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  1. Yes, a factual analysis of results to date point to a significant improvement on last season so we can be optimistic for the future.
  2. Why would our following get smaller when things are going well ? Surely more fans will want to get behind our promotion push ?
  3. Derby have been brought down by a British owner, not foreigners. It's a story of excessive spending, "creative" accounting in the misguided belief that this will be successful in evading FFP rules, and high turnover of managers. It astonishes me that some people on here advocate that we follow the same approach at Rovers.
  4. Go on the twitter account and you will see regular updates - down 3-2 at halftime.
  5. Excellent substitutions. Injuries have held Butterworth back but if he can be fit he can make a big difference for us.
  6. The evidence I provided shows that so far they have been successful.
  7. I'm not sure we have to directly replace a striker if the team as a whole are more likely to score goals. So far this season we have scored 9 goals from 6 games which is a slightly better rate than last season ( 65 in 46 games)
  8. You must be the only person to think that Rooney had a decent squad to work with. When he took over in November they were bottom of the table with 6 points from 11 games. Despite being in his first management job, having to sell players in the transfer window and players sometimes not getting paid because of the mess at the club he kept them up. A very good effort.
  9. Pleased to see Derby winning. I've seen Rooney described on here as a "poor manager" which I do not agree with. Given that it is his first job and the very difficult circumstances in which he has to work I think he's doing well.
  10. Excellent start against a team who have been in the playoffs for the last 2 years. Bodes well for the season ahead and puts the silly doom and gloom of the last 3 months in to perspective.
  11. I think you would have a better chance of a reply if you gave us your husband's name but there is a photo of the squad for that season on sale on ebay for £3.50.
  12. Surely by now you've found a reason why Tony Mowbray is to blame.
  13. You should check your facts. They both played, not least Reid coming on as a sub to shore up the defence in the play off final. Not a good try by you. I suggest you retire to save yourself further embarrassment.
  14. I think we were ahead of both those clubs on the commercial income front. Match day revenue is below them but we should remember that 2 of the games we missed crowds were home to Leeds and West Brom which would probably have been the 2 highest gates of the season.
  15. Your statement to which I responded was factually incorrect.
  16. Watford had Garner on loan from Man U and Norwich had Skipp from Spurs so this is wrong.
  17. He hasn't lied and dissembled. Hatred is something that could be justified for the likes of Brady and Hindley torturing and murdering children - not for playing Sam Gallagher on the wing.
  18. Isn't there enough hatred in the world without absurdly feeling it for a football manager who clearly has not earned it.
  19. I've no intention of insulting you because you are capable of very sensible posts - but you need to put this insane hatred of Tony Mowbray to one side as it is affecting your judgement. Evidence ? Well, only the last 10 and a half years.
  20. Garbage. If you think that the situation now bears any resemblance to the way the club was run before Venkys turned up then you are deluded.
  21. This is nonsense. The reason we don't get deals over the line is because everything has to be referred back to India and either they move at a snail's pace or start interfering. Nothing to do with Venus. All roads lead back to Venkys sadly.
  22. Which "elite" English manager have you identified ?
  23. Rovers XI come from 4-1 down to win 5-4 at AFC Darwen
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