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  1. Lambert would have had us challenging for promotion if he was backed properly. Im sure of that
  2. Me too. But I just can't see spurs wanting him playing for another English team
  3. I think man utd or City would be ideal for them. Cant rule out psg. MP knows kane better than anyone. He wouldn’t have to be at his best in the French league
  4. Kane has put in a transfer request. He wants to remain in England. Can't see spurs selling to another English team. My bet is psg
  5. Bull. They will never get the support that the big English teams get. City United Chelsea arsenal Liverpool.
  6. Their only support comes from Ireland Australia etc. Most of the English big 6 have support from every area of the world
  7. Do u know why his nose is hooked?.......so he can smell his own bullshit
  8. What are u referring to with the point about the players seeing through him?
  9. Hes a liar. Trying to create a rift in the fan base. He makes excuses. Hes never accountable. He has no honour
  10. I do. First because it was funny and second the article was bullshit
  11. Exactly. He gets paid handsomely for a piss easy job. There are people working on oil rigs cut off from family members 6 months a year that don't get paid a quarter of what he gets
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