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  1. 1. Because there are none. There are plenty who don't like it, but no regular posters (certainly not those you regularly quote) who don't accept it. Claiming otherwise is lying, and I'm assuming your refusal to look is because (like me) you won't find it. 2. The point is that you very clearly don't form your own opinion, merely parroting that of others. At best. My point is also that you ALSO parrot this government even when it is proven to be a lie (not 'evidence of', actual factual proof). Being completely frank, you are the only poster that I will not personally sanction or b
  2. 1. Find me one poster who hasn't accepted the result. 2. Find me one post that cites a positive of leaving the EU that is accurate and not speculative (this is an easy one but a good clue is that none of them are yours).
  3. Bennett? A legend? In the same bracket as Shearer? Tugay? Friedel? Hendry? Garner? Parkes? Douglas? Clayton? Crompton? Elliott fucking Bennett?
  4. Overthinking this maybe, but: England haven't conceded yet in this tournament BUT have also only scored two goals. Germany have scored 6, but also conceded 5, albeit all against better opposition than England have faced. I think Southgate's defensive style might actually benefit us, as frustrating this Germany side makes them sloppy. We just need to make sure we can take advantage of those openings. I think we'll finally beat them again if we play: Pickford Trippier Stones Maguire Shaw Phillips Mount Saka Grealish Sterli
  5. It was a motivating factor behind not participating in the EU scheme, but didn't 'enable' us to refuse. We could have sorted our own vaccine programme even with EU membership.
  6. A lucky manager can be as good as a good one. Just imagine, he's already got us to a WC semi. What status does he get if he ALSO gets us to the Euro QFs (or beyond) by beating Germany?
  7. If we beat Germany, we have EVERY chance of getting to the final.
  8. What a double save from the Portuguese keeper!
  9. Breaking News: Boris changes name to Kim Jon-Son.
  10. And as things stand, Ukraine are through with a worse record than Portugal...
  11. Not only can I see it, I guarantee that BBD under Bielsa is a different Beast entirely than under Mowbray. Goes for any player.
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