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  1. Amazing today we never actually went into the bottom three. What have we learned this season...Sammie is pure gold, a superstar in a bang average team. 19th, with 53 points. A total struggle since Eustice took the helm. He has nothing to crow about, he should just be grateful we have the Sammie nugget. It's inevitable Sammie will be sold to satisfy the Loons. We will not invest astutely and next year will be a total disaster if so. Over to Maggot to up the prices and piss us all off. But let's just bask in one of the finest players to wear the shirt. Nerves calmed for now......
  2. Utterly shambolic. Weds wanted it more, and that says everything when you're at home in a relegation fight. We can't rely on Sammie forever, as he'll be gone in the summer. Manager is not up to it, sham owners aren't arsed, fan base decimated. Today encapsulated the last 14-years of total mismanagement from top to bottom. Maggot should just get in his expensive car and keep driving, never to return. It will take something if big club beats Huddersfield. We could have been safe today, but greedy twat wants seven thousand in the DE, no incentive for home fans £10 tickets for must win game? Spineless/gutless, call it what you want, but the club is an empty shell. Venkys, just do one, for the sake of the club and fans.
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