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  1. A draw, and more importantly perhaps scoring 2 goals ain't too bad an effort and dare I say I quite enjoyed the second half. Battering the woodwork though is perfect ammo for a Mowbray super spin. I think we need to beat Derby next week to stay up tbh although Rotherhams big week could change my opinion. I might go supping some draught ale with a massive coat on instead though.
  2. Interesting. I think a drop to league 1 would be far more catastrophic this time though given the already stretched finances and the squad we'd be left with. I understand the apathy, just think we desperately need to stay in the championship for the future of the club.
  3. “They watch the games, we all get disappointed when the final result is a defeat, but they watch the games and if they can see some light, where the team is trying to go, see the journey this team is on then they have to make a call. That’s all. He actually said that, the fucking journey talk again. Nope, not having it, he's deliberately winding us up now or daring them to give him the boot.
  4. He's had a stinker the ref for that goal, could end up being so crucial too.
  5. Usually even when you play shite you find a positive or 2 to take from the game. Nope, literally nothing at all from that. I keep saying I won't bother watching the next game, yet usually do. Well the next game can do one, literally no interest whatsoever. We'd probably have around 5k in the ground at the moment, maybe less.
  6. He's gonna make around 6 changes here I feel, such a Mowbray thing to do. We'll also scab a 1-1 draw.
  7. Jesus, just read through the last few pages on here, then we wonder why we are so divided 🤣 The demographics of our supporter base varies so much its always going to be difficult to engage everyone and get them singing from the same hymn sheet. This is why, in my opinion of course, the only way you'd EVER get much bigger (effective) numbers for any form of protest is to involve someone we all look up to. Just imagine if we had Tugay behind us. I know it's pie in the sky stuff unfortunately but that's what we need.
  8. Milan wanted Grabbi at the time we signed him, possibly a few other Italian teams. There was a lot of corruption around at the time and his career in Italy basically became untenable. I can't recall the exact detail but I don't think he ever really wanted to come to England, more a case of being forced.
  9. I was gonna say the same, Neill was great. Quite frankly a dirty bastard but he got the job done. Christ we're crying out for that kinda player right now
  10. Been out with the family and had absolutely no interest today. It came as no surprise when I saw the result. We might not have the biggest crowds around but my god if fans were allowed in now that simple old clown would be getting some serious stick.
  11. Wilder seems a perfect fit for them next season, hope they don't get him mind!
  12. Yep fully agree on point number 1, shame HB wasn't brought in at the start of the season, I dare say we'd be a good few places further up the table at least. Likewise if Wharton didn't get injured too but it is what it is. HB and Lenihan actually played a part in the goal yesterday too indirectly. Hanley and Gibson clearly told to mark our centre halves given their aerial threat, which left Sorensen picking up Gallagher and he made a right hash of it.
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