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  1. Ah yes, the Claire Fox who famously defended the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993 and has consistently refused to apologise for it ever since. Just imagine the uproar had Jeremy Corbyn appointed an unapologetic supporter of deadly IRA terrorist attacks to the unelected House of Lords? The Fox appointment was given literally no mention at all in the BBC article detailing the appointments yet the Guardian apologised for an article 7 years ago! What a corrupt basket case of a country the Tories are turning Britain into.
  2. You mean Russian-born billionaire newspaper proprietor Evgeny Lebedev, who just happened to hold a party in Italy attended by Boris Johnson when he was foreign secretary?
  3. Well, your opinion in my opinion is a crock of shite All newspapers apologise if they make a mistake - look in the Times every day for its list of errata. The Guardian's "mistake" if there was one was putting faith in an idiot who turns out to be a terrorist sympathiser. Greenslade was also a senior editor on the Sunday Times and editor of the Mirror years - a big player in Fleet Street - but his reputation is in tatters now I don't know where you get your information from about the Guardian's readership from but this article says that since the start of 2020 new digital subscri
  4. Roy Greenslade? It turns out the he used his Guardian column years ago to promote IRA propaganda - hardly their fault. They didn’t have to apologise but they have done so. Your obsession with a fine newspaper is pathetic
  5. This isn't a Levelling Up Fund. It's a Tory vote winning fund. There really is no sense of shame or accountability with this lot. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/56283199 They're blatantly funnelling money to better off Tory seats at the expense of more deprived Labour voting areas and they haven't even bothered to really hide it - as though they think fair play and decency doesn't matter. The Levelling Up Fund is nothing more than the Tory’s 2024 general election campaign fund. The UK's descent into a banana republic continues.
  6. Was the win that convincing? Millwall hit the post, Smith missed a simple header and there were several goalmouth scrambles where we could have conceded.
  7. The 2 worst 1. England 2 West Germany 3 1970. We were World Champions. Never been so disappointed - ever 2. England 0 Poland 1 1973. 90 minutes of pure torture followed by Italia 90, Euro 96 and the Croatia semi defeat in the last World Cup Anyway, back to mundanity and a welcome win over Millwall
  8. Thanks for the reminder TS. I can still feel the shock now. Worst match ever as an England fan
  9. Much better. Held the ball up well and looked a handful for their defenders. Looked like he was enjoying himself too playing in his correct position.
  10. Gallagher needs to play centre forward or not at all.
  11. Does this mean Mowbray's off the hook for the previous 8 games?
  12. Gallagher deserved that from I've seen. Looks so much a better player when he's playing down the middle.
  13. Is there a rule that we have to make substitutions? The team's playing well so why not leave it alone?
  14. Gallagher looks a player going down the middle - amazing that
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