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  1. We are more likely to be linked to Torchy the battery boy
  2. I should think they will be able to run a bus to pick up all the season ticket holders, if Mowbray stays.
  3. Ask them to outline the benefits to the football team, of the development. Not just that it is easier, to have everything under one roof.
  4. It's the same as it's always been. It depends how much respect the kids have for the instructor.
  5. This is where I hope Kaminski adds another string to his bow, by being able to organise and instruct the defenders infront of him. Good keepers can.
  6. I am not saying academy players should be brought in at the expense of players that are performing well. But at the moment the players playing in their present starting positions is not working. Lets change the formation and see what happens. I personally would be looking to a team that could perform for us next season.
  7. Was that the era of Smash and Grab (Warboys and Bannister) for Bristol ?
  8. That is the norm with a poor squad. In my opinion we have a good squad. What is needed is the squad deployed correctly. An interim manager may ,or may-not be able to succeed with this. I would settle for getting rid of Mowbray and lets see what happens.
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