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  1. We are good enough to win. It's the job of JE to get the players motivated. Millwall will be, it's in their DNA. We must be the same. This is a must win game. Please don't waste your time with the maths.
  2. Correct, as confirmed by Elliott Jackson in the LT It is amusing though to see some still clinging on to those 3 points from the Stoke game to boost the stats of what is a very small sample of games.
  3. Tim Sherwood and Natalie Pike talking with Sir Kenny. I only just begun watching and the first 12 minutes are all about Rovers and a great watch.
  4. Just prior to the second leg break SU gave Fleck a 1 year contract extension. A sensible option as they could review at this seasons end depending on which league they were in and how he'd coped in the PL. Then he breaks his leg again and they don't want him anymore, not even in the Championship which is where they will be for sure next season. Not even in the Championship. That tells us all we need to know but went over the heads of those at Rovers. SU have rogered us again.
  5. I wonder which player's turn it will be tomorrow to do similar. I think they'll stick with another senior player
  6. I have a vivid image of grown men and young boys weeping copiously and the club not having invested in any paper hankies.
  7. I don't know if this has already been posted but Elliot Jackson did a fair appraisal of our current dire situation in the LT. Credit where credit is due Mr. Jackson. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/24158552.blackburn-must-accept-relegation-truth-avoid-unthinkable-fate/
  8. He's just never in a rush. That was one hell of a strike though, still rising when it hit the underside of the crossbar. A match where I found myself hoping CIty would win. It's a funny old game.
  9. I would rather watch Garrett, a Rover, have a stinker than someone else's player doing the same. Garrett at least tries, which is more that Moran often does.
  10. And Venkys third relegation. I wonder if they will throw a party and invite CornerMan and Swag. Maybe Sylvester took, for a job well done.
  11. Folks confuse Brittain with a competitive footballer. That's the way it is.
  12. Moran has, rightly, been lambasted for his pathetic display but Pears fumble and Wharton taking a short pass inside free kick at major fault too. Extended highlights, as usual not from Rovers, too expensive......
  13. The bookies won and they're not stumping up for the wine order tonight.
  14. I do wonder if the scam has a shelf life of any reasonable terms in L1. Margin can only be maintained by further cost cuts and we know how that ends.....
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