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  1. the infamous Inverness Caledonian Thistle defeat was when Barnes was manager,thats what i remember most of his time as Celtic boss.
  2. There's an excellent write up here of his tenure as Celtic player and manager. http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/Mowbray%2C+Tony
  3. John Barnes gives him a challenge to be the worst ever.
  4. Tim Paine doing the Aussie thing of going too far with some of the sledging and Smith accused of scuffing up batsmans markings during India second innings in the last test,just the usual stuff expected from the Aussies.
  5. I'm amazed at how long Morecambe have lasted as a league club since they got promoted back in 2007.With small crowds and nothing to spend on players they have done unbelievably well to still be up in the league while much bigger teams have dropped through the trap door.
  6. Huge day in the 4th test of Aussies v India coming up early tomorrow morning.Its 1-1 going into the final day of the series,India need 324 to win with all 10 wickets left,playing at the GABBA where the Aussies havent lost a test since 1988,undefeated in 32 games since the last loss there.
  7. A team going for the playoffs against a team going through the motions,easy 2-0 win for the Welsh.
  8. Anybody with Middlesbrough connections get 3 or 4 year contracts.Its the Mowbray effect.
  9. This debate would be over if the football league shelled out some money and got VAR in the Championship,its going to happen eventually so why not now.
  10. The only message i want to here from in the future from Waggott is "we have relieved Tony from his duties as Blackburn Rovers manager,we thank him for all his efforts the last 4 years and wish him well in his future endeavours"
  11. I think Wolves fans mark that result as the lowest point in their history,a lot of them on their forums are saying its a chance to bury some demons from the past,should be one of the BBC games with Man U/Liverpool being the other nailed on BBC game.
  12. I've seen the first 2 episodes and its been good so far,i like true crime dramas although i have to resist looking at wikipedia to see what happens to them before i finish watching the whole series.
  13. I think what hes saying is if you vaccinate all the footballers now you could use the money saved having to test them twice a week and give it to the NHS to speed up getting the rest of us vaccinated,not saying i agree with him but i understand the point hes trying to make.
  14. I think Devontae Harris made the point most Black people in America are thinking today
  15. Looks like Chorley could be playing Derby's youth team as the 1st team squad will be missing due to covid.
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