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  1. He definitely also gave quite a number of very lax sloppy passes away yesterday. He was mixed in terms of his on the ball play. His main 2 contributions were very decent. The Gally pass and the run and pass for the penalty claim. But he absolutely did give it away under little pressure on multiple occasions. In saying that it was by far his best performance as he was actually brilliant off the ball. Some strong tackles, good interceptions and a lot more energy. Overall I'd say it was a good performance. But he was bloody sloppy at times.
  2. Pretty much most of which was contained to a 5 minute flurry at the end when we were 2-0 up. I don't think we ever looked like losing.
  3. We often concede from shots just outside the area which deflect. Getting a player in that pocket of space in a dangerous position (Dacks goal) is something we have been doing very, very rarely, yet allowing it at the other end. Bit of luck involved yes, but the amount of play we had around their area today means you hugely increase the likelihood of that happening.
  4. He did play a couple of very good passes. But generally he was poor with the ball. He gave it away a lot. And I'm not slating him here. It's one of the first times I've seen him hold his own. His work off the ball was very good. Usually he is a passenger. Today he wasn't.
  5. Massive win that. Could be hugely important so delighted with the three points. Was very unhappy with the line up but happy to be proven wrong. Of the big changes. Dolan - Motm. He was a pest and the ball seemed to just stick to him. He really linked our forward play together Dacky - yeah it was a deflection but he did what he does in and around the area. Found a pocket of space and scored. He and we looked far better with him further forwards. Buckley - Weirdly was very decent off the ball with some good interceptions and tackles. Poor with the ball though JRC - Seemed m
  6. Breaking that line up down. JRC straight back in after 4 months out. Millwall are going to be physical. Not a time or position for him to come back in Dack does not work in a 3. He has to be in and around the opposition penalty area. Buckley randomly starting against Millwall. The absolute last player I'd be throwing in. Dolan simply can't be central. The only justification for Gallagher and Brereton playing where they play is Arma scores. If this is how he lines up then I just don't understand. It looks like he's just randomly made changes and lobbed different play
  7. And that's not even mentioning a resurgent Jessie Lingard. Been hugely impressed by him since his loan to West Ham. Especially his energy and pressing ability. If he kept up this form in years gone by he would be a shoe in. But like you say. The attacking options available are frightening so I'm not sure if there is a place for him. If Southgate can find a balance to the side I would be supremely confident. As it stands I don't think he has a clue what system he wants to play.
  8. Genuinely think anybody without Grealish in their starting 11 simply can't have been paying much attention this year. He was good before but now he is about the best player in England. We all get tired of England struggling to break down highly defensive teams. Passing it from side to side. Enter Jack Grealish. It's a long time since I've seen a player with the bravery he has on the ball. Every time he gets it he drives forwards and commits his man. Either beats them, releases someone or wins a free kick. (I'd find this part annoying if he weren't English). First name on the team she
  9. Care massively. I'm very anxious about relegation. This isn't just the normal shite and end of season lethargy. We're in trouble and desperate for 3 points. Don't think we will get them but its definitely the game we have the best chance in considering the fixture list. 1-1 draw
  10. Banner opportunity? I don't want things to descend into Kean out levels. As I actually think Mowbray is an ok fella, but stubborn and a bit deluded. Kean was a crook. But the owners refusal to make decisions pushes people into trying in whatever way to make their voices heard.
  11. The main reason I've mentioned it and I think is on the radar of a few others is because reading between the lines in his interviews, it feels as though that it what he is hinting towards. I'm not comfortable with the idea. I like how @tomphil put it that he has Tony Blair god complex. He believes in what he is trying to do and his journey. The rest of us can see it's madness. Given the power of a director role I do believe that he would only install someone willing to continue his exact same philosophy. A puppet. At the same time though. If Venkys had a plan he'd be gone already. W
  12. Mowbrays recent comments about the owners needing a plan and if he isn't on the journey, not letting them throw it all away are odd. Does he have an eye on an upstairs, director of football type role... If he did. My view is he wouldn't allow a manager to manage. I think he'd be sticking his oar in. He does love to talk football. He's a stubborn man as well. Too principled at times. I think he'd cause conflict. But.. at the same time. We feel a bit fucked. Venkys don't have a plan. As soon as Mowbray is gone the vultures will be circling to mug us off once again. Because the owners
  13. 30th Jan Rovers - 39 points Cardiff - 31 points Today Rovers - 40 points Cardiff - 53 points
  14. Speaking of which. Wasn't he supposed to be fit at the end of February. Not sure we'll see him again this season to be honest
  15. Thing is I don't think we have any kind of evidence that Dack needs a target man strike partner. I think Arma actually isn't too bad at being a bit of a pest. He can judge the flight of the ball, pick his spot and back in a bit. Granted he will never win a header but Graham just used to let it hit him or he was making sure the defender could only get half a boot or head on it. Dack then picked up the scraps and bobbling ball as Graham would make sure it was falling within 5 yards of him. Arma is far from the best at it but he can actually do it. And just letting it hit you is actually fa
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