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  1. That part is easy---eventually an EV owner will be charged Xp per mile driven. The amount will be calculated to reach the amount all the taxes lost. That's inevitable. Still, if people use cars less that will be a good thing. Re recharging, that will be solved because the wealthy Londoner will demand it. Grid access under the pavement with ac outside every house I'd imagine. Vandals will have a field day though!
  2. Yet who are 4 places above us in the table.....
  3. It would help if the pool of young cricketers was larger. When do you see young lads playing cricket in the streets unless they're Asian? I always thought young Asians would come through to play for England one day but it doesn't seem to be happening on any scale. How many non-fee paying schools have cricket pitches these days!
  4. That young lad from Crewe must be wondering what on earth he's done! Signed up for Div 1 potentially.
  5. Chris Rea 70 today. "On the Beach"-----great album.
  6. I think Boris is owed the clap.
  7. Looks like they'll get a reasonable 1st innings lead though. They seem to be finding batting easier and easier at this point.
  8. It should be a top 6 squad wth the time and money he's had but he's made a horrible mess of it. Well done for accepting he has to go though.
  9. Which other teams have 1 point from the last 21?
  10. Any thoughts about the planet Chaddy?
  11. Can't see any role for Bairstow in Test Cricket. The only place for him is as keeper and batting at 6 and England have obviously decided we have a better keeper than him On these pitches facing spinners he's out of his depth as a batsman, its sad to watch him.
  12. You're right about that, thanks to Mowbray's priorities But I can't get impressed that he "scored a cracking header against Blackpool in the pre-season". Team is trying out for a structure as opposed to players just being chucked in in the wrong positions and Armstrong badly needs a tall partner upfront to knock it down to him. But I seriously doubt we have anybody. Certainly give Brereton the chance, we have nothing to lose right now. its nightmare up there, no wonder we can't score.
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