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  1. Souness has spent 30 mins talking complete shite. And I'm not sure Steve Kean was doing any punditry but maybe you mean Roy Keane? I'm gonna leave this here cos you're talking utter pish. The individuals are good enough to go deep in this tournament, they're being hamstrung by a manager who is way out of his depth.
  2. Absolute scenes. He's gonna come back a changed man and score 40 in the Championship next season.
  3. Well you've quoted two players, but you're also wrong about them, specifically Rice. You don't rate Foden, Sterling, Kane, Grealish, Mount, Rashford, Sancho, Bellingham as quality players? It's a good squad, held back by a very poor manager.
  4. It's not an overrated England team. It's a squad packed with quality, held back by an inept manager. Team selection, tactical setup and substitutions all utterly baffling.
  5. Sad state of affairs when Grant Hanley is your best option to start at CB in a major international tournament...
  6. Good ground out win. Thought Phillips was immense. Ultimately, Croatia are a 1 man team and that man is now 35. Sterner tests to come but good start.
  7. Different games mate. In the video Noble is talking about an FA Cup game, early in his career (think Noble made his debut 04/05). The 7-1 was in our first season back, Autumn 2001.
  8. Midfield/forwards, I firmly believe England have the best all round squad in the tournament and if let loose could do serious damage. However, at the back we look light and I suspect that will be where we come seriously unstuck. In a tight game against the top teams I can definitely see the lack of quality at CB and in goal costing us.
  9. Yeah let's get one of your 15 year old lads in instead, they'll do a job...
  10. Your hatred for Buckley is really strange. Regardless of what you think he's a decent lower Championship/League 1 player at present, with plenty of time to improve. You do not have a 15 year old who is currently playing at said level. It's just nonsense. I'm not sure why I'm even debating this....
  11. Euro 96 was 25 years ago so it's 2 semi finals for England...And what's the point of arbitrary cut offs? Go back 31 years and we've been in 3 to Wales 1. This England team is our best hope for years. Far more balanced and less divas than the "golden generation". I fancy us to have a good run this summer.
  12. Way too long. We don't like the six fingered lot from Yorkshire /end survey
  13. Had a bottle whizzed at my head in the away end whilst celebrating Savage's goal. Think we lost that game in the end.
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