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  1. Never in my lifetime did I expect anything like this. Its getting like the bubonic plague in the 15th century. On another note, this is a theory, I wonder if this virus has been spread intentionally towards the western world by china I mean only Europe, north America and Australia have been affected badly by it. We had ISIS fighting against the west. Just wonder instead of suicide bombers, we now have china sending infected people over to the western world to infect us
  2. My local gym has had to shut down now. Months of hard work. Those Chinese have brought the whole world to a standstill. Hope when this is over china will be held accountable
  3. I have a cough. A smoker's cough. Do I self isolate for 7 days? I also have constant sore throats runny nose etc. How would I know if I have it?
  4. I work in a factory, fat chance my employers give a hoots about their workers compared to the profits they are trying to make. I have a sick father at home who came close to dying very recently, if I feel in any way I am risking his health then I will walk out. Some big firms couldn't give a shit about their employees
  5. Schools shouldn't close. If work places are still open so should schools. You are more likely to get the virus at a work place than a school as adults are more in the open/real world than kids. Is this just an excuse for teachers to have more time off, not like they dint get enough holidays every year.
  6. This isn't the same scale as the bubonic plague but it is worrying. Though some people are going into hyper mode over this
  7. So if you have none of the symptoms, isn't it best to stay away from busy places rather than risk getting it in the future? Or are u immune to this disease
  8. Know a guy who still went to Spain for a holiday, now they're closing everything for 2 weeks. Serves him right. Idiot. Self centred
  9. I apologise. I thought u were referring to my other post. I agree that its serious
  10. My team Corona Virus, is, more, important, Than, football, you, selfish Ignorant, person
  11. Why aren't the Chinese being held accountable more? They've let this thing get out of hand, why were the borders not closed earlier? World governments should be seeking some kind of compensation from chinese authorities to help the rest of the world fight this thing.
  12. So johnsons big speech includes we will lose loved ones before time. Eff off johnson, I've already been through a few months of hell with my father recently when he nearly died before he had to have an operation. I'm not going through that again
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