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  1. Thing is I don't think we have any kind of evidence that Dack needs a target man strike partner. I think Arma actually isn't too bad at being a bit of a pest. He can judge the flight of the ball, pick his spot and back in a bit. Granted he will never win a header but Graham just used to let it hit him or he was making sure the defender could only get half a boot or head on it. Dack then picked up the scraps and bobbling ball as Graham would make sure it was falling within 5 yards of him. Arma is far from the best at it but he can actually do it. And just letting it hit you is actually fa
  2. There are too many contradictions in the facts and what Waggot has said making this proposal not add up. Something is fishy and call it gut instinct. He's hiding something and I don't trust a word. 1) In the interview he talked about covid costs, new pitch, trying to compete. VS In his next sentence that 100% of the STC sale income would go on upgrading the new training centre site. It might even cost more. Ok then Steve which is it. Why are you talking about other costs if 100% revenue is going into the redevelopment 2) We know the reason that the second site was purchased. There w
  3. Dodgy start. But then I thought we were very decent the rest of the first half. We had them pinned back and were threatening. Second half was abject. Bullied all over the pitch. They were winning every header against our back 4. Horrible looking football from them but it was working. And that's the problem. If we've got a so called style. Then we need to be able to nullify that threat by getting on the ball in the middle and moving the whole team up the pitch. Stop us getting pinned. Anyway second half was shocking. One other point which is worth making. Bradley Dack. You're m
  4. My thoughts exactly. I've just never been able to see the facilities with my own eyes to confirm. To me it quite simply doesn't add up. And when that's the case you can guarantee there is someone with an agenda stinking the place out.
  5. I don't know if this has been posted in here anywhere. To much to trawl through. I've seen the site maps of the current facilities, but can anyone who has been a regular to both sites shed any light on the current standard of the facilities in real terms. I was always under the impression that both sites already were state of the art and some of the best around. The category 1 status backs this up. Do either of them, on an individual basis really need a major upgrade?
  6. Posted this on youtube as all comments seemed to be that it looked like a great move. Between the snippets of Waggot repeating state of the art, state of the art, state of the art, I heard money for new pitch, costings of having two separate sites, difficult year with covid. The costs are true. We can't necessarily look to Venkys to fund everything. But selling off of infrastructure is a slippery slope. I'd rather see Arma go and maintain the facilities. If we look at the facts, the core reason they were built on separate sites in the first place is because of a lack of space. That
  7. He's that bloke you assume has moved on, only to see him in the corridor a year later
  8. I think the squad is good but unbalanced. Kaminski, Nyambe, Lenihan, Travis, Davenport, Rothwell, Elliott, Arma, Dacky are all capable of pushing a side into the top 6. But the lack of depth at centre back and the lack of width with Brereton and Gallagher really unbalances the side. Coupled with Mowbrays constant insistence of his full backs playing like wingers, constant rotation, obsession with dominating the ball at all times rather than playing the ebb and flow of a game. A permanent switch back to a 4-2-3-1. A little more conservative at times, signing a bit of natural width.
  9. Whether he is called up or not. We all knew he was a quality player. Of all the decent loans we've had of late he was the one who there was a realistic chance of making permanent had Mowbray made him more central to the team and made his transfer a priority. https://www.fulhamish.co.uk/post/2021-02-19-harrison-reed-for-england/
  10. I'd like to know who the hell is behind this as well. Is this driven by those at the club or India. I can't see any upside to this right now. If it is those at the club who are peddling this then they should be clearing their desks today. If it's a directive from India. Things could begin to look very, very grim if the owners are looking to claw their money back.
  11. I think he's integral to the side but his body can't maintain the levels needed. The only real time we've looked genuinely on song this season was when Holtby was in form. That dropped off and so did we.
  12. Firstly Chaddy we were discussing the attractiveness of our club. Someone then made reasonable comparisons. So you say just go and say. Yeah well he's not HSH so it doesn't count. It's how kids argue. And j wrote OUR LIMITATIONS hindering our search. Not you 😂 Read what was written before replying. You literally haven't replied to one thing I've written in these couple of posts.
  13. Such a boring answer Chaddy. Its not even what we're talking about. We were talking about the merits of rovers as a club and the merits/appeal of Carrick as a manager. But as per you deflect. Face it. Your backing of Mowbray until very recently is deluded. And now you're just on this stupid theme of our limitations hindering us in any search for a new manager. Its tiresome. Tony is done. For better or for worse he needs replacing. And we are an attractive proposition. That's all there is to it.
  14. Who do you think we are as club? JH Rover just put together a great list of why we're an attractive proposition. All you can come back with is waffle about how managers were recommended. Face it Chaddy. There are very clear similarities between the three managers mentioned and Carrick. Question is. Would we want Carrick. Not the other way around.
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