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  1. They have virtually undone all the hard work of the Walker era that was done to build the fanbase..we are looking at pre 1990 crowds. The Venky two Hats have so much to answer for😠
  2. Even if we manage to hit just 5,000 ST sold then it's still some 3,000 down on last season...that's a massive loss to a club in our position.
  3. If you buy on Rovers site do you view on the site or do you need to join live now for screening?
  4. LT reporting Watford have bid 15 Million?...would be gobsmacked if we have turned that down.
  5. ....And there lies the problem! Very decent efforts from macron👍
  6. That may be Exiled but this shit storm is of their own making...they get zero Kudos from me personally. Selling your top striker and not reinvesting is a recipe for disaster.It will do nothing but compound our problems on the Pitch. I think Armstrong will leave though,his head has been turned.
  7. Even if we sell Armstrong and make some 5 Million profit(?) I genuinely fear it wont be reinvested into the team. We have Billionaire owners,go figure.🙄
  8. Awful isn't it,only pre season but belief and optimism going down the shitter already. There is going to be a lot of unrest coming our way.
  9. Reports Man Citeh offering Spurs 160 MILLION for Harry Kane. FFS!😮
  10. Yep,proper halved Shirt this one...looks ok and Rose a nice touch👍
  11. Too right....the people running Rovers at the time,Bill Fox and all, deserve special praise for how they kept Rovers afloat and even challenging for Promotion as,one by one,all the other local Clubs fell in the lower leagues. The people running the club REALLY have a damn back then.
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