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  1. They have been the worst team I've seen this season, only in it for last 5 mins. We needed the win, I suppose the Mowbray statue is back on.
  2. And that's from Wally's Celtic days - nothing has changed. I think Millwall may score 2
  3. Mowbray appears committed to not playing SG or BB as the main central striker which would finally prove to everyone that neither of those donkeys are suited to that role as it doesn't involve trapping a wet bag of cement or not heading the ball.
  4. Aye but can that toaster lightly toast an unsliced Bap ready for 2 rashers of fried bacon. That's the real test.
  5. As much chance as me shitting bricks and building the Brockhall scam.
  6. Short term memory loss. It happens to ex CBs. Sad.
  7. Understandable as Mowbray runs the Board and all things at Ewood under absentee owners and some largely invisible go-between called Passa Deshit, or something like that. No wonder he's hanging in their, good wages for failing and a gig that cannot be found elsewhere in world football. But he's a nice working class man, open, honest, brimming with integrity and all things good. I know that because he says so every single day.
  8. Lancs Live, the Sun of Lancs, publish this fucking shit to wind fans up. It works.
  9. Chris Rush just another fall guy to one persons ego.
  10. Neither do I and sincerely hope we stay out of a relegation dogfight. Mowbray is not good at those ....... as I recall .....
  11. He has used that line ever since he arrived at Rovers. Remember the ''Dad'' story, spitting blood?, and he has built a career and persona out of being a man of the people of one sort or another at ever club hes been at. He is good at winning the ''hearts and minds' battle. We need a win to keep any relegation threat at bay and have more difficult fixtures coming this month.
  12. By the end of March we will be 18th or lower and Mowbray will be Manager. He runs the circus at the Ewood level and he's not going to tell his mate Maggot to bin him. We are screwed big time but it may be next season before Mowbray relegates us. Absentee owners leaving the door open to chancers and part of the fan base supports them/ him. Fucking surreal.
  13. I gave up reading the LT comments section soon after Mowbray arrived. I gave up reading or listening to the shit that comes out of his mouth about 2 years ago as it always triggered me. These days I can cope better so I did watch his latest Sky spew. The LT I can do without, they are Rovers plants, related to Mowbray or Dingles or simply Twats. This Club is not what I fell for in the early 1960s, it is a shell infested by Maggots and worse. Its structure is such that it cannot heal itself.
  14. The real nightmare is Mowbray as DoF and Venus as Manager. God forbid. That would be it for me. Game over.
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