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  1. As Mr Hoochie says its not dropping anyone with no settled team. He offered more than Trav yesterday and I'm a big Trav fan.
  2. I didn't watch the game in full but going off highlights I'd play Buckley now for 5 games or so, see how he gets on with a regular start.
  3. Its an ideal/tricky job come the summer. Given all the players leaving its either looked at as a clean slate and time to bring fresh blood in OR wee with the willy you've got (favourite Souness quote) and perhaps rely on our youngsters.
  4. Some people just have a support the team/manager mentality built into them. The likes of Birdy, who's absolutely a massive fan, won't have a cross word said about them. You have to respect their opinion even though (in my opinion of course) it's narrow minded and lacks ambition. He's still riding on the crest of the promotion wave with some folk too. Would he get any of the current crop of league 1 teams promoted though? I highly doubt it.
  5. Trust me, he still has a lot of match goers backing him. I know quite a few personally and these are lads who've been all over Europe following us.
  6. This is exactly where we're at now. The fan base is completely divided again, much akin to the Kean days. It's awful and I imagine if fans were there at the minute you'd see the spats on the concourse that were all too familiar then.
  7. Well well well eh. I did not expect that. Like many I saw that team and thought wtf, I actually thought it was a Mowbray V sign to the fans, basically saying I'll do what I damn well want I'm the boss. I didn't watch it as it was my daughters birthday but curiosity got the better of me and was pleasantly very surprised. Its always been obvious as I alluded to pre match that Dack and Armo together doesn't work and yesterday suggests it's still the case. Bring on the divers of Swansea I guess...
  8. It'll be interesting to see what he does should Armstrong not play. It's fast becoming obvious that Armstrong and Dack don't really work in the same team. When Dack got injured there was mass concern about where the goals would come from, understandably so. Up stepped Armo who to be quite honest, prior to that wasn't talked about anywhere near as highly as he is now. Fast forward to now and we're in a similar scenario except it seems to be Dack who has looked completely out of sorts. It hasn't helped that he's been trying to regain fitness and he's clearly carrying some extra timber BUT pre i
  9. My daughters 1st birthday on Saturday so the chances of me watching or even checking the scores are slim to none. Might watch efl on quest later on at a push. Millwall rarely lose, we lose lots, difficult to imagine anything at all here. Beaten again by a team full of average players led by a manager with a clear plan.
  10. The only slight positive in the next run of games is all those teams will attack us apart from possibly Millwall. We only look threatening on the counter and teams like Reading know that. Of course with that comes the issue that we'd need to defend to a decent standard too 😕
  11. Boss the possession, create very little, concede stupid goal. Its all too feckin familiar. Suspect we'll give it a go second half, have a few good chances, then concede again. Elliott was silly but not sure even had a man on shout and our defenders ran away from him rather than give him an outlet.
  12. It'd unbelievable. I'm starting to question if some of these people on Facebook are genuine people or just fake accounts sent by Mowbray to defend his honour. Or, we have some utterly brainwashed fans.
  13. Pardon? It was sarcasm just to be clear 😕
  14. Bad news folks, Birdie's given Mowbray the vote of confidence on Facebook now.
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