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  1. I seem to remember Coventry battering us in an FA Cup game under Hughes, have I made that up?
  2. I can see Hughes, on an admittedly fairly low level, wanting to prove he can do it. Where better than to revisit the place where almost everything went right apart from Bruno Berner? Plus he can point to minimal spend on a squad, provided he'd be willing to work with those restrictions. Time out of the game might refresh his mind in such a way. Whether they are the right people or not, I do know that 'people' are talking to Hughes. Whether it's about the job or not, I simply don't know. My suspicion is DoF type role with a relative novice manager. Purely my speculation.
  3. “I don’t want to be a burden on the club, if I’m the problem then that's no problem, the owners have to tell me. “Other than that, I love the game, I've been here before, I'll keep going." Last time you were 'here', you walked from Coventry! Repeat performance please.
  4. By the same logic, nor did Mark Hughes in 04/05.
  5. Thanks o2g, I wasn't quite sure of the arrangements. Only ever attended pre-meets twice as a guest of Tris
  6. That's a week of traction you've just guaranteed this site, whether true or not 😅
  7. Possibly thinking of @only2garners (if I've got the right guy) who posts the minutes sometimes?
  8. They don't have to be exciting, they have to be better than Mowbray.
  9. Time for Tony to go. 5 losses in a row is literally Keanesque. Plenty of options out there: Hughes, Wagner, Cowleys, Bilic, Jokanovic, Silva, Ainsworth, Davidson, Ross, Ferguson, Robins, Appleton, Neil, Ismael, Cooper etc
  10. Watford have scored more away goals vs us than they have against any other side.
  11. Watford have scored 10 goals away from home. 1/5th of them vs us 😑
  12. 'Performance related coach' makes him even worse. We've played far worse than our results or position in the table imo.
  13. Starting to actually hope Tony goes now, ideally that he walks. I'm reminded of the 'good resignation' speech from Malcolm Tucker: It IS possible to have a good resignation, you know! Look, people really like it when you go just a bit early! You know, steely jawed, faraway look in your eyes! Before they get to the point when they sitting round in pubs and say "Oh, that fucker's got to go!", you surprise them! "Blimey, he's gone! I didn't expect that! Resigned! You don't see THAT much anymore! Old school! Respect! I rather liked the guy! He was hounded out by the fucking press!"
  14. Think it's a touch unfair to target Sharpe. Seems to me an editorial decision to treat the issue as a news/housing one rather than a Rovers one. Not his fault. Plus he's not afraid to ask difficult questions of a manager, as we're seeing in recent weeks.
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