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  1. I wish I had a ticket for the game. Bus stop for the ground is a hundred yards from my house.Never mind I shall make the most of tonight.
  2. He still has to sign a contract, when he comes of legal age. If he wanted to leave, the pre-contract would be worthless.
  3. I think the academys biggest asset is Sam Burns. Ash Phillips could well develop into a good player, but as he isn't signed to the club yet, I wouldn't class him as a asset until he is.
  4. The problem is those are the actions of someone who might give a damn about the club. Sadly I don't think Waggot does.
  5. The official site has not got the tickets available for sale, but it does state that you can pay cash at the gate. The web site is unreliable.
  6. Get a better product on the field and fans will return. I doubt that there were 10,000+ Rovers fans at Ewood against Cardiff.
  7. If the team are still getting good results, I would expect Dack to have to prove himself at U23 level first.
  8. Then the way he disguised his shot so the keeper dived over it, and still had the presence of mind to get into a position to block the defenders clearance
  9. I would bet that because of Coventrys good start to the season this game becomes a Cat A game.
  10. Not with mowbray still in position. What I might do is buy an individual match ticket to see if I liked the safe standing area
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