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  1. Destroying is too hard a word,i'd go for disrupting rather than Destroying football to the point where you need to check replays before you can really celebrate a goal where it's used,the thing thats destroying football is the money difference between the Premiership and the rest of football.
  2. I'm still going to the cinema next week,i'm fully vaxed and will still be wearing a mask while inside,i'm not going to let this variant stop me getting back to doing something ive been waiting 7 months to reopen.
  3. In over 30 years of being a Rovers fan i don't think i've looked forward to a season any less than i am next season at the moment.Terrible manager in place,top goalscorer likely to have been sold,most likely we'll be helping premiership clubs again filling up our team with young loanees still learning how to play the game that we have no chance of buying.I can't see anything other than midtable mediocrity at best coming up again.
  4. Keith Hill fired at Tranmere after getting them into the playoffs while our owners seem happy with a 15th place finish.
  5. Little Barnsley are preparing for the playoffs,theyre probably waiting to see what division they'll be in next season,i doubt he'll want a new challenge if theyre in the Premiership.
  6. He's going nowhere imo.I'd love to be wrong but as every day goes by i can see him less and less being potted by the chicken chumpsters.Get ready for a new 3 year deal being announced and this board going into meltdown.
  7. Government telling fans not to travel to Turkey for the final.Turkey now on the red list,will be interesting to see what UEFA decide now there will be little fans from the two teams there for the final.
  8. I still don't know why Jimmy Nesbitt ended up just being a pic and he wasnt even in it.Is he a friend of Jed and helping him establish a red herring or is there something coming in series 7 if they carry on with it.
  9. Going into the final day needing 129 more runs with 8 wickets left,avoiding any collapses it should be another win hopefully.
  10. I for one will be back in the Cinema on the 17th,i got used to wearing a mask watching a film last summer so i'll still be doing that,if everybody lets covid permanently stop them doing things they used to do then the economy will never recover,I can't see covid disappearing anytime soon so i'm not going to let it stop me enjoying my life.
  11. It's not enough people getting worked up that should be the problem,as more and more people get a lack of passsion developing for Rovers due to the club's owners keeping a substandard manager in the job we are looking at a club sleepwalking into obscurity.
  12. That was as easy as a 1-0 win could be for Man City in the League Cup final today,you wonder how much longer Kane will stick it out at Spurs when they will never consistently be challenging for the big honours.Is he going to end up being another Le Tissier very loyal to a club but ending up retiring with nothing to show for it.
  13. When do we play the Yorkies? looks like that game could sort out top spot in the division.
  14. Depending on results during the week we could relegate them by beating them next week.
  15. Back when i first started supporting Rovers back in 88/89 crowds were averaging just under under 9k and i can see similar next season if the Teesside Tit is still in charge.
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