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  1. I'll guess that the freedom chant is Americans trying to be funny. A new take on the U-S-A one.
  2. I actually like it. It's all part of the event. Poulter just teed off. He was giving the crowd a bit before his drive.
  3. The USA have a much stronger team. They have 8 of the current world top 10; Official World Golf Ranking | PGA TOUR Stats Stricker left out Patrick Reid. He is a very good golfer and has had his moments at prior Ryder Cups. I'm guessing that Stricker thought that Reid + DeChambeau + Koepka was too much but as Reid had had the poorer season he lost out. DeChambeau should be an excellent partner in the foursomes. He'll whack the ball for miles and his partner will play a tidy short game. McIlroy had a few years in the sun but now spends every tournament driving his way to oblivion. I can't see Hatton, Wiesberger, or even old hands Poulter and Westwood being able to overcome the USA's power.
  4. Your research is PhD calibre though isn't it? Entertainer Joe Rogan, a bloke who had to resign for his comments, mad scientist Malone, a very dodgy twitter poll, some odd website that nobody has ever heard of. Professor Nolan never gets a mention though. Neither does any other person who promotes vaccinations. It's the common theme with you; dismissing the obvious and championing the views of quacks. Sounds like a conspiracy theorist to me. If I spend too little time searching Google it seems to me that you spend too much time reading kooks, crazies, sceptics, and self promoters. You've been misled. Coronavirus is real. Vaccines are helping to lessen the load. Here is data form the UK, and Ireland. Hospitalisations and deaths in both countries dropped dramatically once vaccines became available in January. Coincidence? No. Ireland's COVID19 Data Hub (arcgis.com) Healthcare in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (data.gov.uk) Deaths in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (data.gov.uk) What are you scared of? Needles? Have you spoken to any front line healthcare staff? What would you have done differently?
  5. Are you able to form an opinion that isn't borne out of conspiracy theories?e to You called the article rubbish but posted a long YouTube video of his wacky pontifications. Speak to a few nurses over here who are dealing with people who listened to and believed people like Malone, Joe Rogan, and others. It's heartbreaking for them, the sick, and families that have lost family members due to individuals deciding not to get vaccinated. A multitude of readily available real world data confirms that vaccines are safe, effective, and dramatically cut hopsitalisation and death. What are you scared of?
  6. In my view there are 2 main reasons, followed by a host of smaller ones. The 2, in no order of importance are; Misinformation and unsubstantiated information given easy avenues to spread by both traditional and social media. A lost trust in governments. It's been on a steady decline for years; 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer.pdf I will add that as information available on coronavirus isn't complete it opens the door to people questioning all that is known and coming to a different conclusion.
  7. The Ryder Cup is a few days away. It's one of my favourite sporting events. It's always a good watch. The US captain gets to pick 6 of his 12, the European only 3. Here is a good BBC summary; Ryder Cup 2021: Format, schedule, teams and how to follow - BBC Sport I'd have to favour the USA this time out. It's on US soil with very few European fans, and a strong US squad. However, the wild card is cohesion. The European lads tend to really get along, whereas the US have had issues in the past. This time out it's DeChambeau and Koepka. Can they put their differences behind them for the week? Stricker has his work cut out. Harrington has gone with experience. Westwood, Garcia, and Poulter are all at the tail end of their careers, but all know how to win Ryder Cups. Rahm is a talent, but can be wayward. I wonder if he and Garcia will be paired up?
  8. I grew up watching Saint and Greavise on a Saturday lunch time. It was a while before I learned that they were both former footballers. Oh how life was without YouTube and Google. He scored boatloads of goals. Was he a selfish type? Did teams he play on succeed or did he take all the limelight?
  9. You could have saved a lot of typing if you'd have showed your source material a few days ago. The first page of my google search came up with this somewhat forgiving article on him; Robert Malone: Vaccine Scientist, Vaccine Skeptic - The Atlantic You have been hoodwinked. He is spinning a yarn. A tall tale. A fantasy. Albeit one borne out of expertise which makes it dangerous. Coronavirus is real, vaccines to combat it work very well. Empirical data from institutions all over the world backs that up. Malone is smart, has knowledge, and therefore the veneer of legitimacy. But he cannot back up his claims with data. No doubt you'll cry that he's been pushed out and silenced, and the data is irregular. Occam's razor is at work here.
  10. You've got it all wrong. The "experts" you and I listen to are feeding us bad information. The real ones have been sidelined, shut down, quietened, shoved into the dirt, but do pop up on Joe Rogan now and again to tell it straight. Only they know the real truth.
  11. Less of the condescension please. No need to resort to attempted insults. It's an easy link to make. In your world "experts" are "shutdown". We are all following "blindly" without "open minds". What would the "experts" you know have done differently? You are the only person on here continually questioning everything regarding coronavirus and vaccines. Others have had misgivings of arenas within it, vaccine passports, death numbers, etc, but I don't see anyone outside of you and trying their hardest to deny its existence. Are you the only one who is right?
  12. Please tell us what should have been done to avert a global pandemic. Or is it all made up?
  13. I use USA data as that's where I live, and as a result I know I come across differently than a UK resident. I agree that zero covid is impractical. In January 50% of hospitalisations were over 65. Now it's 33% thanks to vaccination. Over 65's went for it with over 80% having at least a dose. Under 18's consisted of less than 2% in January, they are now over 4%. This population is largely unvaccinated, even with Pfizer being available for kids 12 and up. Delta's emergence and now dominance driving this. If the data supports it and vaccinating younger people helps, why not do it?
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