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  1. I also tweeted him and didn't get blocked. Mine was along the lines of "Tony has taken us as far as he can. Time for a new man to speed the journey up"
  2. Terrific 6 wicket win for England today. Had a shock when I woke to a scoreboard that SL had been bowled out for 120-odd. Interesting stat as well. This is the first time in test match history that all the wickets in one innings were to seam and all the wickets in the other innings were to spin. India will be a much tougher proposition but with Stokes and Archer to come in, could be a close series.
  3. I would have him at Ewood, and judging by his comments when we played them, he'd jump at the chance!
  4. Aye it was bloody freezing on that open terrace
  5. The Jam, The Police and many others. 78-80 was an amazing time for gigs in Blackburn.
  6. I was at that gig as well. KGH attracted all the top bands in those days.
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