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  1. More interested in tonight's game than Englands tomorrow personally after watching that shit show on Friday!
  2. Has there been any mention in regards to kick off times next season? Not entirely season ticket related but would sway my decision. 6pm kick offs would be an absolute no chance after work, I struggle to make 7:45pm ones. Assuming 6pm will be binned off IF covid clears up a bit?
  3. I've got the 'homecoming' at Ewood after we won the league somewhere on vhs filmed by my old man who was in a box with LG for it
  4. It's been like that for the past 10 years or so now. A toxic, fragmented fan base. I think it's actually so bad at present I'm not even sure if new owners or a manager could fix it.
  5. Well they looked 100 times better than England
  6. Yeah same prices or circa £230 if you're entitled to a discount after getting a season pass last season
  7. Home tie against a prem team confirmed later, Leeds I think
  8. Fair play for trying but sorry I fail to see much impact from this. Surely the bulk of sales are on kids sizes? Kids are still going to want them, unless they've lost interest over the past year or so. I do wonder though who's name kids would get on the back or their shirt right now, not many heroes out on that pitch especially with Dack sidelined and Armstrong probably off 🤔 When I was a kid it was bloody hard choosing just 1 player! Then you'll get the usual Facebook Mowbrayites etc and people who want to wear their colours on a sun lounger in Benidorm - should restrictions ease an
  9. None of the European ties were great at home, but made for some great away trips and glad I was able to attend some. I nearly lost my bloody job queuing for tickets at something daft like 6am for the Celtic away tie, I'll still never understand how we didn't win that night either! Less said about the return home leg the better.
  10. Well as he's alluded to playing a few youngsters that's probably the only reason I'll watch the game. Its probably going to give an idea as to how the team may look next season given the departures......
  11. I agree, but if you think back to the Wigan game when we got relegated, some fans went onto the pitch at the end in relatively small numbers - you'd think the shit storm would have been a bit more volatile then but it wasn't. On the flipside fans were happy to enter the pitch in much bigger numbers vs Oxford for some pretty shambolic celebrations in the league 1 promotion season. Our hardcore supporters aren't particularly passionate or partisan but can be known to shout GET INTO EM a bit louder on occasion, the element that were on the pitch against Oxford sadly won't even care enou
  12. Trybull would definitely have scored a few more points had he stayed fit I feel, liked him a lot but frustrating how he is seemingly made of glass. Would love a full season of HB if at all possible although I suspect it won't be.
  13. Fair play those of you who bothered today. Sounds like I missed a classic. I went Blackpool instead with the family, and I hate Blackpool but the kids love it, regardless it was still a better option than watching the game.
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