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  1. 100%. Also the pass in the build up to the red card v Preston and the lay off for the goal at Boro off the top of my head. Also hes put in a few brilliant passes across the face of goal that havent been attacked and has got players sent off.
  2. Just makes no sense to me, and doesnt sit right that there is so much criticism of such a prolific scorer who didnt even play today. Over the course of this season, would you think that we would have collected more or less points had Armstrong not played a minute? Surely the former if we benefit from his absence. Same question to you @Bigdoggsteel And do you think that the 3 would have made up for his 19 goal output? And what did you feel of the individual performances of the front 3 today? I thought Dolan was the pick, mainly through his raw enthusiasm really, his end product wasnt
  3. There was also once when Douglas put him through inside the box but he was caught on his heels. Mind you, his lucky goal came from being in a good position but he is not and I suspect never will be a prolific goalscorer. I think both of those players would have only further improved todays performance. One of the keys was Dack back closer to the striker, have we ever really tried Dack behind Armstrong? He would have added a far more potent goal threat than any of the 3 chosen. And Travis would have provided more quality than Buckley beside Trybull.
  4. I thought things got worse under Appleton and the performance against Millwall was an absolute disgrace. Never seemed the most likeable bloke either.
  5. Very pleasing victory. Still want him out but well done Mowbray for how the team was set up. The front 3 were so busy led by the pest that was Dolan who gave them no end of problems. Is his end product the best? No. Does he do too many stepovers and self confusing tricks? Yes. And do I think his long term position is up front? No. But he has definitely shown the manager that he warrants more game time, that defenders hate seeing him and that he should be a certain starter on Tuesday. Gallagher and Brereton were industrious albeit slightly awkward, the former very lucky to be on hand to score b
  6. Surprisingly refreshing half. Think the catalyst is having Dack further forward. Dolan has been an absolute pest although not sure there is many goals in that front 3. Would like to see Armstrong when fit instead of Gallagher. Brereton uncomfortable wide right too. Buckley has been surprisingly industrious but on the ball, nothing to do with his physicality, he has been dreadful. Constantly giving it away and so slow to make his mind up. Trybull has been very good beside him. Lenihan a rock. Rankin Costello a downgrade on Nyambe.
  7. Hes picked a bizarre team, and needs sacking anyway. But picking a team in Armstrongs absence to go out and fail purposely is one of the most laughable conspiracies ever seen on here.
  8. Totally bizarre team, especially if it genuinely is Dolan down the middle. Very strange choice of a midfield 2 aswell, and right back.
  9. If there was 40 more games and Armstrong didnt play one of them, he would still finish top scorer to be fair.
  10. Didnt you say earlier this season that we should plan without Dack and that he was unlikely to play for us again? Agree with the idea though, hes our best player with Armstrong and it makes sense to play to best suit Dack, we lack a goal threat from midfield and Dack will get in and around Armstrong, but he needs regular time in his best position in the absence of anyone else stepping up. If we are building though, surely Travis plays.
  11. I think most of our attacking players are best in the final third, not many of them are ones who will necessary control games, and I feel that Henderson and Rice would provide 4 of them with a platform and the freedom to do damage in the final third. Mount played within the front 3 yesterday and often does, Foden usually plays from the right and Maddison again is not a traditional central midfielder. I suspect when we go with a back 3, Henderson and Rice in CM and only 3 attacking players, the rhetoric will change anyway.
  12. Lampard is an interesting case really. His year at Derby was fairly unremarkable, as was his time at Chelsea where it was clear that he wasnt necessarily getting everything out of the players at his disposal, Tuchel tactically is lightyears ahead and has really impressed. The fact that he was at Chelsea and also that he is Frank Lampard undoubtedly hugely boosts his reputation but I do wonder where he goes from here. Purely based on his managerial career, does he warrant a Premier League job next or to turn his nose up at clubs like ours? I would say no and would have doubts myself about
  13. I think it again shows you how age can dictate standards, ive seen numerous younger fans on twitter acting as if losing Williams is painful to them!
  14. I think Henderson has to play, he is an underated player, a leader and Liverpool have really gone into crisis without him in midfield. Rice is nothing special although if it is in front of a back 4 and allows 3 of Foden, Grealish, Sterling and Sancho to play behind Kane, giving added protection then I am ok with that.
  15. We shouldnt be basing our system on statistical quirks regarding how a mid table side has fared against different formations. I bet we havent done particularly well against back 3s either. We have to play consistently to our own shape and identity, something which Mowbray does not do. Many of our available central midfielders are defensive, Evans, Trybull, Travis and Johnson. On numerous occasions, we have (as we would this weekend if we chose a midfield 3) tried to play one of those further forward where they arent suited. We also know that our best player is Dack who will not get fit p
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