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  1. I'm fine with that, I appreciate fully some fans will return and I hope they give TM hell, I'm just not prepared to be one of them. Lot's of ways to show dissatisfaction.
  2. Made a conscious decision not to go back, especially under this regime, and TM staying. It's an absolute insult to all of us. We don't deserve the last eleven long years. Won't buy any new merchandise either, if that helps.
  3. Coyle was an opportunistic twat just like the twat with the mythical dog. Another who made money whilst the sun shone. Consigned to our terrible history of the last eleven years
  4. I don't know why I look at the LT, and read the absolute bollocks TM talks. If he had any ounce of decency he would hand his notice in. He's just not good enough. Decent owners would bring in a new man, give Arma a pay rise, build a team around him to get us back in the PL. Shift the dead wood and give it a great push next season. One last hurrah. But we just know they don't have the balls.....
  5. So if that is the case, what fantastic plan do the Loons have to take us to a whole new level?
  6. Play Gally/BB, I think we have two great wingers in Ripley and Wilcox, who can feed their hunger. We are buggered!
  7. Johnson shouldn't get a deal, and Bennett just needs a job. Sad, if true, about Nyambe.
  8. 15: P 46 W 15 D 12 L1 9 F 65 A 54 GD 11 PTS 57 20pts from Bournemouth in sixth. 34pts from automatic promotion (Watford). 14pts above relegation. D- from me. Expectation from the man himself after four years of building, was pushing top six. Nowhere near. Second highest goal scorer in the league doesn't paper over defensive cracks, and tactical nonsense we have seen and had to put up with. Bright start, and BD back, before BD out and the disaster that was 2021. We all know he should have gone with 10 games to go, bring in new blood, let the new manager get a feel for
  9. A totally average season, the last two home games mean nothing. TM out.
  10. Now 10-4 last two home games, twatty Tony will dine out on it.....15th, Tony, 15th.
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