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  1. Given the abject, passive, ‘couldn’t give a feck’ response from 95% of our support once it became clear we were being rinsed and raped by unscrupulous two hats back in 2010-2012, I have every confidence in the Coventry Three causing untold damage and pulling off this scam.
  2. Population wise, Blackburn is no better really. Yes, Blackburn is bigger than Burnley but Burnley has a far bigger catchment area when you factor in places like Rossendale, the towns en route to Skipton, the towns south east of Skipton down as far as Keighley and then the areas that are split roughly 50/50 with Rovers, ie. Ribble Valley and Hyndburn. Further factor in that we are hemmed in on three sides by Preston, Burnley and Bolton areas of support and we actually worse off than you.
  3. I actually agree with the bulk of what you’re saying. It was very enjoyable watching the Rovers in League 1. Big fish in a small pool and all that. Often in away matches we had as many supporters there as the team we were playing. We were always at, or around, the top of the league and the night at Doncaster, when we clinched promotion, was one to be remembered. Didn’t really matter that it was tier three, it was exciting being at the right end of the table after all the shenanigans of Venky’s reign at that point. It was like being back in the early to mid seventies all over again. If Rov
  4. Four divisions? Wtf? I never knew there were four, I’ve always assumed that there were just the three? 😂
  5. Nice to see the Clarettes have got their pants round their ankles and are taking a bit of a pasting.
  6. It doesn’t really affect me either. I reckon I’ve got it at 3-4 out of 10 on a sort of scale. I understand one or two that have had it at full pelt have committed suicide. For a few weeks, one of my mates was getting seriously desperate but then the level of his reduced to a similar level to that of mine.
  7. Careful with the headphones chaps, or at least the volume setting. I used to go to gigs with three of my mates, mainly modern prog rock bands. Loud, very loud. We used to also listen to our albums, often through headphones with the volume turned up to the highest setting. All four of us have been left with tinnitus 😢
  8. Pretty sure it was on the Yesterday channel TS. Channel 155 on our Sky set up.
  9. Just watching Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo. Preston to Rochdale, via Hebden Bridge. Featured Preston, Hoghton Tower, got off at Pleasington, got off at Church & Oswaldtwitle for a stay at the Dunkenhalgh, back on at Accy then on to Rochdale. Neither showed nor mentioned Blackburn once.
  10. Exiled in Toronto, Arbitro and I are two or three years older than you Nick, I think. The first game I remember playing was at your place and finished 7-7! Sky would have called it the Corporation Park derby 😆
  11. I was eight years old when I started going to Ewood in 1966. We had just sold Byrom to Bolton but, at that age, I was unaware of that. My uncle used to take me, as my dad had no real interest in football. A few years later, I started going on my own and gradually got to the age when I followed the lads away. When we played Bolton, especially away, I used to dread Byrom being in their line up. I knew he was a prolific striker but still blissfully unaware of his previous status at Rovers. As you say, a real mistake selling him. We may well have gone straight back up with him in the side. We
  12. Perhaps we should all storm Ewood and attempt a coup d’état. We won’t get rid of Venky’s, obviously, and probably not the Coventry Three but it would be quite satisfying ‘outing’ the possible intentions of those three to the media. And I say that only half in jest. I’ll get the Stop The Steal banners made tomorrow morning..
  13. I think there definitely needs to be more interaction with Mrs Desai and the Venky’s hierarchy. Without digging up the past (it’s been done a million times before), we are stuck with Venky’s now, whether we like it or not. They are showing, in financial terms, that they support us and will continue to do so. At the last count, I think they were in to the tune of £197m. The problem, as I see it, is that their silence can be translated as indifference when this probably isn’t the case. I’ve been banging on for ages about both the need for some sort of planning from the owners and also a pr
  14. All this, as has been pointed out earlier, begs the question of how can they proceed if restrictive covenants are in place to stop the land being built upon for housing. I’m no legal expert but are there similar cases previously where these covenants have not stood up in a court of law? The demand for housing has never been higher than at present. Immigration levels have been running at around 300k per annum for well over ten years now. These people have got to live somewhere. The government are allowing developments on both SSSIs and green belt land for example, so it may be a relativel
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