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  1. The very fact that we are being mentioned in that sort of market is a sign that others think we will change managers soon.
  2. Exactly this! It just seems so bloody obvious to me.
  3. Great news for me, the pubs are reopening in Scotland (indoors) on Monday. 🍻🍻🍻
  4. This is the problem Rev, the way some people on here react to snippets being passed on doesn't exactly encourage posters to share any info or even gossip. It all gets a bit snidey at times. For what its worth I still trust my source who told me that the plan around Feb/March time was to part company with TM at the end of the season, then it seemed to change to a more imminent parting of the ways in April, then something happened to put Plan A back on the table, which my source reckons is still going to happen. I am making the assumption that they had someone lined up to take over but it d
  5. That’s the most likely outcome Chaddy and after a session I attended on Friday I learned that most senior medics are confident that the vaccine has put the world in exactly that position. For someone involved in public health to claim that we will be covid-free by August is almost laughable.
  6. I went to a very enlightening presentation by one of Scotland’s top occupational health doctors on Friday Tony. He gave us a lot of reassurance about the risks we face going forward. I would encourage everyone to look at this tool (link below) and assess for themselves what the risks are. You complete a questionnaire to work out your ‘covid age’ and calculate your risk from there. He said that although we are in a much better place thanks to vaccinations, covid is with us for the long term, though it needn’t be quite the scary thing it was in March 2020. Edit: pretty much what @gumboots has ju
  7. Terry Callier ft Paul Weller - Brother to Brother
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