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  1. Really impressed with Butterworth since he came on. Got to be worth a chance from the start.
  2. Great goal! This second half just underlines how pish Hull are and what a travesty the first half setup was from Mowbray though…
  3. Feels like Mowbray is just trolling us now. Trying to see just how toothless and insipid he can make us before he’s finally sacked…
  4. God we’re shite. Hull (fucking Hull) knocking it around with such ease in our own back yard
  5. Goalkeepers shirts in the 90s were supposed to be garish, I don't think they're particularly bad. I quite liked the orange one, I had that with Sutton on the back as a young chap. Worst kits for me were the Nike era. We may as well have ordered them straight out the team kit catalogue for all the effort they put in. The worst one definitely being the pale blue disgrace with Zebra Claims on the front.
  6. Don’t wanna be that guy but I really don’t understand complaints about sizing. I’m normally M or L (depending on level of activity in previous few months ha ha). This year large fits perfectly well for me. Do you all want your shirts to fit like a tent?
  7. It’s great, we should be trying to flog merchandise left right and centre. It would really sum up the current management of the club if the £7m player who has been crap for years, suddenly breaks through as we lose him for nothing.
  8. Wish I’d got on this Big Ben to score 20+ gravy train that a few of you are on! Odds must be plummeting now.
  9. Don’t mind the starting line up but bench looks like League 2 level. Worrying
  10. The manager pushed him out the door. We didn’t need to sell him, Mowbray is just an idiot.
  11. Potentially a foul for me but that is truly awful defending from Arsenal.
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