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  1. Might be worth setting up a Facebook 'event' page with all the info... this would reach more fans who don't necessarily use message boards...
  2. Numbers in the BBE, DE and Riverside all noticeably down. Looked a few more than normal in the JW. Compared to the first game last season we are 1,500 fans down.
  3. Bet the advertisers are not happy - you cannot see the boards behind the front one's with the angle being lower!
  4. There will be no restricted view both for the camera's or the fans in the Riverside!
  5. What like West Ham last season when the home support matched that of a league game?
  6. The big screen rumour was complete rubbish! No idea about adverts... was glad when they got rid of those.
  7. It will be in place for the start of the season... so not guaranteed to be for the friendly game.
  8. Work was due to commence this week I was led to believe... does anyone know if it has?
  9. The pillars would not matter as the new gantry would be suspended from the front of the roof.
  10. Ben-2000

    Banners (Reading game)

    Managed to get some pics of the banners in the Darwen End
  11. I heard the sad news this morning that after a short illness Geoff passed away earlier this month. Geoff like me was from Rossendale and often gave me a lift to games when I was stuck. He was a Season Ticket holder for many many years through the good times and the bad. My thoughts and condolences go out to his wife Margery and family at this sad time. RIP.
  12. One or two from the Darwen End that have been going for the last couple years or so... We are the Blackburn Boys The Pride of Lancashire All day & night We're Blue & white So c'mon cheer the boys Rovers make some noise We go wild wild wild
  13. Yes, doesn't look the worst does it. Will be buying a blank one though!
  14. I think I know who you mean... did he move over to the Darwen End and Riverside on occasions back in the day aswell? RIP
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