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  1. I don't think he'll come either. But saying he's had his chance is a bit silly. He's not from here, he's looking at what the best option for his career would be. Like it or not our stock as a club isn't as high as it once was. Obafemi ticks all the boxes in terms of the type of player a club of our stature would be looking to bring in. So all I'm saying is for you to be so steadfast against the signing is a bit silly. As it's not completely beyond the realms of possibilities that we hit deadline day and the better options he'd hoped for don't materialise. By keeping the door ajar to him until deadline day (somebody said 10am) it doesn't mean we can't chase other options. Yes we wouldn't be his first choice, but if he has ambitions, which it seems he does, he is going to have to perform. Win, win.
  2. Lowe has always played wide. Watched a lot of him playing for Portsmouth. It was only really last year he played more centrally. He is miles better than the other Pompey winger Ronan Curtis who we've been linked too in the past. He is though very lackadaisical. He can look lazy at times but he's got a bit of pace, can beat a man and would chip in with a few goals. He's a decent player. My main reservation is that he's probably at his peak. We'll be paying decent money for him surely. And there would be little sell on value. If the right player is out there I'd rather opt for someone with a little more potential and a few years younger.
  3. I don't think it will happen but on the off chance the Obafemi deal really go through it is going to take some hell of a climb down from you Chaddy. It's a bit strange to be so steadfast in not wanting a player here. For what it's worth whoever is in charge of negotiations for us should treat the deal like Hughes did with Bellamy. Pop a reasonable release clause in his contract to tempt him into signing (£10 - 15million?). If he proves his worth he'll be off with an enhanced reputation and it's win, win. I'd love to see him here as from the bits I've seen of him he is significantly more talented then all the other players we've been linked too. And without rose tinted glasses, I totally see why he'd have initial doubts in signing for us and be biding his time to look at other offers.
  4. Though I'm unsure on the quality of the players rumoured I'm starting to feel encouraged by the fact we are looking at permanent deals for a number of positions and not only loan deals. I really hope Kehdra is a backup if a permanent deal for another player falls through
  5. Admittedly this is based on about 30 minutes of football but he looked class against Derby when he came on earlier in the season. I'd be very happy with him. I've a feeling we're looking at players who are cheaper than what he'd come for though.
  6. If he signed I'd be judging him purely based on how he performs for us, however I do know what you mean. I'd be hoping anybody we did sign from the Scottish Leagues had significantly more assists, goals, or be at a younger age than 26. Still rather we brought Hedges in than Kehdra on loan though.
  7. With Van Hecke and Edun it could suggest that a switch to wing backs could become plan A. Positive to that would hopefully mean that's where the width would come from and our 6ft wingers would play more central. There is maybe too much logic in that for it to come to pass though.
  8. So the only two cash signings we've made thus far in the last two transfer windows are both left backs.... He might be a decent player. And I'm pleased to see permanent signings rather than loans. But it again strikes me that there is no serious planning to our transfer business.
  9. If that did prove to be the case hopefully we don't go and get put trousers pulled down by whacking a massive 40% sell on clause in there this time
  10. I saw a couple of Crewe games last year simply to check Pickering out. That and some online clips so I'd say no. I'm not in a position to judge. My comment was based on the limited amount I've seen of him. Wide forward, shoots with both feet, runs at players. Like Arma though he looks to me like he more knocks it past someone to make space for a shot, rather than, dropping a shoulder, changes of pace, Rothwell style. Which like Armw when wide can result in blind alleys, especially if an opposition defender backs off has a bit of intelligence and doesn't overly commit. Those are the similarities I've seen in snippets but I've not seen enough to form an opinion on whether he'd have the potential to develop further, or switch positions. To be honest there's a decent wedge of guesswork and assumptions in the above. And I'm only really commenting on him based on the fact his mum has suddenly had a social media splurge and followed a couple of accounts.
  11. Dale doesn't look a bad player in the snippets online. Hints of Arma's style prior to moving centrally. His stats suggest to me though that he's a player who could disappear for long periods. Obviously it is very easy to cherry pick the best bits for a compilation video. Rumours of 500k bids as he only has a year remaining on his contract, plus apparently he is unhappy at the club holding out for more money whilst paying him very low wages. For that price he'd represent a good gamble in my eyes. I'd far prefer that than spanking the same kind of money for a player on loan. Big question is though. Is he an Arma replacement in Mowbrays eyes or a calculated gamble on an up and coming player. If its the latter and there are other more established incomings I'm all for it. The former and it is clear where our level now is financially.
  12. Tell that to our full backs. Our players were a long way up the pitch. Standing like statues. Worst of both worlds. Positional play was gung-ho whilst the style was gung-slow
  13. Personally I'm pleased Obafemi being a no go has been announced now. Better than playing delusions right up until deadline day. No excuses now. New targets to be pursued with a greater intensity. Not that I have any great confidence in this happening
  14. At the same time, although yes we have conceded in all our games this season it has only been by one goal. Endless possession leads us to over committing players forwards and we looked so vulnerable. Goals from set pieces have seen us take points in games because we're not having to score 3 goals to win.
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