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  1. There was a referendum in the last decade on changing the voting system ; there was an overwhelming majority for keeping the existing system.
  2. They vaccinated the volunteers after the more deserving had theirs.
  3. They're "vermin" because their MPs volunteer to work in hospitals - what a sad little chap.
  4. You're living in the past fighting old battles - sad.
  5. How is the guy a dodgepot for volunteering to work at a hospital ? Just for the record back in December the Labour MP Khalid Mahmood also got vaccinated in similar circumstances after he had accompanied a relative to have the vaccination at a local hospital which also had a policy of using unused vaccines at the end of the day. Nobody called him a dodgepot - rightly, because there was no reason for him not to have the vaccine if it was otherwise going to waste.
  6. How do you know it hasn't gone down well ?
  7. Yes it is. Which makes it all the more ridiculous that a couple of Labour party clowns in Sheffield have been making an issue of it.
  8. She shouldn't be. He was working at a hospital as a volunteer and the hospital's policy is that if at the end of the day there are any vaccines which have not been used then rather than throw them away the volunteers can be vaccinated.
  9. You probably were not aware but Morsy is unpopular here because his challenge put Dack out for a year when he was at Wigan.
  10. A very fair post - you are very welcome here. Do you think you will get in to the playoffs ?
  11. We are the tough boys now and Warnock is crying his eyes out - it's how you win. Ask Roy Keane and Greame Souness.
  12. Simply untrue. We are conceding at a lower rate than the previous 2 seasons.
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