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  1. Mount has to play. This is a one off game. He will be available. He is a player that can create something special. He will be training all week by himself so fitness won't be a problem. Imagine Germany leaving out kroos or gnabry. Give him a free role behind Kane. Or play him alongside Henderson with grealish Saka sterling Kane in front. That line up will scare the Germans to death. Walker and Shaw as wingbacks
  2. This is not a great Germany side. I make this game 50-50
  3. We will play Wales or Netherlands both very beatable
  4. Never get a better chance of going all the way. Beat Germany it's Sweden or Ukraine in the quarters then a semi final at Wembley
  5. I think Jermaine jenas is a bit thick. It's like he wants us to play France
  6. Southgates tactics are negating our flair players. It's fine keeping possession but u need to utilize our best assets. I don't think Portugal are anything special. We can beat them. Germany are very vulnerable at the back and the pace of our players should cause alot of problems. We have only played at 50 percent of our potential so far
  7. Against Argentina. We should have beaten them. Portugal in 04 and 06 we had a goal disallowed that shouldn't have been. We hit the woodwork a couple of times in that game. In 06 we created the better chances even with 10 men.
  8. Its wrong that a team could lose 2 games and still go through at the expense of a smaller nation who works hard to say for example 3 draws against tougher opponents
  9. There's quite a few teams already on 4 points
  10. Its looking like we will play Germany in the second round if we win the group. As Germany should beat Hungary. France i think will beat Portugal. If we finish second it looks like we will play Spain in Copenhagen as I can see Sweden beating Poland and Spain should beat Slovakia though I wouldn’t rule out the Slovakians. Either way it will be hard. Spain look worse than us for sideways pointless passing. Will be an exciting 0-0. I think Portugal will go out of the group stage
  11. That's not completely true. We smashed Panama. A team tge Belgians only scored 3 or 4 against. Outplayed Tunisia. We should have won by more. Played a second string 11 against Belgium. And we nearly drew if rashford could shoot. Should have beaten Colombia who's only intention was to foul all game and intimidate the ref. Beat sweden a top 20 ranked side, a team that finished above the Netherlands in qualifying. Knocked the Italians out in the playoffs and finished above Germany in the group stage. (Colombia were also a top 20 ranked side) should have been more than 1-0 up against Croati
  12. What a refreshing change hartson is to Savage. Unbiased and not acting unprofessionally
  13. Hes been one of our most creative players the last two games. Some of his through balls to sterling shaw
  14. Spain dont have a mason mount type player
  15. 433. When we had sterling kane rashford as front 3 teams couldn't live with us
  16. He seems scared when he plays for England
  17. He had a fantastic system when we played 433. Kane sterling rashford. We were tearing teams apart. The Kosovo game changed his thinking completely. As soon as we conceded 3 in the second half he completely went defensive
  18. Portugal look torid at the back. The performance Friday was poor by England. If Southgate can tweak the midfield with only one holding we will do alot better. None of the teams bar Italy and maybe Belgium look convincing. Its not down to the quality of our players its down to Southgate's negative tactics. Im sure after reaching a low point we will improve. Scotland played the game of their lives we were poor and still got a point. We are notoriously slow starters. Im still hopeful
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