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  1. One of the more obvious penalty claims I've ever seen. This place would be in uproar if it had gone against us. A good lucky win.
  2. In Trump's first TV appearance post Capitol riot and when addressing the rioters he referred to "our movement" and "our agenda", I do not believe he was referring to the Republican party. He said he would go to the Capitol when addressing the pre riot rally. I assume bone spurs prevented that. He wants to be President for life, a Dictator. I doubt he could spell fascism or fascist, or tell you their correct definition. He craves ratings and would figure head anything. We all know he previously funded the Democrats. If he had conned the Military the coup would be a done deal. For
  3. In the players favour, an auto extension when promotion occured, I think. Bells agent did well to get it for his client.
  4. in the 3 England innings so far in this Series Crawley has scored 9-8-5 and Sibley 4-2-0, Embuldeniya has nailed them every time Edit: With reference to recently deleted posts the above stats clarify ''This' = ok Watson? ( Den - this comment is not in reference to you)
  5. I prefer them to stay away from us. We will not get to the PL with Mowbray and they would stiff us over and over if up against a Mowbray managed Rovers in any league. There is no fun to be found in that.
  6. Liverpool O Burnley 1 Are Burnley fans upset with a measley 28% possession and long ball? I don't feckin think so.
  7. Rovers U18s v Man U U18s KO 11am UK time on Saturday 23 Jan, at Brockhall live on MUTV. Is this match likely to be played with Covid and weather issues?
  8. The grift goes on, all proceeds to Fix News, Creppy Hawley, Ted Crushed and Rudy Leakeyani - after Tramp takes his 99% sales commission
  9. No more Kayleigh McEnany, getting angrily irritated will not be the same again. Pardons - Federal indictments will show who is in the non disclosed or verbal pardon list. Filibustering - get used to it. I hope it snows in Florida.
  10. I wonder if the Players elite committee still run HT discussions at Rovers.
  11. The claim had been made that promotion was not possible under Warnock. I posted 'IF' ..... What you say is quite correct and by definition so is what Gav posted. Again. I posted 'IF' .... example : IF only Warnock had been with Agent kickback we would have been promoted.
  12. IF Warnock had been appointed and given the transfer funds made available to Mowbray the we would have gone up and under Vs dire ownership model. That's the camp I'm in.
  13. Good read that. Thanks @swansnews Well not everyone on Twitter wants to build a statue to our Legend That's a positive
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