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  1. If Mowbray pulled off the unlikely feat of promotion which would be a mightily impressive overachievement, there is no way that he should be replaced.
  2. Funny that this thread was made to question whether at the tender age of 22 that Wharton had passed the point of being up to it here. Brilliant since coming back.
  3. Why wouldnt it be announced? Social media is just a platform for the same textbook soundbites anyway but there is no suggestion that any of them have ever been unhappy or actively seeking a new club, but it seems that we dont have the money to get them to stay.
  4. Ive never understood this idea of holding off signing players in case we change manager at the end of the season. Recruitment should be an ongoing aim to improve the squad whenever possible.
  5. Owners unwilling to pay 2m for a new pitch due to the pandemic. I suspect we may pay for that with the pitch likely to only get worse over winter. Picture is blurry but from the May fans forum.
  6. The owners reneged on their offer to re-do the pitch in the summer, how that could even remotely be put down to Waggott is beyond me. And also shows up the idea that Venkys will invest as much as they can amidst FFP rules as if I am not mistaken, infrastructure expenditure is exempt.
  7. Im not sure that the Dack bid amounted to anything more than gossip that I have seen.
  8. I dont think Rankin Costello is anything special even before you consider that hes made of glass. Poor defensively and I think its a bit of a myth that he is a huge upgrade going forward, ive not seen much to suggest that so far. Hes ok but he isnt a first 11 player for me.
  9. Nyambe is not suited to being a wing back, no. Definitely better as a right back, his main asset is his power and his one on one defending which even as a wing back is still important. That being said, even though that is the case and putting aside any question marks over the back 3/5. Nyambe would still start at wing back every game as he is definitely better than Rankin Costello, obviously as a full back but I would say even as a wing back, and that assumes that Rankin Costello is ever fit enough to play. We are a poorer side without Nyambe, 100%. He has somewhat improved going forward in the last year or so, not really with his end product, but I think that his assist for Gallagher v Swansea in the last home game before lockdown was his first ever, or at least one of. He got a few assists last season through using his brain to isolate full backs, and then get further forward and pulling the ball back rather than crossing from deep like Alexander Arnold or James for example may do.
  10. The thing with Nyambe is that he is a very good one on one defender yet everyone seems more focused on how good full backs are going forward. Nyambe does offer a threat going forward albeit a bit of a compromised one as he knows that his final ball is poor so it is often through facing defenders up almost like a winger and pulling the ball back. I have no doubt that when we goes, that any replacement will not be equal to him.
  11. Do you have a name or is it just an oversimplified assumption?
  12. Definitely an article having looked on here and at the LT first.
  13. It would be a fair question to wonder, repeated Mols debate aside, whether Hearts would mind you talking about the pros and cons of an employee on a Rovers messageboard, that the club are trying to keep him and that he is a "shithouse" of a defender? Not a criticism, what are the do's and do not's associated with working for the analysis side of a football club?
  14. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19748971.hes-coming---bradley-dack-nears-blackburn-rovers-return/ Something to really look forward to early next year, especially if we can keep all of the others. Dack is our best player and 100% gets into the team so there is no way that this is anything other than really exciting.
  15. They are not reasonable to them which is all that matters as they have remained unsigned. That being said, each to their own, you seem keen for us to sell numerous key players mid season when we are currently 4th in the league. Even if the replacements were of the same quality which considering a likely small fee and it being the January window I severely doubt, there would be a period of time in which the new players need to adapt which could potentially cost us points which could be fatal when we are doing well. These players may well be happy to see what is out there at the end of the season rather than be pushed into whatever's available mid season when they are still under contract, and they won't attract normal bids because their deal is about to expire.
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