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  1. It’s going to be one of those where he makes 4 changes all on one go as we’re playing dreadful and are 1 or 2 down
  2. He’s shoehorned Bennett in. Just look at the bench and who he’s chosen him ahead of. Sack the complete and utter numpty now!
  3. Definitely a must win tomorrow then! Jees how many times have we said that. 100% game over if we lose... I reckon it will be a draw lol
  4. Sky bigging up Harvey Elliott for a good 10 minutes and Mowbray has him on the bench 😂
  5. OMG! WTF is with that team 😂 I’m probably quicker than the front 5 and haven’t done any exercise for years!
  6. Birmingham look dire, 30 mins in at home to Derby and already 3 nil down!
  7. To be fair I was expecting their team to be stronger as well
  8. Bellamy was not even close to being on the same planet as Thierry Henry! put down the sauce ?
  9. So after refreshing this page practically all day this has ended up being a false dawn? frustrating
  10. Reminds me of the 93/94 shirt, thumbs up from me!
  11. Cardiff away to Fulham Friday night and Derby at home to Brentford early Saturday. If both those results go our way and we pull a rabbit out of the hat against West Brom on Saturday... surely not!!?? Swansea sniffing about as well though!
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