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  1. Tories in perpetuity then. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/27/unions-vote-down-local-labour-parties-call-to-axe-first-past-the-post Meanwhile, a great nation like Germany has PR and shows how vibrant it can be by having to accommodate the ever changing majority.
  2. Taxes, but before you start saying it's "taxpayer's money", it isn't. It belongs to the government
  3. Cue to Tory complaints that the BBC is left wing and biased
  4. How can he be "billing those people"? It's nonsensical
  5. Another failed privatisation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-58716625 Don't get me wrong, the idea of Grant Shapps running a bath never mind the rail system is not ideal, but it's another example of why privatisation is failed old Tory economic dogma and all national infrastructure should be owned and controlled by the state. To Chaddy: the state "taking back control" (see what I did there?) isn't costing you a penny.
  6. Still banging on about this? His salary is set by the state - if you think it's too much I suggest you make a complaint (I provided the link earlier). If you're suggesting he should pay for his expenses because he already on a "high" salary, then you're totally out of touch with how the world of work operates. Conflating his working world with the problems of the "ordinary" people in the pandemic is utter nonsense. Oh and BTW, Starmer backed the government's furlough schemes. Calling Starmer a "fat cat" when his salary is set by the state (and some would argue is far too low) and CEOs in the private sector and thousands of true fats cats in the City are on multi-million £ deals is again, utter nonsense. You revel in criticising the Labour party so you've been well and truly taken in by their "divide and rule tactics" - well done.
  7. I asked the question because you don't appear to have a clue how the world works. If you think Starmer is paid too much, or is fiddling his expenses, you can make an official complaint here https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/standards-and-financial-interests/parliamentary-commissioner-for-standards/complaints-and-investigations/
  8. He's paid the going rate for the job and the expenses he incurred doing that job he was legitimately entitled to claim for. The rest is irrelevant. Do you live in the real world?
  9. So what? It's the going rate for the job.
  10. Why should someone not claim back legitimate working expenses? Conflating that with his working class roots is nonsense The national minimum wage was introduced by New Labour under Tony Blair in 1998 against fierce opposition from employers and the Tory party
  11. Then you weren't listening Labour has been calling for improved pay and conditions for all workers for years.
  12. Show me the army delivering vital supplies in Germany. That will be post-Brexit Tory Britain.
  13. Plenty of state school kids have done very well in life, and have been awarded titles, including Sir Keir. I see Starmer is proposing to remove the tax charitable status of private schools - no doubt you will congratulate him on the move Where is the evidence that Starmer has "forgotten where he came from"?? What's the relevance of what were presumably legitimate expenses of his job? You do seem to have a chip on your shoulder.
  14. The violent, extreme far right is back https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58713102
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