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  1. This commentator sounds like a barrel of laughs lol
  2. I’ve got that season on VHS. Started like a house on fire but ended shockingly with Alan Fettis in the sticks! took the awful form into the next season and got relegated.
  3. Rovers 14/1 for Lampard’s next destination... random
  4. Is this the same guy that said Mowbray would be sacked weeks ago?
  5. I read that the game has been selected for overseas TV so not available for IFollow outside UK. Did they still allow you to pay? that is poor form if so!
  6. He played for Preston though didn’t he. I have a feeling he will be there next season.
  7. Would rather have a 60 year old stig inge Bjornabee at left back! Obviously giving Bell a new contract if he’s playing him.
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