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  1. Rotherham bottom of the league, Rovers steaming pile of wank. JDT out.
  2. Belgium 2 Boro 1 Kompany will be snapped up and the Dingledome smells of piss with wooden seats. Good luck to them.
  3. Is Ferguson out of the running now ? If he wants to manage Everton at some stage he has a lot to prove, and that level of ambition would have been great for us (just my opinion). Even with a recommendation from Carlo Ancelotti we'll probably end up with a dullard.
  4. From an Everton fan - He beat Chelsea 3-1 and drew with Arsenal and Leicester in an unbeaten spell as interim Everton Manager after Marco Silva left. Lost 1-0 to Villa in his sole game in charge this season. Most Everton fans want him as our permanent boss further down the line but want to see him "earn his spurs" for a few years somewhere else. Many wanted him this time instead of Frank. Really good option for you I'd say. One thing he is, is very loyal and if things were going well, you'd get him for years I reckon.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0XEmD4kqYhLHDeWnPtjmkykkbfhfYkcuTUgrPZoc1tbfREq4Y6dy5tQ3ftBFDnPv1l&id=204268569971133
  6. 😁 just thought I’d pop in after all these years! Hope you are okay pal and debs too. Can’t believe that music Association thread is still going, 22,000 replies 😂😂
  7. No not at all, he did a great job as a caretaker manager for Everton. He is relatively young at 50, and has that air of aggression about him. We could end up with another Sparky side that people don’t wanna play
  8. I disappear from the site for ages then come back to see this is still popular ? Waiting for a train - flash in the Pan
  9. My mate for over 30 years Andy died suddenly a month ago, season ticket holder at the turf. Gary his son went to the game today and sat in his Dad's seat, fitting they won three nil and simultaneously we are bottom of the league.
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