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  1. I should have written "Suddenly Unions aren't irrelevant and long may it continue!"
  2. He really is a clown but that Cabinet is full of them.
  3. Bloody joke isn't it? One result after a run like that. I despair.
  4. That's great and I'd expect that to happen in spades if there is an NHS strike. It won't be allowed to come to that though I'll bet. Suddenly Unions aren't irrelevant are they?
  5. They'll change their mind when public opinion changes it for them but it will be presented as something else! They haven't officially committed to 1% yet so I suspect that was a try-on to gauge reaction. A bloody stupid one, anyone with a brain would know the affection the British public has for the NHS, especially after the heroes and heroines Coronavirus performance.
  6. Yep, all we need is for them to sit round a table with government officials and they'll see the merits and increase the raise to 7-8%, without those nasty Unions getting in the way. Is that a pig I see flying past my window?
  7. That part is easy---eventually an EV owner will be charged Xp per mile driven. The amount will be calculated to reach the amount all the taxes lost. That's inevitable. Still, if people use cars less that will be a good thing. Re recharging, that will be solved because the wealthy Londoner will demand it. Grid access under the pavement with one socket outside every house I'd imagine. Vandals will have a field day though!
  8. Yet who are 4 places above us in the table.....
  9. It would help if the pool of young cricketers was larger. When do you see young lads playing cricket in the streets unless they're Asian? I always thought young Asians would come through to play for England one day but it doesn't seem to be happening on any scale. How many non-fee paying schools have cricket pitches these days!
  10. That young lad from Crewe must be wondering what on earth he's done! Signed up for Div 1 potentially.
  11. I think Boris is owed the clap.
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