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  1. Statistically, motorists are scourge of the road.
  2. A touch overhyped, but Christian was out of the blue and a great signing. No wonder they were so excited as I thought WWE had secured him.
  3. Front 3: Rooney in the middle with (I guess) Joe Cole and SWP either side?
  4. You like giving money to your mum, don't you? 😉
  5. Mike E

    Site adverts

    Not quite my point. You said that a content-based site is enjoying the fruits of its users labour, when it's arguably the opposite; users enjoy the fruits of the techies, admin, mods' labour. I'd describe it as relatively symbiotic. Re: the specific issue of ads. It's a choice between a site with ads (however they are delivered is out of our hands), a subscription-based site, or no site.
  6. Mike E

    Site adverts

    Playing DA here: You ARE enjoying the fruits fruits of someone else's labour. That is the UNPAID labour of the techies (without whom there would be no BRFCS at all), the admin (ditto), and the mods (without whom the site wouldn't be kept a relatively civil experience- a major USP compared to other fansites). Users create content, fair enough. So do users of all social media platforms. The only ones I know of that don't use the same ad structure as BRFCS are Facebook, Twitter, and the like; ie: they have much bigger pockets than us. Re: donations there are 2 problems: 1
  7. Just be aware that a journalist's job is much more to sensationalise and generate clicks/views nowadays. I'm sure it's his genuine opinion, and he's entitled to say it even as a minority view (if anything making it more important), but I'm also sure he's tarted it up with nostalgia and bullshit as is his remit as a journo.
  8. I think we're hoping that BB's clumsy touch up front (albeit, he IS capable of holding the ball with his back to goal) could actually reignite Dack. It's a desperate throw of the dice, but it may work 🤷‍♂️
  9. Mike E

    Site adverts

    My tuppence: Yeah the new ads are a bit annoying BUT they can be closed immediately. Compared to other ad-reliant platforms it's still remarkably easy to overlook. It's not like s 30 second video with a trick cross to make you click the advert, and a million miles ahead of the LET. A bit inconvenient, sure, but I've only had about a dozen ads in about 3 days' use (that I've noticed). Not had one in the last hour of browsing. Using Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy A70 FYI.
  10. What is this abuse you've seen that is so vile that you've not bothered to report it?
  11. Pulling your leg, it's reference to the bits hit parish council thing amthat was viral last month.
  12. "You have no authority at all here K-Hod..."
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