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  1. 5th v 15th. Didn't realise we were on Sky till today, so a tenner saved. god only knows what the lotto will bring up. Having watched all of the previous six games, one point, and a significant amount spent on ifollow, and drink, my expectations are at rock bottom. I suppose that's where we are. Anything at the moment is a bonus. We really are in freefall under the Coventry cabal, no passion, folk out of position, talks bollocks, and we could be in danger of a relegation battle. All to play for....but will we under this clown?
  2. Ewood next, we'll play home games at Gigg Lane, players will get the bus, as will all 40 ST holders.
  3. If the plans are to scale, just four full size pitches, three five-a-side, and they will transport the indoor facility in a skip, and reassemble it down the hill.
  4. Seems to me they have got to sell the sale of the STC before they can even think about what to do with the Academy. It all seems a bit on the hoof, hallmark Loons.
  5. Back to basics, Loons fuck off and take all the idiots with you. Apology accepted for your shitshow for 11-years. Respect Jack, done.
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