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  1. It is on Sky Go UK and Extra, see under 'International' https://m.livesoccertv.com/match/4039170/huddersfield-town-vs-blackburn-rovers/
  2. Absolute cobblers. We are where we are because of them. The debt has accrued on their watch. Who knows where we would be if that shit hadn't washed up on Ewood shores. You don't. I don't. Meanwhile I waiting for something not to happen and don't know what it is .... bloody marvelous what wearing the wrong Tie can do.
  3. I doubt Warks currently thing that. We have started shite, let's just be honest about that.
  4. Still at 1.45 am here. I'll watch Lancs at Lords, then maybe a bit of the IPL and hope I'll stay awake this time. I do set the alarm but at 3% hearing in one ear so if sleeping on my good one then as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
  5. Photoshop or Gallagher has his high heels on. Rovers to win 1-3
  6. Well that read was as illuminating as Blackpool illuminations ....... during WW2...... back to bed methinks.
  7. My opinion: Waggott will have known of the extended highlights and full replay issue since setting up the arrangement via 'streamamg'. Waggott has decided to charge the maximum possible under EFL rules whilst choosing to cut costs by going for minimum outlay - hence no highlights or replay. These costs would include obtaining content and/or its hosting. The webplayer being used is the basic one. Immediate replay is available with the provider but the plugin is a cost. The overall content of the site other than the live game is in my opinion the worst of any club who have iFollow or their own inhouse TV, and I've researched a lot. But then again with Waggott making decisions why expect any better. I have not subscribed this season. I will be watching every game live - if awake! The shambles that is RoversTV is within the remit of the Fans Forum and I do hope that they will not just accept the 'it will be looked into' routine from the person who already knows the answer.
  8. Most do. Usually you have to register an account, 2 minute job, then can access free view of highlights and full replay. Example: Huddersfield use iFollow, they will have our game posted a few hours after it finishes.
  9. Well Waggott has lost one source of revenue - me! Yesterday's opponents inhouse TV charges the same as us and also uses 'streamamg'. The difference in what they provide to their fans compared to what Rovers do is quite staggering. FFS even months old Backstage and Academy videos, both of which have not been updated for ages, are 'locked' on RoversTV and you have to login to watch. OK no big deal to login in but why? when others make access so much easier and this encourages site usage and subscription. I'm registered on RoversTV and subscribed since the start of iFollow but not now. I'm not paying to be conned. Waggott can do one. One way or another I've watched every game live this season apart from yesterday as I was asleep but saw a full replay this morning, no fecking thanks to Waggott.
  10. Missed the game live so just watched a full replay. Thoroughly enjoyable which I usually don't find if I know the score already. Dolan, Ayala, Travis, Gallagher and BB were standouts with good performances throughout the Rovers but must be said that Cardiff were the architects of some of those goals. Thing is does Ric O'chet get an assist for BB's 2nd goal? Gives the previous possession strategy a bit of a licking too. Well done to all. What was the attendance?
  11. The full replay is already up, free and without subscription/registration. It looks like it was up within 2 hours of the game finishing. Look in Club TV, All Games. Oh, least I forget ..... not at RoversTV .....
  12. Tyson is pissed off, all those $£$£$£$£$£$ down the pan
  13. U won that AJ outboxed and outlasted Lets see .....
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