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  1. Give over...dont be daft!!!🤣 Rangers could probably fill Ibrox twice over.
  2. Ask a Burnley fan about the horrific scenes at Turf Moor..1978 Anglo Scottish Cup. No moral high ground.
  3. Sure are Bigdoggsteel...55 times says so. Celtic have had their day....enjoy the 'scenes' .😁
  4. Great to see Rangers back as Scotland's No1....always have been and always will be. Indeed Both Rangers and Celtic can call on support worldwide that probably only Man Utd or Liverpool could match.
  5. Leicester City's Thai owners took over their Club roughly the same time the dreaded Venky's took control at Ewood.One club run with the utmost care and diligence and have thrived,the other,one of the Country's oldest and most historical tragically being mismanaged and neglected like never before. What the feck did we do to deserve this?..makes me want to throw up.
  6. He can't be allowed to stay,his continued presence is now toxic,it's going to devide the fans massively. But he and his partner in crime Waggott are crafty two Hats..playing the Raos as the weeks roll by. This is no way to run a Football Club.
  7. Same with the LT comments....sadly some of our fans are dead above the waist.
  8. ...And the Cherry on the shit Cake is you will be asked to pay an average £300 a ST for the privilege. Vote with your Head not your Heart.
  9. The banner from the protesting Brum fan is still there on a railing near to Branch Rd.
  10. We have the worst of both worlds....shit Owners and a shit Manager to boot. Let the good times roll!
  11. It's going to be like this forever and a day under their clueless tenure...the thought alone just makes me want to call it a day tbh.
  12. Manager set a target of playoffs = failed miserably in 15th place,yet again below Preston. The second half of the Season was an utter disaster,the now infamous death Spirals were nauseating and predictable...we've seen it all before. And then the shenanigans with the Training ground. Yet again absent distant owners who say nothing. Please do the decent thing Mowbray and walk,most Rovers fans I know wont be able to stand another Season of this bollocks. Season Ticket sales will go through the floor.All is far from well at Ewood.
  13. Brentford,Barnsley,Swansea and Bournemouth all in the plays offs. Not a single one of them with the history of this Club,all smaller in stature.One BIG difference is that they have Managers who know their Arse from their Elbow. Once again...what a waste of a Season.
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