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  1. Download it is for owd Cletus. 25yrs since my last visit to Donington
  2. Tickets fot Muse at t`Tettiad in june sorted
  3. a bit manic at times, but i kinda like it :S
  4. Any accoustic guitar lovers out there? I stumbled upon a tv show last night on cable PBS chanel. A fabulously immense guitarist called Tommy Emmanuel. Never heard of the guy before, but will certainly be finding out more about his work. ....just check this guy out!
  5. awww, sorry to hear that. Hope he gets better soon
  6. Question? Has anybody ever had 'side view' seats at the MEN? if so, are they good or bad? Just got tickets for Muse at MEN in block 101 upper level. I checked a seating plan of the arena & the seats are almost behind the front of the stage. When tickets arrived they said "SIDE VIEW!!!!" printed on them. Not sure if this is good or bad??....at £55 a pop i`m hoping they`ll be pretty decent
  7. I think Theno & Ewood Spark both have their fair points Gordon is correct in the demographic of the town kind of halves the 'going out' population. Of that 'going out' population, probably the average age of town centre revellers is 18-40, which again halves that population. The cost of living has gone up. People have modern bills to add to the traditional bills of gas ,lecky, rent/mortgage (mobiles & sky tv etc....) Life is getting more expensive, if you want to keep up with the trends (as most young people do) Something`s got to give....mobiles & sky are ways of life for most youngsters these days. Ewood Spark is correct about the natural routes around the town centre being blocked off. ...but there is a third point & fourth point. The third is the smoking ban. It killed a lot of pubs off. I work for a brewery & 'ontrade' sales dropped 25% almost overnight, when the ban came in. I don`t smoke myself (used to) but smokers don`t want to be treated like 2nd class citizens. A good few 'every night drinkers & smokers' in my local simply stopped coming in. It didn`t bother me, but it must`ve affected takings over the bar. The fourth point. I do believe drinking cultures are changing. A lot more people drink at home these days. It`s so easy to pick up a box of buds/stella/san miguel etc... for under a tenner from any supermarket or local offy. There`s oodles of choice for wine lovers. You can pick up a couple of decent bottles from the same outlets for the price of several glasses of the same stuff in pubs. How far will a tenner stretch in a pub these days? Three or four drinks at most. I can buy a box of the same stuff for that. People still drink, but 'how' they drink is changing.
  8. Quite enjoyed this little vid some clever bugger has made with the aid of a few snippets from the Muppet Show..... (Rock fans will probably enjoy this)
  9. Broke my bike out of the shed yesterday. First time in nearly 4 years its seen the light of day Cleaned the cobwebs off, pumped the tyres up & went up & down the back alley twice to the sound of the missus p1ssing herself laughing at me! Knackered! lol. Might go to the shop on it today. Don`t wanna do too much too soon (btw....got my own back on the missus. Told her my bike was named after her. She was gutted when i pointed to the word 'KRAKKEN' down the side )
  10. Alas, i admit it`s not one of mine (wish it was) I think it originated from one of the broadsheet Glasto reviews. Somebody tweeted it & i stole it. It is indeed a quality line tho
  11. I hear the U2 set was powered solely by a turbine hooked up to John Peel spinning in his grave
  12. Caught a few groups on the Glastonbury BBC broadcasts tonight.... Biffy were their usual awesome. Mumford & Son came across really well. Stars of the night for me:tu: U2 are not my cup of tea, but played all the hits & a few oldies as well. 3/4 of the band still look, act & play pretty cool but Bono irritates the #### out of me. Dad dancing at a wedding, trying to be hip springs to mind. He needs to ditch the black leather & sun glasses 'terminator' look & be a bit more natural. Oh & he seriously needs to untuck his t-shirt from his trousers! 50+ year old men gyrating on stage is just plain wrong. Bono, its not cool & its not clever.
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