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  1. I've also wondered this. It's totally a game where you need him scampering around like he does to grab everyone else by the scruff of the neck. He's young and shouldn't have to.
  2. Going to watch this tomorrow - cant wait:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwYatpwrs8s&feature=player_embedded
  3. This is looking amazingly good even if your not a fan
  4. The new Superman (man of steel) is looking good:-
  5. I feel sorry for him to be honest. He hasn't been given any chance at all to show what he can do. Fergie says of Rooney he needs to play games to get into the swing of things maybe the same can be said of Goodwillie (before anyone says I am by no means comparing the two). Its not just him I feel this way about. People like Rochina and Formica should count themselves in the same space. After a run of 5 straight games if they are still not ticking by all means slate them but they just don't get a real chance to show what they are made of.
  6. For those of us living away and who cannot attend the ###### up funeral, is there any chance someone could video the main bits? We are no longer in ye olden times and it would be good to see
  7. Thats brilliant. Someone said to me when I sent it them that Wahlberg wasn't really a good comedy actor but I thought he was ace in 'The Other Guys'
  8. Aye it is - no idea how I missed that.
  9. Everyone should be picking this up:- And then this:-
  10. I have stayed at the Fernhurst the night before a game and on the day of a game. Yes away fans stay there but as long as you are not being an idiot you should be fine. They normally clear off after the game anyway. Our first drink is at the Aqueduct anyway so we don't hang around there before the match. Nice food in there as well and cheap if you want to get some food after the game (a couple of hours after). Regarding the blues bar. We have tried our luck a few times and got in if its not been to full (45 mins after the game has finished). Other times we have pre arranged tickets that
  11. When I come to watch a match I never venture into town. We start at 12 having a few drinks in the Aqueduct and take in the atmosphere. We then go and watch the match and have a couple in the Manxman/Furnhurst/Aqueduct after the game has finished before going back to the Blues Bar at Ewood where we have found a few times there has been something going on (Cheesy Disco or something but by that time its kind of welcome). There have been a few times where we have managed to get into the blues bar after the game and caught up with a few from here and spent the night drinking away. Much much b
  12. For those thinking of getting Crysis 2 please save your money for something else. It was a game I was really looking forward to and to be honest I do not think they tested it at all before it was released (as is apparent with most games nowadays I know however this really is the worst). The amount of times enemy's just get stuck in part of the scenery is unbelievable. Sometimes you will be running away and turn round only to find them stuck trying to walk round a chest high wall. On more than a few occasions I would be on a high ledge and look down. 1 enemy would be joined by his mate and
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