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  1. Never been so disappointed by a Rovers goal... I want him gone and this will prolong the misery.
  2. I do not believe that Douglas has been part of two promotion winning teams.... It just can't have happened...
  3. Class lads. I'm really positive we can kick on here. Last season we'd have got battered.
  4. This has been awful. We've been shite and forest have had about 58 men behind the ball at all times. We play so much better when not favourites. We have to learn how to break sides down if we want to progress.
  5. Brereton worked hard this half. Not looked like scoring of course...but he has worked hard
  6. I know Dolan has had a quiet day, but Sam Gallagher coming on to play right wing makes me want to throw my laptop across the room
  7. Oh piss off Evans. If he's gonna play he shouldn't be allowed past the centre circle. Then I wouldn't have to see "crosses" like that
  8. Idiotic defending. We look so poor. I thought that given lads out there know there are players to come in, they'd be desperate to impress.
  9. Midfield 3 are just so pedestrian when we have the chance to break. So frustrating.
  10. Stupid from Dolan. He needs to learn when not to try a trick.
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