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  1. Mr Blobby will be looking for work these days,we'd get more sense out of him than we do with Mowbray.
  2. It's like being a kid hoping the journey is to Disneyland and you end up at Frontierland,Morecambe instead.
  3. The reason he's playing well is we're a couple of weeks away from NI next squad being announced,
  4. I knew we needed a new manager the day we signed him.you can't beat that 😀 to be honest i wasn't impressed when he came here but i was willing to let him change my mind,maybe sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover.
  5. You're looking at the wrong end of the table,we need to start looking whats going on at the bottom.
  6. I'll put it on my to see list,i just started watching The West Wing on All4 i don't know how i missed it the first time round.
  7. All 5 series of Bates Motel has just been added to iplayer,has anybody seen it? i don't want to put the time in watching it if its not worth it.
  8. The reason it wasn't mention about his 4 year anniversary is it'll mess up his we're only 30 games into the journey schtick he was talking about last week,mentioning it will have people saying 4 years in and were treading water here.
  9. Posted the link before i saw OEB's post so deleted it as not needed.
  10. 10000 is for stadiums with a capacity over 40000,for the rest of us its 4000 or 25% of capacity whichever is lower,doesnt matter really as our season is over before it comes into effect.Unless we miraculously make the playoffs.
  11. Sounds like a chairman/owner trying to have input into playing side of the game,things never go well when a team has one of those.
  12. Speedie was definitely one person i'd have avoided tackling in a training match if i was at Rovers back then 😀
  13. We need a Mowbray type at all the clubs we send people to to promise to give minutes to players like he does with our loanees.
  14. Morgan might not be the most likeable person with some of the things he's done in the past but in the last year he needs to be praised for putting the government and ministers through the ringer with all the mistakes they've made with covid and their response to it.
  15. Chaddy must be under the impression that all players just want to play wherever that may be. Go to one of the worlds biggest clubs and mix with world class stars and facilities in the hope he'll get a chance to show how good he is...no he should stay at the mighty Deepdale where he'll play every week.
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