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  1. By now Dunn must be aware now of The Rovers interest, if he wants to come to Ewood then he has to fend Bolton off himself and not sign anything too quickly. I think the longer it goes without Bolton completing the deal, the more likely it is that Dunn will become a Rover. Maybe this is the reason that 'a scan couldn't be completed over the weekend' ? It also looks as though Birmingham aren't going to be too encouraging towards The Rovers. (Bruce's comments about not suiting Dunn seem to be a thinly veiled threat to this effect). However, I am not sure about how transfers are negotiated; Bolton have made an offer and Birmingham have allowed the player to go and speak to them. I understand that if The Rovers offer less than Bolton, then Birmingham can and will knock them back. But if they match the deal that Bolton have made, are Birmingham obliged to grant The Rovers permission to speak to Dunn, or can they still block it because they don't like The Rovers?
  2. Sadly I can only add to the list of people who have 'put stuff back' after not being able to hand over my money. I used to spend quite a bit fairly regularly in the old Roverstore/Rover The Moon, but find it increasingly difficult now to find stuff to buy. That is why it is annoying that when you do finally find another LONSDALE sweatshirt (why can't we have them with a Rovers badge on like we used to?) in a colour that you haven't already got, the counter service is such that it's hit and miss as to whether you actually get purchase it or not. I still go in the store regularly (not as often as I used to though) but very rarely buy anything at all. The store went downhill dramatically when the first manager left (Duncan ??). The decline continued under the next magager(ess?) until it fell off the radar completely when Sportsworld got their hands on it. I suppose The Club must be happy with the financial benefits they receive from it, although it is hard for them to criticise fans for not being bothered to turn up to watch the games when they can't be bothered to run a decent merchandising operation themselves. Seemingly sitting back and letting someone else take care of the merchandising is OK for the store, but fans who adopt a similar attitude and sit at home to let someone else take care of the supporting is seen differently by The Club. Still, hanging around the tills is a good place to catch up on what the various assistants really think of the various store managers............
  3. There's a copy for sale on ebay (here) currently at £7.50. I managed to get the sleeve of my copy signed at one of The Rovers open days. Football players used to have legible signatures in those days (unlike the squiggly lot of today) and you can decipher them all ( John Lowey, Vince O'Keefe, Ian Miller, David Mail, Terry Gennoe, Jim Branagan, Bobby Saxton, David Hamilton, Mick Rathbone, Glenn Keeley, Derek Fazackerley, Peter Devine and Norman Bell ). Probably not worth much more than the £7.50, though. I also remember seeing FRENZY live at the KGH. They were one of the supports (along with Bernie Marsden) to those wonderful Scouse boogie merchants 'SPIDER' ("The only pub band with a laser light show...."). .....Happy days !!
  4. I'd have said the player their team has most missed this season was Robbie Savage....
  5. If Ewood Park is 5.5 miles from The Crown Ground and the Turd is half a mile further (from The Crown Ground than Ewood is) that would make The Turd 6 miles from Stanley (5.5m + .5m). The Turd would, therefore, be 11 miles from Ewood (the nearest they'll get to The Premiership) as 6m to The Crown plus 5m from The Crown to Ewood = 11m. I think. (sorry to but in).
  6. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but in Hughes' post game interview to Radio Lancs he said that Bellamy was taken off as he 'had a tight back' (??!). He indicated that this was nothing to be concerned about, that the medical team would sort it out and that Bellamy would be available for the next game. Probably true, although it could also be a cover for a possible 'cooling off' substitution.
  7. I think that Mettomo wasn't signed because of a problem with his knee. He did turn up a while later at City, however (then managed by Keegan). Not sure where he is now though. Maybe the 'executive contol' of John Williams as far as transfers go was the reason why we were always linked with these players, but hardly signed them (Mettomo, Adrian Ilie, Saloman Olembe, Kaba Diawara, Edouard Corridon, etc.). Possibly such restraints weren't in place at Newcastle where the unleashed Souness spent £8m on Boumsong (from the MacKay) stable........ MacKay does appear to be squeaky clean, though.
  8. Hang on ! Mike Newell is a Football League manager. He spoke out about his concerns regarding transfers which (given his managerial experience) must have taken place amongst Football League teams. Why is the inquiry, therefore, only restricted to The Premiership which, presumeably, Newell has no knowledge of ? There may have been purchases/loans involving Premiership teams and those from the lower leagues, but he is suggesting that the 'bung culture' soley involves top tier clubs. Under Souness we did seem to be linked with a lot of French African players offered by an agent called Willie MacKay. Don't think we bought any, but it is interesting to note that Mr.MacKay was again dealing with Souness at Newcastle, (comment on one of their messageboards was along the lines of 'are they related?'.....).
  9. Less hypocritically perhaps, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have not joined in the campaign.
  10. The Roverstore is usually open before all games as well as after the Saturday games. It isn't open after night games (probably too late) and Sunday games (probably something to do with the Sunday trading laws).
  11. I reckon 1-0 to The Rovers, for no other reason than Everton usually provide the means for our players with no luck in hitting the back of the net, to finally poke one home. Following on from the likes of Georgious Donis, Corrado Grabbi, Jonathan Stead....step forward Robbie Savage !
  12. From what I could see the spark to the incident was as described above (Colin). Brad made the save and words were exchanged between the players as to, presumeably, whose fault it was. Savage seemed to want to continue the 'discussion' whilst Brad was trying to clear the ball back into play and, much like an opposition forward would do, stood in front of him preventing this. Brad then got a bit fed up with it and pushed the ball into Savage's chest. Once this happened Savage looked fairly surprised and I think realised that marks had been overstepped. Good to see the handshakes afterwards, although the referee had words with both players on the quiet too. (Search for 'Blackburn Rovers' on the Getty Images website for pictures of the incident/game)
  13. Probably is Cole (and a free transfer is obviously better than the £750k that was originally mentioned), but according to THIS LIST (first one that came up on a search for 'Premiership goalscorers 2004/05') then there are three players who are equal 6th. Tim Cahill, as has been mentioned, is unlikely, as is Wayne Rooney but Robbie Earnshaw could be a possiblity.He does seem to be out of favour at WBA (although I don't think they would let him go on a freebie after paying Cardiff £Ms so recently....but you never know). Hughes could see him as the Bellamy type player in a partnership, with Kuqi adopting the Hartson role?
  14. Off the top of my head; Bradford City renamed Valley Parade to The Bradford and Bingley Stadium during their time in The Premier League following sponsorship from the local Building Society (not sure if they have changed it back since, though). York City renamed Bootham Crescent last season to The Kit-Kat Stadium (the rather splendid confectionary being produced in the city by Nestle/Rowntree). ....and of course Seamer Road, Scarborough has been The McCain Stadium for several years now (again, local sponsorship, this time the makers of oven chips and pizzas). It may just be a Yorkshire thing of course, but I can't think of any southern grounds to have made a switch.
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