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  1. What are the odds on Mowbray going next in the championship??
  2. There might not be a shot on target in this game 0-0....
  3. Trybull is a loan ,so he will leave t the end of the season... Holtby contract up , will go back to Germany ..Ayala is the interesting one ,he could join Williams in US or off to Saudi again , after sitting out a year , "injured "and getting well paid...
  4. You are right , carry on regardless ala Kean and next season we will go down without a whimper ....
  5. We have a coach called David Lowe ,who last night on several occasions looked absolutely bored to tears, if he is an example of the rest of the coaching staff , god help us !! He would have been sacked 2 minutes after the final whistle , if I was in charge...
  6. I doubt we will get 50 points , unfortunately its looking like he aint going anywhere ...Time to pray and hope those below us dont 50 points ... He should have gone at 2230hrs last night at the latest
  7. That can't be right .... McCarthy is a dinosaur !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Or ever again , quite possibly disappear over the summer .. Someone posted earlier could be a signing for an opportunist agent , to help his client out for 12 months ..
  9. Of the games we have won this season , how many has Holtby started ??? I don't do I Follow or red button , so only watch on sky live and quest....Seems to me besides the defence , which Mowbray has never sorted , the player we are really missing is Danny Graham ..
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