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  1. No they won't. Thats a naive way of looking at things. It runs deeper than a few 'good results'.
  2. To anyone doubting its validity. My brother had it. A healthy guy with no prior ailments. It hit him for 6. He thought he was on deaths door it was that bad
  3. According to one Mowbrayite on let. Signing an injured defender is called 'forward planning'
  4. Mowbray over Mccarthy? Really? Have a word with yourself
  5. Gary Neville doesn't think it was a red card...plank
  6. He has though but he's recruited them in the wrong areas. He's had 2 months to find a striker. Every other club manages it.
  7. The real positive is the majority of this squad is very young. We have about 3 players over 30. Compare that to teams like Italy Germany etc. We haven't even seen Bellingham or Greenwood bedded into this team yet and they're generational talents. Plus sancho foden yet to get a run. I hope guardiola takes over from Southgate at some point
  8. Agree completely with the second part. But I watched Italy's previous two qualifiers. In those games they were bereft of ideas at times. They only look impressive against teams that they've worn down. That's there strength pressing teams to submission. Bulgaria and Switzerland didn't lose any of their energy so they struggled to beat them. Italy don't really have a plan b. That's why I think they struggled to beat us in the final as, even though we sat back, we never lost any energy in our performance
  9. By that reasoning kane isn't club class either as he's won nothing at spurs
  10. Kane is truly world class. Walker is a top class fullback. Maguire stones are top class. Sterling is world class. We have plenty of young players who are potentially world class. What is a truly world class player then? Messi? Ronaldo? If kane isn't then the likes of mbappe lukaku etc certainly aren't
  11. Maybe I was too generous with the chances created side but we did control the game
  12. We were camped in their half for the whole second half. Yes the final ball could have been better but we had chances. Grealish effort. Philips. They weren't clear cut but we completely controlled the half
  13. A point wasn't fair. We had them on the ropes all second half. They rarely threatened. Lewondovski barely touched the ball. We should have been out of sight by the time they scored. Yes we can blame the ref. Glik should have had a second yellow 10 times over. He was awful the ref. Mount worked tirelessly and linked up well with Grealish. As for Grealish he caused them all sorts of problems
  14. One thing I love about rice and Phillips is they're very clever players. When they get carded they seem to be able to adapt their game so they don't pick up another one. In the past brain dead England ball winners would have picked up a second booking
  15. We were up against it from the first whistle. No fans. Playing against a homer ref. Playing against a filthy cynical team yet we deserved to win that game. I would have taken a point
  16. His linkup play with Grealish was superb at times
  17. We completely dominated the second half. Walker has a brain fart then it costs us. At least this result virtually guarantees us qualification
  18. I thought James looked better in midfield. Yet he drags him off as soon as he makes an impact. Trent just never performs for England. Whether its lack of passion or what. Kyle Walker is lightyears ahead of him. I would give awb a chance.
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