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  1. Div 4 eh longsider.....proud to say we've never suffered the indignity !😉
  2. Are these copied images from the online Talbot collection...if so why is he selling them?
  3. Don't know what to expect tbh.Players now looking like they are disinterested to me. Is there anything left to play for bar pride? (Huge Sigh,shake of Head)
  4. The man himself looks like he has raised the white flag,disinterested and unmotivated as the Team and form regress faster and faster,it's pathetic to witness..... Mowbray is incapable of taking this Club forward,he is failing even his own set standards,he needs to depart for himself and most importantly the future of the club.We are at a point of no return..what can't people understand?
  5. It's just Pathetic,the whole damn lot.No direction,no purpose...very little 'Arte Et Labore'. But nobody at the Club appears to give a shyte,nobody under pressure to deliver.You Reap what you Sow Rovers,mark my words with the Crowds.There is only so much bollocks even the most staunch of fans will take and its always been that way at Ewood for as long as I can remember.
  6. So it's Sunday morning and after a season that promised so much we are reduced to scraping a draw against Coventry at home...what a shambles.To be honest most of our Team look disinterested never mind the awful,past his welcome 'Manager'. God only knows what the crowds will be at Ewood next Season if this lot are still in charge,add training facilities being scaled down and the future ain't looking too bright. Rovers fans don't deserve this shyte.
  7. Indeed,every chance of being dragged into a relegation battle...it's pathetic.
  8. Woke up this morning and still refuse point blank to believe that we can't win this game.We can't lose SIX on the bounce,we have to win. A message to the lot of them in our famous colours..shape yourselves for fecks sake!!!!😠
  9. We can't lose SIX on the bounce can we...surely we can't be that shyte? Will someone give me hope.
  10. Great isn't it,wont fall on his own sword and Venkys seem to have little interest in removing him. What a crock of shyte..we are stuck with him.
  11. Frightening thought isn't it. A soulless 20k concrete bowl in the middle of fecking nowhere just off the M65...our very own 'Breezeblock' OH JOY!
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