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  1. Yes , that's very true....Hughes leaving and followed quickly by Brad and Bentley , were triple blows , that we never recovered from... With the Ince debacle , what was it John Williams once said ' you are one bad managerial appointment from relegation ' Sam was always a quick fix , he did well for us and should never been sacked ...But the club wasn't growing anymore...
  2. Exactly what I said about Van Hecke , only difference being Hendry would have scored in front of the Blackburn End ... Remember the goal v Palace to win 5-4 or 4-3 in the last minute ?
  3. They invest at least £20 million a year, putting their money into the football club. Is there ambition to get to the Premier League? By words, of course there always is an ambition to get to the Premier League. Must have had a change of heart , cos it didn't take them long to relegate us out of the Premier League . Who do you think , you are kidding Mr Mowbray ???
  4. I won't lose any sleep over this and I won't be spending 1p....
  5. Derby and Peterborough will help us , me thinks only one place up for grabs...
  6. Poveda can't get a game at Leeds , now you know why .....
  7. Not sure the team is mis-firing , probably over achieving or was until 3 weeks ago ... Until Mowbray is removed from office , we haven't a prayer .. Venkys are a different problem ..
  8. The we won ' nowt' entertainers are on at 1930 tonight 😂😂
  9. When Bruce finally gets his severance from Newcastle , I doubt he will manage again....
  10. This season would be a success if Mowbray is sacked and we stay up .. I think Derbys woes , will aid us in relegation , alongside Peterboro , who are 2 teams already nailed on for the drop...
  11. If we avoid defeat in this fixture , I will be pleasantly surprised ..
  12. Not sure anyone could get us up with these players... Need a new manager to get rid of the dross we have accumulated in Mowbrays reign... Then next summer , hit the ground running ... It wont happen , no one connected with the club as the desire too make it happen !! Players with fire in their bellies , like David Speedie is much needed..
  13. If his project here is allowed to meanander much longer , a relegation battle beckons ... He beggers belief !
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