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  1. Your previous post mentioned 10k, and a replacement already being in an operational budget. Far from simple to understand.
  2. I don't want Rovers to sell Ben at any price, that we are likely to be offered. What I want is Ben to be a success at the Rovers.
  3. How much are you expecting for Nyambe, who do you think would bid for him? For a non-productive championship player I would guess about 2/3 million. Nobody will bid for him.
  4. Does it go on possesson statistics ? Oh no that is just in Mowbrayworld.
  5. Haven't we taken up the one year extension on Nyambes contract. So he doesn't have to be sold this summer. Hence why I asked, why do we need another right-back.
  6. You know what I think is even more stupid. Not liking the manager, the owners, the price of hot-dogs and still paying for it.
  7. Some of the people mentioned are legends in their own lifetime. Bennet isn't a legend in his own lunchtime.
  8. To me the price of the season tickets is not a big problem. My problem is with the quality of the product on the pitch. To me that is down to Mowbray.
  9. I would say if we win our group, our next game would be at wembley
  10. It is not about supporting your team or not. It is about buying season tickets or not. Two totally different things.
  11. It was stated with a hint of sarcasm. Not with expectation of forward planning.
  12. It could be a master stroke of management, if we go through in second place.
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