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  1. Book the flight ASAP. A day is a long time in football.
  2. I trust Waggott has got on a plane to Chile to sell Rovers shirts and overseas iFollow passes to all these new fans. I am actually being serious.
  3. Someone told the Germans that there's a tournament on.
  4. One .... at home to Scotland ..... I can't actually recall it at all.
  5. He just did a great header too. It's surreal.
  6. Ben Diaz just hammered a pass into the net. Fantastic! Worth seeing live and staying up for at 4.15 am local.
  7. Grant had a great game. Good to see. England pedestrian. Amazing how the BoroBoys can consistently stifle talent. Mind you with donkeys like Rice and Phillips as first choices I worry about the managers sanity. Roll on Ben Diaz in a few minutes .....
  8. He's gone. We are shut of him. Facebook fans can give him whatever plaudits they want that dumbing down has created - apart from a statue.
  9. His basic defending did improve as the game progressed. His passing in the first half was very poor and caused a situation or 2. We do have a good squad but I'm still concerned about our CBs against the best and we need to make/take our chances, like the one Sterling ballooned. I've watched every game so far and hope to see it all the way through. Enjoying football again!
  10. Mount is a very good player. He faded rather quickly today after a good opening 15 minutes. Grealish bring something extra that frightens those he's running at, he'll either go past them or be 'fouled'. He's a more creative player. In fact he's a brilliant footballer who is one of the very few England players that I would go out of my way to pay to watch. Different topic but Walker? bloody hell.
  11. He would be if Southgate had balls.
  12. Grealish would have mullered that Croatian defence and the free kick count and chances would have been huge. Kane needed him on to create chances. Grealish is class and Southgate doesn't seem to trust him. Madness.
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