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  1. Mowbray does seems to have lost something. Don Said's old posts yesterday were eye opening. Mowbray isn't a Prem manager because of his flaws. These flaws are being exaggerated at present. Why does he keep changing formation? Pick one and go with it. Personnel may change but their roles once playing shouldn't change. I got a text of a Boro supporting mate last night. He asked how Rovers did. I told him we lost and are sitting in Championship purgatory. His reply; "Ah, mid-table Mowbray. That's what he does.".
  2. Left on most things? I must be interpreting your posts wrong then. As I said yesterday when you use terms like "mainstream media" that come straight from Fox News and its ilk I can only infer that's where you get it from. Tucker Carlson, much like a lot of Fox News, doesn't report news, he is an opinion host tasked with in making himself and the channel as much money as possible. He does that by manipulation, scare tactics, and downright lies. Jon Stewart had him pegged years ago. Both sides do bad does not make it equal. Trump was horrifically bad. Biden has been in less than a mont
  3. The whole senile, Harris will take over in 2 years argument isn't based on anything other than lazy conspiratorial thinking. The same happened with Hillary Clinton. Republicans had her on her last legs. Even Trump had to defend his mental competency. Many on the left accuse him of having early stage Alzheimer's. Reagan went through the same, although he actually had it. More conspiracy mongering. You often repeat tried and trusted right wing talking points (the media! Democrats are bad!) as well as using quite a bit of Fox News lexicon. Where do you get your news from? What
  4. I said it yesterday but universities going back was a diabolical decision. I have a bit of a cynical bent when it comes to universities; US ones anyway. I see them as money making machines with a secondary function of providing people a degree. US universities would have been put under massive financial strain without full tuition payments. Due to this they advised everybody to come back then got mad when kids - who are not 100% innocent - went out and generally acted like uni students. My local university asked private landlord tenants to shop kids who were seen to be hosting gath
  5. USA researchers concluded the same thing a week or two ago. Kid to kid and kid to teacher transmission rates are very low. Mask wearing, hand washing, ventilation, and spacing are key elements. Where I live kids are going back on 8 March and teachers become vaccine eligible next week. Younger children do get it, but you are right. They are less likely to have symptoms and can pass it on, although nobody knows how easily. Sending students back to uni was an absolute joke. They should have all stayed at home and authorities should have concentrated on getting schoolkids back.
  6. He has a job at Liverpool as long as he wants it. Liverpool fans love him, and rightly so. I think that he is brilliant. It is hard to win back to back titles. Doing it without the world's best central defender is even harder. There's a thought amongst some Liverpool fans that the pandemic has cheated them of a real chance of continued success. Without it they'd have splashed the cash over the summer. The Champs League exit to Atletico and no crowds since caused FSG to hold the purse strings. City and Chelsea have oil riches so can spend whenever (FFP anyone?). FSG are a bit mor
  7. Scientists can guess but they won't do much in the way of predictions until they have data. The CDC (US disease experts) updated their guidance yesterday; CDC is aware of recent reports indicating that persons who were previously diagnosed with COVID-19 can be re-infected. These reports can understandably cause concern. The immune response, including duration of immunity, to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not yet understood. Based on what we know from other viruses, including common human coronaviruses, some reinfections are expected. Ongoing COVID-19 studies will help establish the freque
  8. It's surmised that those who have had covid have 3 to 6 months of immunity. Scientists don't really know. It could be a lot longer as reinfection cases are very low. To me it would make sense to have those who have tested positive and are within the period to wait until later on to get a vaccine even if they are in one of the top groups.
  9. The Telegraph article is a very good summary of this messageboard. Plenty have been saying for a long time what the journalist has now articulated. What I don't understand is that if Mowbray is doing a slow build to promotion why has he signed so many Premier league teenage loanees? They all have talent but I think that more than too puts too much on their shoulders. I have also commented previously that if Mowbray is secure he should get new coaching staff in as the group he currently has isn't good enough. Yet that apparent security allows him to keep his mate Venus around.
  10. 75 million is a lot of people. Still it's a lot shy of the 80+ million who didn't vote for him. Republicans have lost 7 of the last 8 presidential popular votes. This trend will continue. The electoral college keeps it close. The Republican base is exactly that - they will vote for whoever is the Republican candidate. They won't abandon the party if Trump is impeached. You keep trying to conflate the Capitol riots with the BLM ones last summer. They are separate and should be treated as such. BLM riots were bad. The "there are more important things to do line" is another attempt be
  11. There is a pundit/pollster/journalist over here called Dave Wasserman. His job is to look at polling numbers and voting trends. He noted that people should watch out for two things on election day; a red mirage and a blue mirage. Article: Red/Blue mirage His premise was that in swing states that counted mail in ballots first Biden would be up early on election night but once the in person votes were tallied Trump would pull ahead; the blue mirage. The opposite would occur in states where mail in votes weren't counted until the polls closed; the red mirage. What Wasserman de
  12. Trump won't be convicted. 17 Republican senators won't want to upset their voters so they are backing a man who lost them the house in 2018, the presidency in 2020, and the senate in 2021. Seems daft that they'd go with following a losing strategy but that's what they have decided to hang their hat on.
  13. He didn't know how it was going to end. Crying foul is a symptom of his narcissistic personality. He can't admit to losing so he needs an excuse. He did it during the 2015 primaries. Ted Cruz won one state. Trump called rigged and said that Cruz's votes should be thrown out. He even did it when he didn't win a TV award for The Apprentice. The 2020 election had massive voter turnout. For the majority of the year up to election day people were stuck at home. They read more, watched more TV, and were generally more informed on what was going on. There was no large scale multi state frau
  14. What happened was down to Trump. Idiots listened to him and went for it.
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