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  1. If people are being selective with their budget, as I imagine most are, all the things you've listed (aside from McDonald's which is shite) are probably viewed more enjoyable than last season at Ewood. If the offering on the pitch was more appealing then people would be a lot more willing to allocate their budget accordingly.
  2. A Coventry season ticket has a lot more appeal as it stands, they were looking like play off candidates last season till their form dropped off, probably didn't help with the cup run and fixture congestion. Robins will have them up there again. Not to mention the size of the place. Still impressive nonetheless.
  3. The decline in gates didn't just happen overnight, on the flipside they've done so much damage now they wouldn't be recoverable overnight. You will still have people 'boycotting' but they'll still watch some games on TV and if they ask themselves "am I missing much?"......with what was being served up last season the answer will undoubtedly be a fat NO.
  4. You may need to put me on ignore then if its causing you distress.
  5. Must have been April, absolute pedant 🥲
  6. I remember you suggesting Brighton might move for Hurzeler Chaddy in May 👍
  7. Agreed, I said the same earlier. Sometimes, it's like people haven't been around for the last 14 frigging years.
  8. I reckon around half the teams fans in the championship would welcome a new keeper, it's littered with bad uns. The trick is plucking a Kaminski from abroad really, although i think we all had visions of Wahlstedt being similar. Unfortunately some of his mistakes were so bad I don't think I can ever see him improving. Ideally we'd produce a few belters from the academy some time in the near future.
  9. Was Kaminski a young English internstional goalkeeper? The 2 are completely incomparable and that's in no way, shape or form defending those twats believe me, its just a stupid comparison.
  10. We won't be in for a goalkeeper I wouldn't have thought anyway. We've invested in 1 not long ago, it won't matter that he appears to be a dud. It'll be a case of 1 out 1 in if we want a new one, but I can't imagine there's many takers for Leo unless it's for peanuts. We'll just accept Pears making clangers and having good games inbetween I'm afraid.
  11. Absurd suggestion, he was absolutely dreadful at Ewood 🤣
  12. Can tell you're relatively new on here 🤣 You'll get used to these kind of responses....
  13. The stupid thing is how easy it is to remove too, you don't even need to jetwash it off. There's numerous solutions available that can just be sprayed on the affected area and left, that's literally it.
  14. People have offered their services (free) before to help clean parts of Ewood, around Jack's statue etc up and been ignored.....
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