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  1. Staying at home, hoping the problem will go away, and you need virtually everyone to do it. It won't happen and it won't work
  2. You don't get regime change by staying away, in effect doing nothing.
  3. On past form it's at low points like this that Mowbray turns it around and we go on another unbeaten run. However, it feels different this time. The team looks listless and disinterested. I'd be amazed if we avoid defeat
  4. So you're saying reading isn't important but watching football on TV is. Thanks for clearing it up
  5. It's been flagged in the papers all last week
  6. I was reading the comment and analysis in the papers. Time to watch TV but no time to read?
  7. Hey Chaddy, you don't read the papers. Except when a link's been flagged up by one of your right wing websites. Guido?
  8. Quite right Rev. But no use complaining on here. What are fans going to do about it?
  9. You'd learn alot more by reading than watching football.
  10. Didn't Watford have 4 managers in one season the previous time they won promotion? Instability clearly works at some clubs
  11. ......not to mention footballers shaming them into providing cash for hungry kids The Budget details have already been flagged in the broadsheets which of course you don't read so you wouldn't know. Tax increases all round, though Tory donors and the wealthy elite are going beserk at the prospect. Stealth tax increases by freezing Income tax thresholds, pushing people into higher tax bands as their pay rises; another “stealth” move — freezing the lifetime pensions allowance at just over £1m for the rest of the parliament — was reported in the Times on Friday. Corporation
  12. The players can't be enjoying themselves, they certainly don't look as if they are. I remember from my playing days when it wasn't going right; there's nothing worse than turning up for matches knowing you're likely to lose and you just want to get the season over with. That's how Rovers look at the moment.
  13. Some KInd of Nothingness ...... the Manic Street Preachers Rovers anthem under Tony
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