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  1. Every day is a school day rebelzero. 10 CC - Rubber Bullets
  2. Let’s see if rebelzero is correct and the world doesn’t end if someone dares to go with a fourth Irene. Irene Kral - When I Look In Your Eyes
  3. But you can’t say that an over continuing word is “by-the-by” just because you want to fit in an “interesting story”. We can all forgive the odd mistake of using the same word three times, which we are all guilty of, but I think four times is a little excessive, don’t you agree? Perhaps I’m overreacting, but I love this thread and I want it to continue in as close to it’s original format as possible as it opens up opportunities for posters to dig deep and find songs/artists they might not have been familiar with previously. Anyway, I’m going to cool down now(literally), as I’m off p
  4. Are we giving up on the original rules? That’s 4x sugar and 4x sister in a row!! Alan Price & Georgie Fame - Rosetta
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