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  1. The India v. India one day series will also be held in Pune at the back end of March after the test and T20 games, so don’t expect our owners to be too bothered about BRFC with all this cricket on.
  2. You need to ask a Bolton baker about that, E. Lancs bakers didn’t make barmcakes.
  3. My dad was a baker in Darwen, then Great Harwood where I lived in the baker’s shop. A teacake in the Blackburn area doesn’t have currants in it, that’s a currant teacake. Basically made from white bread dough but cooked off the bottom of the oven on a rack to distinguish them from oven bottoms which are. Teacakes are for putting bacon on, currant teacake are for toasting with butter on. Both drunk with a cup of tea, hence teacake. Ashton’s bakery on Heys Lane still sell proper teacakes, not a currant in sight.
  4. TM has lost the dressing room judging by the temper tantrums shown by players getting subbed, and the lack of effort on the part of some of them.
  5. That’s a very good point, his drop in form could be a key reason why we’ve been struggling.
  6. If Allardyce is concerned about his health, and there is nothing wrong with that sentiment, why on earth did he take on the WBA job in the first place? Surely he knew that he would be potentially exposing himself, not only to Covid, but also to the stress of keeping the team up. For a man who has had serious heart issues, it seems to me that money or self publicity are more important to him.
  7. Thank you for your concern, but I don’t feel like I’ve had the piss taken out of me, just a slight inconvenience with a refund at a later date due to the decision of someone at the EFL.
  8. If you didn’t buy a season pass, why are you so bothered about it?
  9. Much as I like Arma, it was clear today that Pukki is on a different level. He was a menace throughout, not giving our defence a minute’s peace. His work rate is phenomenal, showing he’s not just a goal scorer. Top player.
  10. Maradona, a true football genius, who combined his fantastic talent with an unbelievable will to win. What he did for Argentina, Messi can only dream about. It makes me laugh when people talk about him cheating with his hand of god goal as if it’s the only time cheating ever happened in the game. There are zillions of instances like it in football history.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lenihan is missing at Luton, a few of the Republic squad have tested positive for Covid, four at the latest count.
  12. Great moment today when I got a pop up saying Biden had won the election at the exact time Arma scored!
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