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  1. Going for a 1-1 and the unbeaten away run to continue. That said, I did predict a 1-1 against Cardiff and got that a bit wrong. We've struggled there last few seasons, no idea why cos they were pretty dire too both games too. Either way we go into Saturday in the top 6 unless we get absolutely battered. A win tomorrow and we get giddy, another win on Saturday and you really have got reason to believe. I can see Carter slotting in for either Ayala or Darragh, whoever is considered the most risky. The rest of the team should remain unchanged.
  2. Ayala is basically everything we've been missing for, well as long as I can bloody well remember. Said last season he's easily our best defender when fit and he's showing it. We are of course walking such a nervy tightrope on the fitness front. It eases slightly when Wharton is fit but still, wrap that man in the finest cotton wool money can buy. Absolutely delighted for Ben, a hatty is a major achievement regardless of how they go in, the best thing that's ever happened is his Chile experience! I was already looking forward to Blackpool immensely but even more so now, unfortunately can't make it midweek. Another good result for the tangerines too today so won't be an easy one at all.
  3. Another tough one, can see another draw 1-1. Really could do with converting a few of these draws into wins though. A front 3 of Diaz/Dolan/Khadra would do me just fine and IMO increase the possibility of a win, in reality he's gonna want Gallagher back in the team though ain't he....hoping to see Butterworth get at least 30 mins too.
  4. They've never made an effort with my daughters school, it's not in Blackburn but it's down the road. On the flipside, Accrington Stanley have done numerous things including free shirts etc.
  5. Yes but it's the same for every team in the country from league 1 upwards, some teams are seeing increased numbers through the turnstiles though.
  6. Yep, I can't stand the guy but I will give him credit for actually engaging with the fans on this occasion. As always, actions speak louder than words though.
  7. Used to love Saint and Greavsie as a boy, back when we weren't forced to involve women in football shows.... Rip Jimmy
  8. I didn't go yesterday unfortunately due to family commitments but I believe Waggott was there and was in discussion with fans. He openly admitted they need to look at pricing so let's see if he actually follows that through...
  9. Our away followings aren't suffering quite as bad in fairness. Blackpool sold out in days and suspect we could have sold the allocation twice over
  10. Tough game that and a point probably a fair result. Clarkson should have scored but so should their lad first half, great save from Kaminski mind. We'd have lost that last season without the fantastic Ayala, I really do pray he stays fit when it gets cold because he's making Lenihan look 10 times the player he was last season too. Disappointed Butterworth didn't come on rather than Clarkson after his game changing cameo midweek. Yet to see what Clarkson offers I'm afraid, looks like a lost little boy. I think we potentially have a good player in Khadra though so hopefully he's fully fit and starting games soon, Poveda wasn't great. When Wharton and the Brighton lad are fit, along with JRC and Edun we actually have decent options in defence but January can't come quick enough on the striker front. A Danny Graham type with Diaz and Khadra supporting would be ideal. That said, we didn't create enough yesterday so even having Lukaku up front wouldn't have made much difference.
  11. Because he's small is literally some people's reasoning....
  12. In a weird way they're very very lucky. They only just stayed up by the skin of their teeth last season. Had they been in league 1 now they'd be looking at a fight to avoid league 2. Always feel for the fans of any club in this situation, let's hope for their sake they come out of it more like Bolton and Wigan appear to be doing than those less fortunate. After the shock and disappointment often comes togetherness and the fight back.
  13. It's still grim now! Always freezing and grey when I've been, although the last time it was boxing day in fairness.
  14. Looks like Bolton will have 20k on today, tenner for adults and a fiver kids. Do people think we'd see a similar uplift? I have my doubts, although I suppose they are still riding the promotion wave combined with a promising start. The Oxford game seems such a long time ago now....
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