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  1. After last night’s 2 0 defeat to Peru, it looks like curtains for Chile’s World Cup hopes. Ben subbed after 78 mins.
  2. Newcastle’s main issue will be getting in a manager with the right pedigree and charisma to get the elite players to the club, and the talent to mould a great team. Such managers are few and far between.
  3. Information about the Rovers Fan Wall for those who bought season tickets for last season has just been sent out. It will be sited “ in the heart of the Jack Walker Stand”.
  4. It Sohail is brokering this deal behind the Coventrio’s backs, Mowbray might not pick Burke. In that case it might hasten their departure. Fingers crossed.
  5. Maybe Obafemi didn’t fancy trying to emulate Armstrong with 29 goals for BRFC, so had no intention of coming here.
  6. The first time we have more possession we lose…….
  7. Norwich will want him for the season after this one when they will need his goals to get them out of the Championship again, assuming Pukki has left by then.
  8. If this rain is going to knacker the pitch, they’d be better calling it off. Some of these showers are biblical.
  9. The format of this tournament is ridiculous, and should never have been sanctioned. Some teams travelling thousands of miles, eg Switzerland currently 7,000, others none, eg England. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete, sitting a plane for hours affects everyone adversely. It should also revert back to a 16 team tournament with 4 groups of 4, played in one country. I can’t accept that finishing 3rd in a group of 4 should allow you to progress either, it’s a reward for failure.
  10. It’s official, BB Diaz has 160,000 more followers than Burnley FC on Instagram.
  11. BB Diaz should have been playing for England tonight, better than anything on show at Wembley.
  12. Best picture so far, one for Brereton’s family album. A moment to savour for any footballer.
  13. The Copa America is always a good watch, most of the countries dislike each other and it shows in the games. Loads of juicy incidents last night, but BB Diaz had a smashing 20 minutes on the pitch. I reckon he’ll start a game soon.
  14. Fantastic experience for Ben to be on the same pitch as Messi and Di Maria.
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