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  1. Didn't mean to specifically attach this to Brexit, just know this was where the HGV chat was.
  2. The lack of HGVs is now starting to affect the flu jab season. My dad's flu jab appts have been moved back by at least two weeks to allow the flu vaccines to be delivered.
  3. Lowest attendance in the league in 30 years, with over decade at this level and lower for comparison. Slowly worn down Rovers crowds with his stupid tax, shit food, no marketing whatsoever in opportune moments, compounded by poor pricing and no direction at all. Fuck off Waggott. Fuck off Mowbray. Fuck off Venus.
  4. Of course not, only a fucking moron would vote knowing the above. But then I probably shouldn't have voted at all because I didn't know enough about it. Serious voter's regret here, and I wonder just how many feel the same.
  5. I distinctly remember Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion crisp packets swapping colours. Gary Linekar remembers it that way too (and he'd know). Doesn't mean it happened.
  6. What I wouldn't give for a group of people who have the club's interest at heart. I'm not necessarily talking about Williams, Goodman, Finn returning (as great as that would be). Hell I don't even think it needs to be fans. Just a group of local, successful people who know how Rovers fans tick and how to steer the club correctly.
  7. It's a very difficult decision. I'd be hoping Poulter doesn't qualify, but then taking him anyway as a mascot or something. He's infectious.
  8. That's good. That means that those non-vaccinated are less likely to contract it because the majority of the population are vaccinated. The infected vaccinated aren't getting ill and are to an extent now facilitating the virus' decline.
  9. It's like you hit a wall of silence around the place, even in such a busy place as NY.
  10. I remember getting home from primary school and seeing the news. I thought it was an advert for a cool new film until my parents explained what happened. We finished our New England honeymoon in New York and went to the site of the towers and we both broke down crying. The silence is unbearable when all those images from 9/11 flash through your mind.
  11. Could easily be that he failed the medical?Hardly unheard of.
  12. Despite agreeing with Linekar on many things, I find him very preachy and off-putting. He's nailed it here though, properly nutmegged LeTiss and left him embarrassed on his arse. https://www.indy100.com/news/gary-lineker-matt-le-tissier-flu-b1916376
  13. WWE needs the McMahon of the mid-90s, and I believe that HHH could easily be that person. Trouble is the old McMahon won't let go.
  14. Ditto. I always will. Even Mrs. E will tell you that Tugay was my first love.
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