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  1. Difficult one - if we had a new manager in place who would be given that money to spend on improving the team I'd take the money without hesitation, assuming it was at least £5m. With TM in charge, though... I don't think it'd make a blind bit of difference whether he was given the money or not. It'd be in a drop in the ocean as far as our debts are concerned and if TM was given any of it I wouldn't trust him to use it to improve the team. So, I guess as long as TM is here the question is met largely with a shrug from me. We're screwed either way with the current dimwit in the dugou
  2. I don't really feel like I can make much of a judgement on our defensive capability at present. I appreciate that sounds like an odd thing to say considering we've conceded no goals so far, but I don't think we've really been tested yet. Scotland and the Czechs lacked the quality to really hurt us, and the Croatians had a real off day in the opening game. You can only beat (or draw against) what's put in front of you, but Germany will be a huge test for us based on the opposition we've faced so far. A significant step up in quality which we will need to match by raising our own game. An e
  3. The Portugal match was a bit of a one off, I think Portugal just lost their heads for whatever reason and the Germans capitalised on it in a big way. It happens every so often. What we know about the Germans is that historically they come to life once the knockout stages begin. Play defensively and we may find ourselves penned back in our own half for large chunks of the match, with the Wembley crowd getting restless and agitated. We couldn't handle the pressure against Scotland and were lucky to escape with a draw, so I'm not hugely convinced we'll be able to cope with that kind of pres
  4. Southgate needs to show some courage now. I don't think we'll be able to bore our way to a victory over the Germans, and nor should that be our gameplan. They've conceded goals in every match at the tournament so far. If Hungary can put two past them there's no reason the right England team can't do the same. I'm not advocating all-out attack Kevin Keegan style, but I think it'll deflate everybody if (when?) we line up with the same defensive mindset that has made English goals such a rare commodity so far.
  5. As an aside, 'Group of Death' loses its meaning somewhat when the 3 best teams qualify from it anyway.
  6. I managed it but wouldn't say I enjoyed it 😅 Half Life Alyx is about my limit as far as enjoying 'scary' VR games!
  7. Hungary just lost their nerve after they scored their second. They stopped trying to counter attack, which they'd been doing so well until that point, and went full on defensive, which pretty much guaranteed a German equaliser. They may have just been tired, as they had been working hard, but as soon as the Germans were allowed to flood forward without needing to worry about defending it was a matter of time. Nothing to fear from Germany, but we need to be braver than we have been to beat them.
  8. What an abysmal display from Slovakia. You'd think they were bottom of the group with nothing to play for, or been paid to lose. When giving away a penalty doesn't work and Spain miss chance after chance, the keeper literally just palms the ball in for them. Goalkeeper also goes running off into no man's land for goal number two. No shots on goal the entire half, 13 for Spain even though they haven't really gotten out of first gear.
  9. I actually ended up completing the game in flat mode first, just so that I knew what was coming 😂 couldn't hack doing it first time in VR!
  10. Can't imagine Tony's collection of soft lads lasting very long under Keane. He'd need to be allowed to buy an entire new squad.
  11. From what I've seen from Italy we wouldn't have to worry about breaking them down - they'd have us pinned back so often we'd barely have a chance to attack anyway.
  12. Fortunately others have responded so thoroughly to this post that I don't need to say much more. The only thing I will add is that Mowbray himself said, more than once, that Brereton was his purchase and his decision. Unless I've missed something there has never been any evidence the owners had any input besides providing the cash. Do you have proof to back up that claim? If so I'd be genuinely interested to see it, as all I can remember reading is the manager telling us he was 100% responsible for the BB transfer.
  13. Absolute nonsense. Championship clubs don't need to take £7m risks on youth players and it was a gross misuse of our funds to do so - regardless of whether those funds were 'earmarked' for such a thing or not. Have any of the many, many clubs that have been promoted whilst we've been in the Championship spent that kind of money on a kid, at the expense of their first team? I'd wager not, although I would love to be proven wrong to investigate that as a case study.
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