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  1. It would be difficult at this point to get in somebody who would deliver worse than 1 point from 21 available. I mean, I get the concern, but under that logic we'll be stuck with Mowbray forever and looking at this season's regression we could be back in League 1 before too long. At the very least we can hope to tread water in the Championship for a few more seasons whilst our debts continue to increase and our non-playing assets are sold off... whatever way you look at it a change needs to be made.
  2. On February 19th, yes. Not sure what he's seen since that time to change his mind, if he has.
  3. Mowbray is doing the same thing all managers do when the end has come, coming out with desperate excuses and lashing out. We saw it with Bowyer as well. Managers just start losing the plot when they realise they're in a hole so deep they can't see a way out of it. TM needs somebody to put him out of his misery so that he and we can move on.
  4. Doing what? They've already hired Cook as manager. Reading... not won in their last three home games, and we couldn't even lay a glove on them. Abject.
  5. If anything they're lucky there isn't a crowd right now as I don't think he or the team would be getting much positive encouragement after our recent displays. It's absolute madness of him to think he can stick around for 9 years, even with Venky's in charge.
  6. Mowbray is basically creating the satire for us at this point.
  7. @Bigdoggsteel looks like NWA Powerrr is coming back next month... https://apnews.com/article/billy-corgan-smashing-pumpkins-nwa-wrestling-company-0db57bbf1440b56b13e47abcaf173f52 I won't be paying to watch it, but good news nonetheless. A lot of their roster are now elsewhere though, so it'll be interesting to see who they bring in. Sadly Question Mark passed away recently so he won't be there.
  8. 1/21 ... in truth at almost any other club he would have been removed some time ago, during one of the many death spirals we've endured since returning to the Championship, but continuing to stick with Mowbray now just proves the owners really have learnt nothing and either don't care or don't have the time required to correctly assess and run this club. Most on here have known this for a very long time anyway, but then you see the "we need to welcome Venky's back" posts and realise for many fans mid-table Championship with a boring manager is the height of their expectations... and that'
  9. Probably going to need more than one shot on target in the second half to get back into the game, let alone win.
  10. Draw is realistically the best we can hope for now after conceding first - and that is a somewhat forlorn hope considering how terrible we are.
  11. Managed to get a team out of this league well over a decade ago - the fact he's still dining on success from so long ago says everything. Since then "how I've always done it" has yielded little success and got him sacked from Celtic (as one of their worst ever managers), Boro and effectively forced him to resign from Coventry. "How I've always done it" also failed to save us from relegation in 2017, and although it got us back up from League 1 with a much better squad and budget than the rest of the division, it's never gotten us close to serious playoff contention let alone promotion fro
  12. Bowyer's tactical inflexability simply wouldn't have allowed Cairney to play his natural game in CM. He could have been bulked up and coached to track back more often, but I don't think it would have meant much to us in the grand scheme of things to have Cairney in that role. I think he would have ended up stifled under GB no matter where he was played. Bowyer's tactics just didn't suit Cairney at all. In theory his tactics should have worked with the likes of King or Mo Barrow out wide, but we played at such a slow pace (I assume deliberately) under GB that pace seemed more of a detri
  13. Assume you mean Cairney. Would have needed to play AMC to really be effective and Bowyer's teams didn't have attacking central midfielders in them. Both CMs were generally defensive with our attacking play largely coming from wide areas - which is why he tried to shoehorn Cairney there, but it didn't really work.
  14. Sounds like it was a "mutual decision" between Evans and Lambert, and he's getting a £2m payoff, so Lambo will be reet.
  15. Generally speaking I don't think defence was a huge problem under GB. The GK position was a consistent weakness, but we had solid Championship-level defenders for the most part. The back four of Marshall/Duffy/Hanley/Spurr was good enough for the most part. Bowyer's biggest blind-spot, by far, was central midfield. He was overly fond of cloggers who ran around a lot but produced little substance. The likes of Evans, Williamson, Spearing, etc didn't give us enough, and the undying loyalty to Jason Lowe needs no explanation. Unfortunately Bowyer wasn't tactically astute enough either,
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