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  1. That was Rob Dorset who's a bit of a wally. He claimed Wharton was a defensive midfielder
  2. Both games v Belgium. The third place game wasn't a bug occasion really for both sides as I'm sure neither team wanted to participate.
  3. How's he shit? He has his shortcomings but he's our second most successful manager
  4. That's why I said most sides. Rice Wharton mainoo are all top midfielders. Gallagher isn't particularly great but a good sub option. Trent could come to the fore this tournament
  5. Wheres the evidence that pickford is dodgy. He was one of the top rated keepers in the epl last season. Raya was first in a much better team. Pickford came second. He's a brilliant tournament keeper. Dodgy defence only because they were exposed on Friday because mainoo left wide open gaps because he never tracked back. Ghuei was impressive on Friday. Stones wasn't his best after that injury. Our defence isn't brilliant but bar France and Holland none of the other teams have a plethora of top centrebacks. Agree with some of your other comments
  6. France scraped a 0-0 with Canada. Portugal lost at home to Croatia. Italy barely managed a 1-0 win over Bosnia who we dispatched. My point is pre tournament friendlies mean nothing. Its just when England mess up everyone loves jumping on them. None of the pre tournament favourites have impressed. These friendly games are just warm ups. The players clearly weren't giving their all. If after the Serbia game we've had a poor result then I'll be worried
  7. Based on What. We'd probably play Italy. We've already banged them out twice
  8. No way is this squad massively overrated. Rice saka foden kane Bellingham walker would walk into any national team in the world. Its probably the strongest squad we've ever had. When u think sancho Grealish maddison solanke sterling James White tomori can't get into the squad that shows the level of depth. They'd be starters for most sides
  9. Alan Hanson is seriously ill in hospital. Hope he recovers. Its not looking good right now
  10. Every team has weak areas. Holland are packed with quality in defence but lack in midfield and definitely up front. France rely heavily on mbappe. Spain lack top quality defenders and a top striker but wide areas and midfield is very strong. England lack defensively but have quality midfielders and strong out wide and have a top class forward. Portugal are strong in defence and have good midfielders but lack a top quality forward unless Ronaldo turns up. Germany are strong in most areas but lack a top class striker. Fulkrug has fitness issues. So there are no major favourites. That's why it's possible we could win it. The days of a perfect national team France 20 odd years ago Spain 08-12. The days of figos Zidanes del piero etc are long gone.
  11. There's only France who have more than one top class centreback. Portugal have dias. Spain don't have any top class defenders. Italy probably have one. Germany have rudiger. Holland probably have more than one top class defender actually
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