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  1. I don't believe that. There are enough people who care enough to ensure we will always survive. If it were not for those dopey owners (I'm being charitable) we would not have anything like that debt to start with. But I'm not knocking you. I like good news and I hope that everything you believe will happen comes to pass. In the meantime I just watch the great strides Bolton, Blackpool and Accy Stanley are making and shake my head in disbelief.
  2. And why would he do that if he didn't strongly believe in something?
  3. Very odd to highlight Starmer given the number of shysters in that House of Commons these days. Not to mention the Lords who sign in, bugger off and receive a day's pay at a high rate of £305 per day plus travel and subsidised restaurant. Most Conservative MP's seem to have a 2nd income, I've no figures for that so don't ask. and in many cases that income vastly dwarfs their parliamentary salary eg Rees-Mogg. But let's look more into that £1.87 eh? Someone's decided Starmer is too right wing for him and anything is fair game. It isn't. Starmer is a principled man, in so far as politicians can be these days, he faces attacks from the Tories and also his own left wing who would choose to be in opposition forever rather than see a Labour PM who isn't pure enough. Most of us who vote Labour are pragmatic. We know he'd be better and fairer than any Tory PM and that will have to do.
  4. Don't do the modding while you're driving down the M1 is all I ask!
  5. Yep--no more sleeping in a cab and peeing in a bottle! And they wonder why there's a shortage!
  6. He has been a disaster in many ways. So far this season though, things are much better on the playing field at least. I think he has had to play more youngsters than he would like, but (surprise!) they've been up to it. Off the playing field, its a pity that Waggot doesn't get that if you increase the prices you reduce the attendance. So, sadly, there are fewer fans to see it. The walk-on price of a ticket is disgraceful. So much wrong at our club but at least now we can enjoy some success. I was going to add "while it lasts" but I've been gloomy enough for too long!
  7. In any case, given this government"s record on honesty, when they say there's no shortage of petrol people automatically assume there is. That's what constant lying achieves.
  8. The Global Financial Crisis! Get it Chaddy?
  9. Obsessive troll. His sole aim in life seems to be to wind people up by insulting them.
  10. We wouldn't want change a system that works so well would we?
  11. That "Wrexham" guy-----what a plank!
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