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  1. Mbappe is electric. However, I think that his finishing is sub par. He misses far too many chances. If only England played with Hungary's passion.
  2. Emotion and a full crowd are doing wonders for Denmark. They aren't giving Belgium a kick. Would Boris and his band of merry men allow a full Wembley if fans had proof of vaccination?
  3. They did have a symmetry that worked. I'm like you, they were a joy to watch as what they did wasn't easy, but it was a million miles away from blood and thunder 80's English football. Here are their starting 11 from the 3 finals they won; Euro 2008 final: Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Marchena, Capdevila, Senna, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, David Silva, Torres WC 2010 final: Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Capdevila, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Pedro, Villa Euro 2012 final: Casillas, Arbeloa, Ramos, Pique, Alba, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, David Silva, Fabregas A prett
  4. Rather than 3 world class players in a side, I think that having the 10th and 11th player being as good as 2nd and 3rd would be better. In my lifetime of watching major competitions (from Mexico 86 onward), I think that Brazil 2002 had the most world class players in one side. I would have had Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, and Roberto Carlos in my world 11 that year. I'd have to think about Spain's 2008-2012 triple winners. They didn't have a weakness, and had the continuity 10 of the 11 coming from only 2 clubs. France 98-06 too. They had a lot of strong players.
  5. He does it on purpose to wind people up. Ignore it. He's been on the England are terrible kick for a while now. However, if you call England inferior to another country he'll be on here pronto defending the place. Personally, I'd like to see Scots and Welsh through. It will be tough for Scotland though after the get a pasting off England this Friday.
  6. The prevailing views on here regarding England are; England haven't won in 60 years therefore they are still crap. Southgate managed Middlesbrough - so did Mowbray, ergo Southgate = Mowbray therefore crap. England aren't Brazil 1970 but are in with a punchers chance of winning the Euros. Us Lancastrians can find flaws in everything. France are very strong, but Pogba could turn into Man U Pogba at any moment. Kimpembe could have a shocker. Lloris has an error in him too. Belgium too, but Lukaku blows hot and cold. Hazard hasn't been at the races. De Bruyne ha
  7. I really enjoyed this article on football pitches; ‘The Silicon Valley of turf’: how the UK’s pursuit of the perfect pitch changed football | Soccer | The Guardian Myerscough College gets a mention.
  8. Not one team is perfect. France have the most talented squad but I don't rate their keeper. Belgium's starting 11 is strong but an injury to one key player could really hurt them. Spain, Germany, Italy all can have their days but aren't as strong as some of their previous teams.
  9. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with where people live. People living in England tend to spend the vast majority of their time around other English people. It's easy to play the England stink tune if most around you agree with little dissent. oldjamfan lives in Scotland so gets a different picture. I live in America so get another one. When you have people from other nations either talking their team's prospects up, or talking down England's, it should make it easier to stick up for them. The 2 year tournament cycle offers something different. Us Rovers fans are in a bad spot at the
  10. If you'd have given me the £200m I'd have banked £100m of it and moved to Monte Carlo. With the other £100m I would have left everything in place (Williams, Finn, Allardyce, et al.) and given £10m per season either to buy or subsidise the cost of a player who would ordinarily be beyond the day to day budget. By now the club would be on solid footing and I'd sell for £400m.
  11. The majority on here have always been ready and eager to slate England. It didn't change after the surprise of 2018 and it probably never will. Southgate is not Arrigo Saachi but I view him as the right man for the job at the moment. 7 of the squad played in the champs league final, 3 others in the Europa league final. Up front is one of Europe's top strikers. Midfield contains a champs league winning captain, and there are so many riches at right back it seems likely that a La Liga winning one won't play. England aren't Brazil 1970 but there should be optimism. All
  12. I wouldn't argue with that. The article did say that Mount and James got their Chelsea numbers which may mean something.
  13. If this article is true; Euro 2020 – what are England's squad numbers? | FourFourTwo Then is Southgate's line up this; Pickford Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Henderson Rice Sterling Grealish Rashford Kane
  14. Squads; Euro 2020 squad lists for all 24 countries (espn.co.uk) I think that any number of teams can win it.
  15. France v Wales was on US TV. France won 3-0 against 10 men. They will be hard to beat. Benzema coming back will help them. He's been a lively soul all season. Neco Williams was sent off after less than half an hour after adjudged by VAR to have deliberately handballed a goal bound effort. What gets me about it is that the game was a friendly. A tune up for a tournament. Rather than sending the player off, thus completely changing the game and ruining any chance to properly assess why don't ref's allow for the offending player to be substituted?
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