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  1. I found the fanfare and sadness underneath the Holtby video to be a little strange, I think thats just the modern day culture on social media but you would have thought that Shearer was leaving!
  2. Birmingham lost 4 nil last week playing a total scratch team full of reserves and kids. Unsure if they ae likely to do similar this weekend.
  3. Hes definitely a brilliant player to watch, I just hope he starts. I put him ahead of the other 2 personally.
  4. Stones is playing well but a lot of it is down to Dias who is an absolutely superb defender, I do fear that it will be a different story next to Maguire. Foden is an excellent talent although could and should have had 3 or 4 over both legs.
  5. Definitely he is to blame and should be replaced, well should have a while ago.
  6. I dont doubt that some players are hindered by his management, especially ones who he plays out of position, even more subtle ones like when Evans is played slightly advanced which makes no sense. Issues around motivation are purely speculative. I do think that a lot of our players do not have much if any evidence either here at Rovers or prior to joining to suggest that they are massively underperforming personally. Travis has only had Mowbray as a senior manager but I dont have any real grievance towards the manager for any perceived underachievement specifically to him. The rotation I
  7. I must say that my worry is with everything I've heard about Pickering is how good he is going forward, I hope he can defend too.
  8. Yeah I would agree that Reed is a perfect example of mismanagement by Mowbray, totally wasted based on laughable logic in an unfamiliar position during his time here. I certainly want Mowbray out but I think we may be in a situation whereby because he needs to be removed, that he can be blamed for things that are maybe unfair. With Travis, he has been a first team regular ever since he broke in at Sheffield United, and hes always been played in central midfield. I do think his form has dipped this season but that seems to be down to his injury. He is what he is, hes far from per
  9. I would definitely disagree, when Bell plays, wingers have had a free pass at getting in behind him and getting crosses in down his side throughout his Rovers career. The one thing I suspect we will agree on, if either is at the club next season, then it is a travesty.
  10. I think thats a misconception simply based on his natural style. Some players just naturally appear more languid than others but I dont doubt that Bell tries his best, its not as if there have been a few games whereby his style has noticeably changed to suggest more effort. Douglas has been a massive dissapointment, I think especially with a couple of injury ravaged seasons recently and his age have caught up with him, plus when he was at Wolves he didnt play as a full back. But hes still better than Bell. Technically he is much tighter as Bell needs more time and touches to get the ball
  11. I dont mind people choosing to protest or choosing not to protest, its the way that such an idea has been received that doesnt sit right. Firstly, both with the potential protest itself and the comments, the focus is in my opinion wrong. Mowbray needs to go, that is obvious, but again our problem is the continued negligence from the owners and the fact that our managers have never been judged on results; the key is the priorities of those within the club at the time, for example at the moment, Waggott wont advise to get rid of his mate. The owners are and have always been the problem.
  12. People are happy to accept incompetence I tend to find under the line that "hes fine as a squad player." Even if hes cheap, its no good if he cant do a job when needed, and over numerous years, we know that Bell isnt close to being up to it. On top of this, we dont even know if Pickering will come in and be a competent performer himself.
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