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  1. They never bothered us in the lower. Also, one of the ballboys shouted Maggott Out when he saw the banner!
  2. So he's recently flown to India... Due to fly to America in the coming weeks regarding McGuire... Yet had the cheek to try and enforce digital only tickets because it's better for the environment!
  3. Or even red sticky tape so it doesn't give them an excuse to claim vandalism.
  4. Keep it up guys Newcastle live on the BBC there for all to see
  5. Make your voices heard today WAGGOTT OUT VENKYS OUT COYB
  6. Waiting to see their intentions / stance on things first.
  7. Well if anyone says keep protests away, just back the team etc then forget it. The 2 can go hand in hand Back the team - oppose the regime
  8. So who was at the Waggott propaganda meeting this afternoon?
  9. Perhaps the Trust haven't been able to get an answer from the club re meeting. Wouldn't surprise me with the lack of communication from the club.
  10. https://facebook.com/events/s/newcastle-protest/3584829338429447/
  11. The lounges in the JW were full of Wrexham fans last time, who eventually got moved after goading the home fans in the lower tier. Hopefully there won't be a repeat against Newcastle.
  12. Any luck in getting the meeting scheduled any sooner?
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