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  1. For those complaining about the adds,here's an idea,use your finger and scroll past them,it only takes a second to scroll.If you don't like the way the site looks now don't log on and find a new one,
  2. The NHS wont be overwhelmed you say,tell that to people who are having cancer treatments and operations delayed because the NHS has to deal with covid patients.
  3. From what ive seen it's mainly under 30s not bothering to wear masks in shops ive been in.
  4. Probably in a nice comphy bed paid for by pet owners!!
  5. Or the US are fiddling the figures to get more unvaccinated people scared and off to get jabbed.
  6. If Brereton is still with us next year i can see a pre-season tour to Chile ahead.
  7. The difference there is it looks like Sale are commited to growing their fanbase while Rovers seem to not be bothering or care about their lapsed fanbase.
  8. This 100% I am a proud Lancastrian and want Lancs to win every game they play.A team called Manchester does nothing for me.
  9. He's staying aslong as he wants too.I think they'll wait for us to go on a 3 or 4 game winning run then announce a new 4 year contract for him.
  10. Yeah lets leave out the #1 ranked ICC T20 batsman.Chaddys weird logic strikes again.
  11. In the age of the Internet it's pointless trying to keep names secret on these kind of things.What's the point in trying to stop the media publishing the name when everybody finds out anyway within hours.
  12. It's the same at my local Cinema,thay ask you to scan the barcode on entry but they never check that you have done.
  13. Nixon just wants clicks on his stories and he knows that there's plenty of gullible Rovers fans out there (Chaddy et al) that hang on his every transfer story involving us.
  14. I got home from work and thought i'd stick the golf on the tv only to remember it's not live on the BBC anymore,i don't have Sky as i refuse to pay the price they charge per month.What happened to the crown jewels of sports that had to be shown live on free tv,isn't the Open one of them or are there no crown jewels anymore?
  15. FIFA's main interest is £ and it'll go to where they can make most money from it through legal and other means.
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