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  1. EFL have confirmed that all 3pm kick offs will be changed
  2. I hope you know posting your stupid suggestion is against forum rules.
  3. This is obviously very good news. Quite how the change of heart will have come about is not clear at the moment. This won't be a popular suggestion but is it possible that Tony Mowbray objected to the proposal on the grounds that it was going to make team preparation harder and the Raos then listened to him.
  4. I have no intention of smearing anyone. I responded to what I thought was very unfair criticism of Ben Benson. Good old Johnno gets a free pass on here because he is a popular former player whereas Benson is not. But I can see no reason for getting rid of Benson.
  5. Flattered, old boy. Let's hope we are still in the Championship which sadly is not a given.
  6. I think Benson has been coaching at the club since 2015 so is no longer a novice. Good old Johnno may have been a decent player but he is listed as being the Technical Coach and Head of Player Development so can hardly be absolved from responsibility for the disappointments on the pitch - if only he had been as successful as Ben Benson.
  7. I think you are the only person who truly believes Nyambe to be "top class" which I would define as being the sort of player who the top 6 or so clubs in England would be interested in. I'm going to post my views on Tony Mowbray after the final game of the season.
  8. Yes - and Bill Belichick, the most successful NFL coach in history, never played the game after the age of 23.
  9. The problem with your sort of argument is that Benson can never win - if the player he coaches does well then apparently it is all down to the player. Noboby is going to tell me you would use the same argument if Benson was a popular former player like "good old Johnno".
  10. You don't say what you mean by "top class" but if at now the age of 23 Nyambe really had reached that level I would have expected a Premier League club to be in for him rather than Stoke. Lenihan has become an Irish international under Mowbray. Travis keeps picking up injuries.
  11. It's a fallacy to believe that someone has to have played at a high level to be a good coach. Not sure why you have something against Benson. He is the goalkeeping coach - the one area of the team where there has been visible improvement this season. It is a pity that the other coaches like Lowe and Johnson have not had the same impact.
  12. The issue was never about a view being challenged but rather the absurd and I would have thought insulting accusation that the poster was a "plant" - a point you don't address. I find it hard to believe there are any on here - the board is just not that important. There's been a bit of a hiccup on the progress front.
  13. As has already been said, it defeats the purpose of having a messageboard if you simply dismiss any minority or contrarian view as coming from a "plant".
  14. The electorate certainly can hold the government to account by voting them out if they so wish.
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