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  1. In my opinion things have been set up to fail , ever since Big Sam left ... I said it the night we were relegated from the Prem , "we will never play in the Premier League again in my lifetime" ... I am 58 and we haven't got in the top 6 , for more than a few days ...
  2. To be fair not many are and that's worldwide... Especially when he played for us ..
  3. They will need to employ a lot of stewards ......Going to get more than a little nasty me thinks .... 5,000 fans in attendance , 500 stewards lol
  4. Yes , it will be around the mid80s attendances... But not the united fanbase of those days .
  5. After last seasons pathetic showing by Mowbray and his cohorts , you would have thought someone would have come up with a plan to entice fans back into the ground ... Alas not , if you dont buy a season ticket , it is pointless exercise , match day prices are scandolous ..It is going to be a long struggle against relegation ... I will wait and see to how many fixtures clash with work and holiday commitments . But i wont pay the walk on prices to watch a half arsed team led by a halfarsed manager , playing standstill football.... Waggott should hold his head in shame ..
  6. And the Middlesboro connection 🤣🤣
  7. Lack of investment in the squad did help us to be relegated to league one ...The person in the dugout had more to do with it , Kean and Coyle .. Those two relegations were widely tipped by fans before a ball was kicked in August of the respective years .. Next season , will run a very similar course if Mowbray is still here ...
  8. Relegation is on the cards , if Mowbray is still in situ at Xmas ... Bad start , good start it don't matter ...
  9. I think Howe is like many footballers , perform better for one club .. He didn't do a bad job at Burnley and Dyche took them to the next stage ...If I remember right he took a long time to decide to come North and was never happy ... Bournemouth is his club , he did brilliantly for them and South coast living is a different world to here or Glasgow ...Plus the pressure in Glasgow would be on from day one , something he has never had to experience...
  10. I am not convinced we will be watching the first home game of next season , let alone friendlies away from home ...
  11. I think Burnley own a property on Brockhall.....
  12. Mowbray , Waggot and Venus , pension pots , that's what Blackburn Rovers is to them... They all know if they are put under pressure (promotion a must next season) they will be sacked by end of September!!
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