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  1. Mmm I’m all for artistic licence but only if there are no real alternatives. The Elgins - Heaven Must Have Sent You
  2. Sadly he took his own life Mike 😢
  3. @Tyrone Shoelaces it’s not everyone’s wife who will happily pull them off at the end of the night mate. Hat’s off to you.
  4. It’s promotional work for his new album Tyrone. An almost guaranteed number 1.
  5. Lads, I do have a photo of me and Weller on my office wall so you’re not too far out really! The first thing he does when you meet him is check your shoes. If you see photos of PW in the late noughties he had actually let himself go a bit then both in terms of body shape and his clobber. But thankfully he sobered up in 2010 and has looked good ever since. He’s also a nicer person, very warm and interested in what you do in life. I’m really glad I met him. I wish he would stop copying my clobber though - I see he wore a Brooks Brothers polo shirt after me mentioning it on here the other day 😉😂
  6. So sorry to hear this mate. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how good a life they had, it’s still tough when your mum dies. Still, that said I’m glad you got so long with her in such fine fettle, that’s a rare blessing. And condolences also to SC x
  7. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome
  8. It’s a little place in Soho where PW goes. New album is excellent - I don’t know how he keeps doing it. The tune is Warren Zevon isn’t it?
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