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  1. Been thinking since pre Christmas how short sighted it's been bringing in a different system this year . When last summer it was obvious, if this season went ahead, there would be less rest time and degraded pitches to overcome. Finally he's said they didn't see it coming "trying to play high intensity football in a season where the games are coming every three days. “As a manager you have to take that on the chin. Did we foresee how this season was going to unfold? Probably not. This though if no longer an issue as we can't even manage high intensity or pressi
  2. Don't have a problem with this line up . Isn't the middle 3 the same as start of season ? Setting back 5 and up front, just Dolan for Elliott.
  3. Personally I feel we generally perform better under a manager with a bit about them , Hughes , Souness & Dalglish, compared to the softly softly of Kidd , Roy ,Bower ,Tony etc . My shout would be someone with a mentally like mentioned, who is respected, focused and has an affection for the club . As we will continue to need a manager who is ' hands on ' and oversee the functioning of the club , due to lack of leadership. I understand these ex great players / managers is a bit old hat now , but hay ho. Tuguy just for the romance
  4. Surprised by the lack of mention about Dack's injury , since after the match. If true, gutted for him . That would be 3 years of his prime and development gone . Can you come back from these 2 injuries , the same player ?
  5. Great result , especially via the gunners channel , with some very deflated gonners😁 spent more time watching this than the first team. Good pressure from the front and commitment ,perfonified by Pike .
  6. I can see this as an option , I agree with the work behind the scenes to impove (scouting , analysis, etc ) and a focus on youth. There needs to be a long term club plan and identity , I would hate to return to a revolving door of managers/staff and no plan . Having a D of F or similar I feel is needed, as we are lacking in the club management roles and the owners don't have a clue. So we need some other than waggott . I want TM to leave as manager , but wouldn't want an old journey man . DJ perhaps for the rest of the season.
  7. What was Kean's worst run ? We are on 6 loses out of 7 . Next 5 games are 4 top half teams and our record is terrible.
  8. Shocking interview , just reeling of the same sound bites and never looked at the camera. Never trust someone who doesn't look you in the eye . He will be gone before the next international break imo ,can see this form continuing a while yet.
  9. It does make a mockery of the reasoning behind the style change, though I do prefer the new . Agree with SG not working there. I think Dack can do well in a few positions , like Harvey. When Dack got injured my hopes for that season went , he was that important. We have found a way to play without him, but getting him back should be a game changer. Even now we aren't being out classed by any team , just aren't being clued up and being native. The injury list doesn't help with a settled defence and understanding, was that 9 unavailable today.
  10. Mowbray's after Stoke game comment about teams with large possession not equaling wins . At the start of the season it was top teams have the possession . I think it's consistency and being wise
  11. Gallagher isn't working on the left and the difference compared to Ben is huge, he just doesn't have the craft, he's a limited CF . Previously we were strong down the left and now it's all down the right via Harvey . Feel slightly sorry for Gallagher, he's drifting central leaving Douglas with too much to cover on the left and when he does get in good positions team mates don't take his option.
  12. I'm in the rothwell LF camp until Ben is back . Seen a number of comments about missing Ben's ability to carry the ball and that's what rothwell can do . Against Rotherham, rothwell was to deep and pretty infective.
  13. I as much as anyone is frustrated at not being able to break the glass ceiling of the top 6 .Whenever we get close , we lose , repeat , repeat. But to say the manager is a joke , I feel a sense of perspective is needed. A couple years ago we were lost without a hope and at least now we are getting pissed off that we are not beating Norwich and co to get into the premier. There is progress there and at least we are top of one league, the future is looking brighter than the recent past and for that I am grateful.
  14. Under 23's Vs Liverpool , today ko 1 pm apparently free to view https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/419200-12-55pm-gmt-watch-liverpool-u23s-v-blackburn-live
  15. Perhaps a brief cameo of rothwell moving LF ? He's got a bit of form behind him at the moment and could hopefully continue but in that position , until Ben's back. Then give Davenport a chance to add some bite in midfield. Once Travis is back he won't get a look in .
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