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  1. Because, unless I'm mistaken, TM isn't a member of this messageboard.
  2. In fairness, I've never seen a thread descend into disarray when discussing the name of bread roll (get it right, ffs 😉 ) but I've seen plenty of threads derailed by political bullshit such as which political commentator is or is not a prick etc.
  3. Let's not talk about the merits or otherwise of a US talking head on a match thread, eh lads?
  4. We need to change manager quickly. Has any manager relegated us twice before?
  5. I expect it was tour explaining how proud they can be of how they've kept us in our place, if only they could do the same with more areas.
  6. He didn't look at the fixture list before saying that, did he?
  7. Trying to be positive and work out how to get the best out of what we have, I'd go 4231. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan LoanKid? Bell Travis Rothwell Elliott Dack Armstrong Gallagher I'm thinking high line, with Bell and Nyambe only using their immense pace to catch failed offside traps, or break forward on counters. Otherwise, they should both just sit in a flat back 4. Travis to play the Savage role, give it to Rothwell to burst forward like the Dunn of the Souness era. Gallagher to b
  8. And we didn't play all that well then, we took advantage of a red card and a team well off the boil.
  9. What have we been reduced to? Why the hell have we spent the last 10mins or so clinging to a draw against 10-man Coventry? We're Blackburn fucking Rovers, ffs, not that Mowbray would have us believe that!
  10. I seem to remember Coventry battering us in an FA Cup game under Hughes, have I made that up?
  11. I can see Hughes, on an admittedly fairly low level, wanting to prove he can do it. Where better than to revisit the place where almost everything went right apart from Bruno Berner? Plus he can point to minimal spend on a squad, provided he'd be willing to work with those restrictions. Time out of the game might refresh his mind in such a way. Whether it's about the job or not, I simply don't know. My suspicion is DoF type role with a relative novice manager. Purely my speculation.
  12. “I don’t want to be a burden on the club, if I’m the problem then that's no problem, the owners have to tell me. “Other than that, I love the game, I've been here before, I'll keep going." Last time you were 'here', you walked from Coventry! Repeat performance please.
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