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  1. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-injuries-butterworth-bennett-19699737.amp?__twitter_impression=true Butterworth out for another while. Dont think hes got any chance of making it with his constant injuries.
  2. Do we genuinely think that Venkys listen to a 20 minute segment on the EFL podcast?
  3. You cant judge managers based on win percentages, otherwise youd think that Arteta having Arsenal in mid table is better than a manager keeping a terrible team in a league.
  4. I feel like the main problem is that you are essentially dismissing the potential of any potential success and indeed the manager meeting his self inflicted targets of a play off push because you have lost all hope. There are so many factors that ensure that we are not merely a club and Mowbray is not a manager fighting a losing battle as a minnow against the giants. One of the main ones is that many if those with higher budgets are not ones whereby the money is freely available to the manager. 2 of the 3 relegated sides and indeed some of those with parachute payments have higher w
  5. The signing of Kaminski is undoubtedly a good one and has been judged as such. I dont get why you need to qualify your comment about Ayala on the flip side by making out that it is easy to judge in hindsight. You could then say with Kaminski, its easy to say hes good with hindsight but it was a risk signing him! All contracts and indeed all transfers do carry a risk as you touch on but the manager is in a position whereby he is judged without getting to put any poor signings down to a lack of hindsight at the time. Indeed his recruitment in the summer was typically mixed, one very impress
  6. What is the point if promotion is an impossibility anyway? But he didnt say that anyway, football isnt based solely on budgets and Mowbray has plenty of advantages over many rivals. More time than anyone else to build, no major sales forced through his time here, no big earners and/or bad influences rotting on the wage bill sapping up resources which makes direct comparison unfair that he has still under contract that he has inherited, a very healthy and competitive budget.
  7. Thats nonsense. The target at the start of LAST season was a top 6 finish, publically declared by manager and players alike. We finished 11th, miles off in the end, a mere 3 points better than the season prior in which we went on a truly awful run with a side the manager admitted were "given a chance" following promotion, and never really were ever in the running for the top 6. Players including the captain acknowledged a failure to meet target, but I think there was a level of understanding in that no one ever expected us to get into the top 6. Whether the improvement was enough was a differe
  8. Obviously the result is the most important thing and why people are happy, but if the attitude is merely to take the result, dismiss any further analysis and "forget it" then why have a forum and match threads?
  9. Obviously he wouldnt turn down the job, I never at any point implied that he should. I just am saying that he was lucky to get it based solely on his playing credentials rather than a half decent season at Derby. As touched on by Mattyblue, the comparison to Guardiola and Klopp, 2 serial winners is quite frankly ridiculous, even for you. Wilder is a more complex one. The recruitment in the summer was dreadful, Brewster has been really poor and Ramsdale appalling, making numerous mistakes as a huge downgrade on Henderson. Throw in a serious injury to O'Connell and now Berge and they j
  10. Why sign a young goalkeeper as a number 2 when he will spend his time on the bench?
  11. Im not anti Lampard, although I do think he got the job based on his playing career more than anything else. One thing you can not argue with is Abramovich's track record. People demand stability and patience but it is not always the answer when a better alternative can be sourced. He has always been ruthless in moving managers on, even those far more experienced and qualified than Lampard, and he will point to the trophy room as evidence that the system works. The media will always be protective of Lampard considering his playing career and tag as a young English manager, but a club
  12. The rumour was that Mowbray had lost communication with the owners after choosing his own signings over the ones recommended. I never assumed that the rumour was true, I was just saying that if it is, I do not feel comfortable with people potentially putting players on Mowbray against his will, and have always been insistent that the manager should get the final pick of players. I am very skeptical of this rumour at this point. I have always worked on the assumption that Mowbray has had final say on signings, nothing he has said has suggested otherwise and indeed the supposedly revam
  13. As touched on, not sure there can be much argument over his dismissal. Why is Premier League experience so critical @chaddyrovers? Klopp didnt have it, Mourinho prior to being Chelsea manager, Guardiola etc. Tuchel has a far better CV than Lampard had, which was solely an emotional appointment based on his playing career there (unlike the owner to allow that to be fair) rather than on a sole season in which he relied heavily on loanees in the Championship to get to the play off final. Not convinced that the Chelsea fans are up in arms either. It is typical Chelsea though I agree
  14. If the rumour is true that there is trouble based on Mowbray choosing players ahead of those recommended to him based on data then it further strengthens my belief that such a system can prove to be more trouble than its worth. If players are signed despite Mowbray not wanting them then I would like to think that he is enough of a man to resign and he would probably win any claims against the club as we have seen elsewhere before. Not sure on Pickering (all I have seen is "data" and videos that can make anyone good) but Goode has barely played for Brentford.
  15. No idea where such an impression comes from. One thing is for sure, he wont get sacked after a win.
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