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  1. Great piece. I’ve slated him (like most Rovers fans on here have) but fair play to the lad. Looks like he had a great game, took his goal well, put himself about and ran himself into the ground. Will have done his confidence a world of good and, not least, his value will have appreciated. Maybe not beyond £7m but who knows?
  2. 20 Rovers VHS Tapes from Season 1990-91 onwards, including Champions Season 1994-95 and the Worthington Cup Final double tape. Will sell as a ‘job lot’ for £2 each plus either a postage fee or my own ‘petrol’ fee of £10 to anywhere in Lancashire. Ie, £50 if I deliver or £40 plus postage if a courier is used. I have seen some of these on eBay for as much as £10 each, so fill yer boots.
  3. Fair enough. I tend to visit the North Wales coast down as far as Anglesey. Never experienced any anti English sentiments. There will be some intellectually challenged, knuckle dragging Neanderthals in places like Dublin, Glasgow and Cardiff who preach the anti English stuff, no doubt. My experiences, though, after visiting Ireland, Scotland and Wales have always been favourable and I have always received a nice enough welcome.
  4. Jesus wept. I live twenty miles from the border and visit Wales regularly. Nice people and beautiful, scenic country.
  5. Well done Wales. Could and should have been more. Turkey aren’t what they were but can’t take anything away from Wales’ performance. I’ve actually enjoyed watching a game of football for the first time in months.
  6. Just been in Norwich since Tuesday and didn’t see one Norwich shirt.
  7. Great footage and great atmosphere. Two teams steaming forward towards the oppositions’ goals. I say, how quaint, how novel. It’ll never catch on. And..just two minutes in to the clip. Proof of the correct words to the ‘No Nay Never’ chant. As in ‘WILL’ we play Burnley Bast***s and not ‘TIL.’ Us ‘owd ‘uns always knew.
  8. 192 pages, at roughly 25 posts per page = 4,800 posts. One post would have sufficed. ”Bag of kak. Shouldn’t have been bought.”
  9. I know John, I still don’t sleep well knowing I missed such an important game. 😆
  10. I thinks that’s Peter Dobing nearest the ball but not sure who the other two Rovers players are.
  11. Charlton Athletic away on 26th April 1958 and Rovers win 4-3 to return to the Top Flight. A photo I’ve not knowingly seen before and one Infound recently on Facebook. I was 26 days old, still in Queens Park on an incubator, so couldn’t make the game..😆
  12. Football clubs always used to be referred to in a plural sense rather than in a singular one. - Blackburn Rovers ARE situated in Lancashire - THEY are one of the oldest clubs in the league - WE are the most successful town club in England Not sure if it’s because of foreign players or managers who, in their own language, refer to clubs as is/it etc. but a recent trend has been for increasing instances of references to clubs in the singular. - Blackburn Rovers IS situated in Lancashire - It is one of the oldest clubs in the league - It is the most successful t
  13. Well, a St Johnston cup double. Wow. Callum Davidson their manager. Na then...
  14. Wrong. It says Rangers have the won the Scottish Championship 55 times to Celtic’s 51. Winning the European Cup, when it was a knock out competition and not fixed for the big boys like at present, trumps that by a country mile. And then some.
  15. Seville, 2003. Three quarters of the stadium looked like this. Eighty thousand travelled to the city. It was (and still is) the largest overseas movement of fans ever.
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