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  1. It’s official, BB Diaz has 160,000 more followers than Burnley FC on Instagram.
  2. BB Diaz should have been playing for England tonight, better than anything on show at Wembley.
  3. Best picture so far, one for Brereton’s family album. A moment to savour for any footballer.
  4. The Copa America is always a good watch, most of the countries dislike each other and it shows in the games. Loads of juicy incidents last night, but BB Diaz had a smashing 20 minutes on the pitch. I reckon he’ll start a game soon.
  5. Fantastic experience for Ben to be on the same pitch as Messi and Di Maria.
  6. Any player who makes 50 five yard accurate passes and runs 15km in a match will have brilliant stats. Anyone who sits in midfield and sprays 5 thirty yard killer passes, of which two lead to goals won’t. Which player would most people want in their team?
  7. It’s no coincidence that the Utd pond life we’re rioting to get the game stopped yesterday, they didn’t want their team to hand the title to City by getting beat by Liverpool on the own pitch.
  8. City had Tosin out on loan for a couple of seasons, why not H-B? He might even be enjoying his time here for all we know, Tosin did.
  9. I’d be moving heaven and earth to sign Harwood-Bellis on loan again. Bobby Moore like in his reading of the game.
  10. Elliott is a liability when he’s in our half. No idea how to play in his own half.
  11. Once teams qualify for the play-offs they tend to relax and play a weakened team to save their best players for the actual play off games. Anyone playing a team in that situation shouldn’t be written off, eg Rotherham v. Barnsley and Brentford.
  12. TM feeling sorry for himself about not having Dack is likely to be rubbing off on the other players, who are clearly feeling sorry for themselves about not having the Joker of the dressing room around. Deal with it, stop making excuses and get on with it the lot of you. Alternatively, just leave.
  13. Final away game of the season, Rotherham v. Blackburn Rovers for who stays up........only one winner then, and not the away team.
  14. It’s not a coincidence that 5 of the clubs in the top 6 are managed by Continental managers who are light years ahead of their British counterparts in terms of coaching and tactics. The same is true of PL clubs. If we are to change manger, we must look abroad for a bright, young manager with new ideas and football philosophy.
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