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  1. Anyone know the chant being sung against Newcastle to the tune of this:
  2. Would rather take Sam Gallagher on a permanent if possible. Younger. Proven in the division and if he does well, then a much higher sell on value. That seems to be the model we are deploying with our signings and he fits the bill.
  3. Nonsense. You do anything to win within the limits of the game. Sledging has been fantastic this series from both sides. If you don't like that part of the sport then Cricket isn't your game. Grow a pair and get on with it.
  4. I've enjoyed the entire series. I hope you have too. Broad off injured after a cracking delivery from Johnson. A lovely yorker. I said earlier on in the series that England's fielding has been poor. Prior again missed 2 easy stumping opportunities and Cook dropped a simple catch too. On the other hand, the Aussies have been brilliant on the field, an example being Johnson's catch in the first innings. I said England weren't great when they won 3-0 and criticised them a lot. However I was abused for winding people up. Aussies currently 167-1. Warner closing in on his century. England have
  5. Barring that catch on day one, Carberry has been the only one who can come out with a bit of dignity in this match. Root looks to be playing well and no doubt the talk of him coming in at 3 will disappear.
  6. Another self-inflicted wicket thrown away. Surely surely a team cannot become this bad overnight? Mitchell Johnson has been magnificent this series but some serious changes needed. No fight in the team apart from Bell. I'd like to think a lot are batting for their place and test careers. Especially Prior.
  7. First of all I would like to apologise to all for my perceived 'trolling'. No personal insults were meant and I hope you can all accept my apology. Moving on to the game. Probably one of the best fast bowling spell's I have seen in a very long time. Bell again continuing his very good display in the summer and showed that with a bit of patience, it was an easy pitch to bat on. Should he be batting at number 3? I personally thought that Root threw his wicket away today after looking relatively good in the opening exchanges of the day. Another very impressive factor for me was the Aussie fi
  8. That is your opinion. I am not here to wind anybody up. If you take a look back since Ste's warning to me, I have added nothing but cricketing debate on this thread and in return nothing but insults have been thrown my way. Not my fault you get wound up. That's your own issue, not mine.
  9. A million was a bit excessive, but here are just a few of the insults I've had thrown at me: "Give over you wind-up merchant". "Nothing apart from what I believe to be quite intentional racial tension Norbert." "You contribute nothing here you irritating little troll. Jog on you clown." "The guy is utterly obsessed. I know this is probably dangerous ground but considering the short shrift given to happyforeverclapper and saxoman on here in recent times, I can't help but wonder if the seemingly infinite patience afforded to BAWRs endless and constant bitterness towards English cricket has s
  10. As per usual, every post I make - a million insults before 1 sensible post (usually from Jim).
  11. Yes because wanting to know whether Finn, Tremlett or Rankin will be part of the Test squad come the 1st Ashes test, is racist? Another cracker from you Gord. Well done. Back on topic: Root failed again - barring that big score in the last test, does he really merit a place in the squad?
  12. Dear oh dear. Dreadful start to the Ashes your today. No wonder this thread hasn't moved. The England fans hiding after a dismal performance yesterday and the Aussies hiding after the mailing we gave them. Surely the likes of Finn, Rankin and Tremlett will be nowhere near the squad come the first Ashes test?
  13. Sorry what I meant the domestic league. Whether he had played the equivalent of England's County Cricket in Australia?
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