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  1. I won't be around to know but my best guess is that some future government will renegotiate the Brexit agreement to make our rules more equivalent to the EU's so that there can be frictionless trade. Whether that will lead to us rejoining one day is another matter. A Norway type agreement or am I being too optimistic there? The state of the economy and the pressures on the labour market will ensure this happens. As yet the whole thing is too recent and too raw and nobody is going to admit we got it wrong (except the fishermen---sorry, couldn't resist that!)
  2. Credibility low, hypocrisy off the scale!
  3. Agree with that, he is no different than a Holocaust denier in that respect.
  4. Not as a proportion of the harvest though.
  5. I'd prefer him to get on a plane to Chile to sell Brereton! Our best chance of getting £7M back is now!
  6. So would I. If you're blaming the weather don't forget that millions of tonnes of grain were exported anyway. There are stats on that. I must find them.
  7. Well they got it bloody wrong then didn't they? Like the Red Cross reps who visited the camp at Theresienstatd and filed a report stating that Jews were not ill-treated. With totalitarian regimes you see what they want you to see.
  8. Eh? How many people had Stalin executed or put into concentration camps by then? What about the great famine in Ukraine? (why the Ukraine still hate Russia today and, at first welcomed the Nazi invaders as their saviours! That's how much they thought of the USSR). That was 1932-3! Millions starved while the USSR exported their grain to the cities. You swallow Communist propaganda wholesale while telling us we are biased. 2 biggest murderers in history---Stalin and Mao. Mao gets the gold for the most.
  9. But it is our club. We know that Venkys can and will do what they like but its not the fan's job to lie down and take it. Its our job to make our feelings known and to remind the owners that a club without fans is nothing. The decision to sign Ben Brereton was not in the best interests of the club, you seem to believe that its a case of the owners investing. I'd call it gambling with the club's future. If that money had been spent more wisely (and the same goes for Gallagher) we might be in the Premier League now, though I doubt it with this manager. You may accept that BRFC is
  10. Interesting readers letter showing difficulties for British citizens living in France because of Brexit and the British governments lack of concern: Your article highlighting the post-Brexit problems faced by British residents in France has a major omission (British nationals in France face losing rights if they miss residency deadline, 15 June). It is likely that a considerable number, between 3,000 and 6,000, stand to lose the right to drive as of the end of this year. This is because Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement made no provision for an exchange of licences between
  11. Clutching at straws I know but Grant Hanley had a terrific game last night and Stephen Reid was on-screen as one of Scotland's team coaches
  12. For those who believe Labour voters didn't transfer their votes: Angela Craft, 68, said she learned about the Lib Dem win because of the reaction of her 71-year-old husband, Alan, a longtime Labour supporter who had voted tactically, when he checked the result on his phone on Friday morning. “The first I knew about it was at 7.30am when he started jumping around for joy in the bathroom,” Craft said. “I didn’t know what was happening. For a moment I thought we’d won the lottery.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jun/18/the-votes-kept-piling-up-how-ches
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