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  1. U would rather drop a division to be competitive? Isnt the whole point of the championship to get into the big league?
  2. R u referring to Appleton or Shaw as the scumbag?
  3. I always thought Appleton had the potential to be a good rovers manager. He just wasn't given long enough unlike snake boy now in charge
  4. Working under Titus bramble would make him a better defender compared to under Mowbray
  5. Cant see him stepping down as Scotland manager just yet maybe he will take it after the euros.
  6. Remember Ashley giving a 10 year contract to pardew. Some chairman/owners are numpties
  7. No thanks. Not experienced enough for me in a shitshow of a club. (Rovers i mean)
  8. I said a couple of years ago. There are a match-day fans and proper hard-core fans. Match-day fans just want to attend a game on a Saturday go to the pub with their mates after. Something to do on a Saturday. They don't care what goes on behind the scenes. Just as long as they can sing 'rovers rovers ra ra ra'. Hard-core fans care about the club way past what happens on the pitch. Ie the protests, which I was a part of. Worrying about the academy. Mowbray's ineptitude etc. Alot of those backing Mowbray blindly are match-day fans.
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