league this summer. Alot of teams swapping things up, mostly releasing players and signing other free agents. I think we've always done well in recent seasons with loan signings. Mowbray although not well liked amongst us rovers fans is still well respected in the wider footballing world . We also have decent coaching set up and great facilities, in comparison to everyone bar the very top championship teams. Meaning we usually get a decent pick when signing loan players. Pickering is a great attacking fullback and
  2. I think the manager and team got away with alot last season, due to the lack of crowds. They were gutless and embarrassing at times. For the last however many games they were in free fall and playing like a team destined for relegation. Thankfully we had a decent start to the season or could've been much worse off.
  3. Imagine going to a bbq with a load of rugby players 😂. You'd be lucky to get t cake.
  4. Brilliant cheers pal. Balls to covid,the shite manager and lack of players. I can't wait to get back into Ewood Park.
  5. Does anybody know if there is a finance option for season tickets this season?
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