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  1. We ABSOLUTELY should have been playing this formation from the start. The width the German full backs offered destroyed Portugal yesterday and that is the strongest area of our team. Southgate is making me angry with his selections. I'd switch a couple of the personal but with the exact same formation you've posted. Pickford Walker Stones Mings Trippier Mount Rice Chilwell Sancho Grealish Kane I know some will disagree but that is it. It's what we should be playing, absolute
  2. Actually not too far from this Chaddy. Though I'm not a fan of the 4231. Given Hendersons lack of match fitness I'm not sure how much he can be relied on to be much more progressive than Phillip's. Bellingham although young has been trusted in the biggest games for Dortmund and always looks the biz when he plays for England. So I'd be tempted to throw him in. I would be more comfortable with a 433. I would like to Mount as the most attacking of that 3. My real preference would be playing 3 at the back with wing backs of Tripper and Chilwelll bombing all the way forwards. But it feel
  3. Could you imagine if he left on a free. And he really, really started to kick on. It would be the most horrendous bit of business ever.
  4. James was horrendous. He looked like he was scared to try anything out of the fear of making a mistake. He was about our worst player on the pitch in my opinion. Kane at least had the excuse that there was no service into him
  5. We lost the battle in midfield. Outnumbered out of possession and when in possession we had two players who aren't the most progressive passers. So we played a 4231 and it resulted in the 3 attacking midfielders and Kane not being involved enough in dangerous areas. The 2 of Rice and Phillips played a lot of sideways passes. Even simply tweaking it with Mount dropping much deeper and a 433 would have helped. This could have been done first half. It would have also placed a progressive passer deeper to link our attack and defence. Not only that Southgate didn't really switch things
  6. Southgate has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Not only does he not know his starting line up, but he also has no idea or urgency of how or what changes to make mid game to swing things in our favour. He struck lucky in the world cup with a very easy run and low expectations going into it. Even then when we were being passed off the park in the semi final to Croatia he left Henderson on his own in the middle chasing the shadows of modric and co for far too long. Man is tactically horrendous and loyal to a fault to misfiring players.
  7. Bloody terrible. I'm not even sure where to start. Biggest thing for me is that it clearly wasn't working and Southgate did nothing to change it. We were being out fought in the middle when out of possession and when in possession we played it sideways. Either an extra man or more forward momentum was needed in the middle in the form of Bellingham. Reece James was one who I wanted to kick out of the squad all together. When I was about 12 or 13 I could take on a whole team. But I was a shy kid content with not making a mistake. Reece James played like the 13 year old me. I'd like t
  8. Ramsey is class. Wouldn't compare him to Grealish who is a bit of a maverick and plays the game his own way. Not really comparable to Ramsey. Probably similar to what you are saying. Mount on the other hand is very similar and I think will go onto be a better player. Simply because I think on current margins there isn't much to separate them. Mount is significantly better at his age than Ramsey was. And we can hope he doesn't suffer the same injury ridden career which has really prevented Ramsey being appreciated as much as he should be. Its scary to think how good he could have been with
  9. I fully agree. It's the only balance which will make the system they are insistent on work. For me though that is where the issue lies. I think they are happy with the stoppages. It creates valuable advertising opportunities. "(American accent required)This VAR stoppage brought to you by Rolex. Giving the most accurate split second decisions" Anything to squeeze more money. More teams, more tournaments, bigger tournaments, more markets, more advertising, more franchises, more coverage, more social media ****less passion, less emotion, less connection, fewer memories, fewer upset
  10. I think the referees were excellent in the world cup 2018. And so far they've been pretty good here as well. It's really highlighting just how soft they are in England. The biggest difference I see is players can just go to ground in England when under pressure to negate any kind of press from the opposition. Right now the refs don't seem to be buying them and letting the games flow far more. Its refreshing. I've also not seen Var being used quite as much. Which is always fantastic
  11. I'll pull you up on this in the future once you've been proven wrong
  12. Agree with all of this. Mount is brilliant. But an all rounder who makes the team tick. Commands a place in the team. But some trying to compare him and Grealish is silly (Not you). They are totally different players. Grealish utterly terrifies defences. Just gets the ball and drives and attacks, attacks, attacks. And yes. Walker was very poor going forwards. I'd definitely have Tripper on the right and Walker on the bench.
  13. In a 433 Grealish plays on the left much like Foden did on the right today. Grealish can play just as well coming in from the left as he can as a 10. Infact he plays coming from the left on a far more regular basis for villa
  14. And this shows you know very little about football. Grealish is superb. And in the ascendancy to being one of the top players in the world. Sterling did play well though which is a positive. The more players in form the better.
  15. Wow. I don't know if you watched it live. But it was genuinely shocking. I'm aware terrible things happen in the world on a daily basis. But to show such little remorse to any human being shows such disconnect to what is important. When the world gets to a place that people have such disregard for the wellbeing of another it's a sorry state of affairs. He's a young man, who's life flashed before his eyes in the most public of view. Why you're commenting on the BBC showing sorrow I don't know. I absolutely believe that the pundits, who are people who have worked through the exact same career
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