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  1. I disappear from the site for ages then come back to see this is still popular ? Waiting for a train - flash in the Pan
  2. My mate for over 30 years Andy died suddenly a month ago, season ticket holder at the turf. Gary his son went to the game today and sat in his Dad's seat, fitting they won three nil and simultaneously we are bottom of the league.
  3. Five dead now and you chose to lampoon whist simultaneously thrusting your head back into the sand. Most Muslims are happy chaps/chapesses but the idealogy will drive more and more lunatics to commit more atrocities. You see, it's because they believe God is on their side.
  4. Naivety in it's purest form. Investigate former servicemen whilst lauding a 'commander' from a terrorist organisation ? Grow up.
  5. Incidentally I am with Jim all the way on this (he'll need reviving). I have spent a good deal of today listening to the various phone ins, most of which portrayed this turd as some sort of latter day saint, a 'strong moral individual' who was 'easily liked'. Those comments were from Alastair Campbell, but my fury was for the Irish Harpy 'Kathryn Johnston' who painted him as a Mother Theresa type. She claimed that the only casualties from explosives during the troubles were the nosy members of the public. Like the women and children running from the first explosion in Enniskillen toward the bigger bomb down the street ? Stupid cow.
  6. On the day Martin McGuinness died, just remember that he was lucky. He wasn't tarred and feathered for who he loved. He was never forced to kneel in a dark room, with a bag over his head, a pistol pressed against his head. He won't be buried in an anonymous field, with not a single soul knowing if he was dead or his location. He won't be ripped apart or crippled by an explosive device hidden in a bin in front of a shop or a bag deposited next to a pub. He wasn't shot in the street, or with work colleagues forced up against the side of a van. He was lucky enough to die without being forced to suffer these inhumanities. Please spare a thought for all those who were victims of the violence he sanctioned.
  7. Stick to bashing your bishop in Malta
  8. Martin McGuinness is seriously ill in hospital. Let's hope his demise is long and painful.
  9. So we were in the dark about Brexit according to this idiot, and not bluffed into the war in Iraq ?! Jims's poster boy, says it all. Should be in handcuffs, tosser.
  10. It's user name , the one I've had since I started posting on here many moons ago. I actually come from Blackburn, you really ought to cheer up a bit
  11. Boring. Won't waste my time with a myriad of obscene insults, can't be bothered.
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