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  1. Yes it's not always the high profile players Every team needs a Mark Atkins style to win owt. He was our Vieira or Scholes type really. He did it to perfection that season. He was our hard man in centre mid
  2. Met a coach load Sheff U fans before the match at a pub in Ossy. I asked them if they were going to win and almost to a man said "Are we fuck. We're fucking shit". I said you remind me so much of Rovers fans who would say the same about ourselves. Made me giggle
  3. Yes he's a hell of a nicker of the ball! Don't think they realise he's there half the time
  4. Yes remember that now, Exeter City were going well at the time at the top end of the division. Also mistakenly called Curran Trevor instead of Terry. Some player he was at Sheff Wed for a season or 2
  5. And so he should the plank. No probs liking Reeds post in private but public is not on as a senior pro at Blackburn Rovers
  6. Just listened. Comes across as a real humble self effacing bloke who thought himself lucky not to have to work for a living. Does himself down a bit on his ability as a footballer. Spoke like that when I met him. Be one of those Faz in the Cav on Saturday night with Simons Garner and Barker
  7. Sorry said York instead of Chester. Knew it was a city with a roman Wall lol
  8. Did we not go on a club record winning streak that season? Was it something like 14 or15 wins out of 16? Our back 4 of Brannigan, Rathbone, Keeley and Faz were far too good for that league apart from facing Trevor Curran of Sheff Wed who brought that to an end at Ewood in some fashion. Jack Charlton didn't rate us did he because we seemed to win 1-0 every week with Andy Crawford scoring every match. Kendall knew how to win by not conceding. Funny that isn't it. Don't concede and you might win. McKenzie was magical too when he could be arsed to bother!!
  9. Happy 70th Faz. Club legend. Grew up watching him at CB. Also had the pleasure of meeting him and Jim Brannigan in Tenerife when he was England coach. Lovely bloke. But that Jim!! Got my wife pissed on sex on the beach cocktails before he headed to Veronica's. Told me great tales of their time at Rovers and how they got bombed out of York City for their outspoken views of management!
  10. Davenport's first couple of years here must have been hard for him due to 2 long term injuries. Since he's been fit he's never been properly utilised by Mowbray. Never had a run of games but gets the odd 15 minutes here and there and always seems to be the first to get left out of a match day squad. Strange really because he was superb apparently at Burton in the Championship when we were in League 1. Very highly thought of at City too apparently
  11. Hope everyone enjoys today and take great delight in knocking lumps out of each other as prescribed by our c..t of a manager
  12. He's been saying that for the past 3 years or so. He likes "men with boots on" whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. Alludes to Sheff Utd having "men in their 30s" not a young side like us. Maybe explains why he spunked millions in wages to the useless Bennett and Evans and a has been Mulgrew and to get Downing back here to sit on his arse for 6 months. Go back to when he was appointed here. Questioned the need for an academy and was all for closing it so money could be spent on 1st team squad. To get journeyman in their 30s no doubt. Men with fucking boots on ffs
  13. I had no intention of doing so but read your post and couldn't help myself. What complete and utter twaddle he spouts. Mens wages??? Reminds me when he said he needs men with boots on not kids who can play football. He wanted to hear mens voices on the training ground not kids. Sums him up really
  14. Goes unnoticed by most on here for some reason
  15. I like Rothwell but he was dog shit today and deserved to be taken off. I thought Trav and Buckley did ok without being outstanding. Defence pretty solid and another clean sheet is heartening again. Not an easy place to get points but thought we did ok
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