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  1. Just for fun I decided to have a look at the last 15 games (league only) of Mowbray and the two previous sacked managers (I've ignored Lambert). Makes grim reading for old Tony. Mowbray - P15 / W2 / D4 / L9 - 0.67 PPG Coyle - P15 / W4 / D4 / L7 - 1.07 PPG Bowyer - P15 / W3 / D8 / L4 - 1.13 PPG Interestingly both Bowyer and Coyle were sacked going into an international break so looks like we missed the boat the other week. I cannot understand how anyone with such a record is still clinging on. Man of integrity...
  2. I might need to stop checking this thread for my own sanity. It genuinely feels like the club are deliberately trying to wind the fans up now. I was speaking to a Chelsea supporting mate earlier, who was aghast that we'd let a manager get to the stage of 1 win in 15 - they'd be on their third manager if they had a run like that! The whole thing just underlines how far this club has fallen. He should have been marched out months ago, perhaps with a little goodwill and a few fond memories for the fans. As it is now, it's starting to feel very parasitic - he's slowly creeping towards th
  3. There's some real idiots on there. So idiotic that I'm convinced they're either club plants or Burnley fans.
  4. 17. Mucked up first first FA cup and league titles (I was convince we'd only won the old First Division once).
  5. To be fair Lingard is playing really well for West Ham. I for one am happy we have a manager picking on form rather than who they play for.
  6. Such a sad indictment of where we have fallen to as a club that fucking Brentford are comfortably outplaying us at home.
  7. Under Hughes I always felt there was accountability. The players would call each other out (in the right way) as would the manager. There was no acceptance of bad performances. I remember we often seemed to be crap in the first half at home but then (after I presume a rocket up the arse) we'd lay seige to the Blackburn End goal in the second. In this team there's no leaders and no one to set the standards. Conceding a goal means almost certain defeat. If we play badly in the first half, we're likely to play badly in the second. There's just no fight and it's so so disappointing to watch.
  8. Absolutely. I'd kill to have Andy Todd in the centre of our defence right now. Bollocking teammates and elbow smashing opponents.
  9. The comments on the Rovers instagram on the full time score are disgusting. The amount of happy clappers. There's one suggesting an extension... I genuinely don't think that's even a troll.
  10. I genuinely think we are in serious trouble here. The players seem disinterested with Mowbray in charge and I just can't see the lunatics in charge getting rid of him. I'd honestly be shocked if we even limped to 50 points.
  11. It's like some cruel torture now. Just please leave and let this nightmare end!
  12. Just watched it. He's just talking shit/lying throughout. This is nothing more than a cash grab, I just wish the facebookers could see that.
  13. This is a new low for the idiots in charge. Not content with dismantling Jack's legacy on the pitch, they're now going after key infrastructure...
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