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  1. The only slight positive in the next run of games is all those teams will attack us apart from possibly Millwall. We only look threatening on the counter and teams like Reading know that. Of course with that comes the issue that we'd need to defend to a decent standard too 😕
  2. Boss the possession, create very little, concede stupid goal. Its all too feckin familiar. Suspect we'll give it a go second half, have a few good chances, then concede again. Elliott was silly but not sure even had a man on shout and our defenders ran away from him rather than give him an outlet.
  3. It'd unbelievable. I'm starting to question if some of these people on Facebook are genuine people or just fake accounts sent by Mowbray to defend his honour. Or, we have some utterly brainwashed fans.
  4. Bad news folks, Birdie's given Mowbray the vote of confidence on Facebook now.
  5. Well Ben scored a good goal, after that its slim pickings for positives. Looking at the next 4 games we're getting 0 points. If anyone isn't worried about relegation yet you really, really should be.
  6. Far too reckless. Dolan is a young boy and they read comments on the Internet. If he played a bad pass and someone commented on it I'm not sure he could live with the guilt.
  7. I read this earlier and just thought, what a load of old waffle. The fact that he says he doesn't fear for his job sums up exactly what's wrong. Complacency is a bad thing. Its ok waffling on to your grandkids about what a famous old club Blackburn Rovers is Tony (we are), and that we were a pleasure to manage. What we want as supporters of that club is a manager with fire in his belly, kick some mop buckets about, smash some teacups, hell fire even launch the lemon drizzle cake at Elliott Bennett if that's what it takes. We want some passion, we NEED some passion, without it we're slipp
  8. Has there been any update on Ayala returning? Last I saw mentioned was 'he won't be back this month'. Well its nearly the next month now so...... Reading Sharpes report he only seems to mention (another) Davenport injury for our already crippled squad.
  9. Notice how he's saying he doesn't want to become a burden on the club though? Which at present he is to be fair. Am I reading too much into it (most probably) or is he hinting he might walk.
  10. Yeah he's usually spoke by now. The usual suspects also silent on twitter.
  11. Well I've always been slightly worried about potting Mowbray because who the hell knows who they'd line up to replace him. Really is desperate times now though and I'd accept pretty much anyone! If the silly old goat starts wittering on about having more possession than them tonight I think I'll explode.
  12. So poor, so predictable. Again. The contrast in the 2 teams is frightening. Watford- bags of confidence all over the pitch, all 11 players after the ball. Us- zero confidence anywhere on the pitch including the usually calm Kaminski. Nobody particularly wants the ball. Some inexcusable defending. I know it's a young centre half pairing but you learn to play to the whistle at primary school, end of. Absolutely ripping at that its so SO poor. Its good to get a goal back and tbf we could easily get another 1 or 2. That said, Watford look like they can score with ease eve
  13. Our form is so alarming, our performances so poor, a 10 point gap is going to be wiped out VERY soon unless something drastically changes. Obviously I didn't want Gallagher to get injured but I must admit it MAY work in our favour depending on Mowbrays solution. Is he even arsed though? Certainly doesn't seem it. Once again viewing the match doesn't promise any excitement but I'll watch it as I feel obliged to as always. The pitch is going to be a real bog, may favour us more than them though, will the likes of Joao Pedro, Sarr and Kiko Femenia really fancy a stinking night in Lancas
  14. Agreed. He has to reel it in a bit or his job becomes effectively redundant. He wouldn't have much to report on if Mowbrays toys went out the pram and he was banned from attending u23 and first team games and interviews were a no go either. Unfortunately he is one of few direct routes into the club, but at the end of the day you have to respect his decision not to jeopardise his career.
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