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  1. Ifs, woulds, maybes. It's always the same England never deliver because we're never quite good enough
  2. To sum up, we were poor As usual
  3. The A & C result suggests otherwise. I suspect the so-called red wall will take time to join this trend. And the hard core Tory seats may still vote for whichever electoral donkey the party does put up. But last Thursday shows there are straws in the wind
  4. Cronyism, corruption, indifference to the electorate, disdain for parliament, racism, the populist politics of division, lying, contempt for international law, aggression towards the devolved countries of the UK Then there are international policy failures. Foreign aid is one. Northern Ireland is very obviously another one. Brexit also hangs heavy. We face labour shortages, food shortages and major border issues. There are threats to agriculture, steel too is at risk. So much for an industrial policy for the "red wall" The City, tourism, hospitality and the leisure sector are losing
  5. Does it matter? Does ideology and political purity triumph over what surely must be a common cause to rid the country of this inept, divisive and corrupt Tory party? A & C was a seismic result - hence the panic in Central Office. There are strong underlying reasons why people are moving against the government. Hopefully you would applaud that.
  6. Local opposition to HS2, anger over the ridiculous planning law changes which will give developers a free hand to do what they like, and Brexit were all factors in the stunning by-election result The English middle class and the places where it tends to congregate are changing. The way Brexit has revolutionised Conservative politics is accelerating that shift. And now, there are clear signs that the appeal of the Tories is weakening in places they once took for granted. You do seem to be a very angry person. I feel sorry for you
  7. I've very pleased you've made a decision, I trust that you are happy to live with it and it doesn't affect your life chances Here's the story https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jun/18/from-bermondsey-to-bradford-the-biggest-byelection-shocks
  8. Lots of factors in play at Amersham, Brexit one of them
  9. You missed a treat.....a passionate team that wanted to win and 2 genuine world class players
  10. Did you watch the Turkey-Wales game? Fantastic, just like football used to be.
  11. Carbon copy of Rovers. Slow build-up, no pace, constant passing to no effect, flair players ignored.
  12. Scotland players just watching England pass among themselves in their own half Who does that remind you of?
  13. Rice and Phillips......... 2 identical players, creative ability absolutely nil. Why?
  14. Rice and Phillips.... like watching Trybull and Evans
  15. England have 5 or 6 "world class" players according to the John Bull types on here. I don't see one. None can hold a candle to Ramsey or Bale.
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