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  1. This was the season to have a real go at promotion and Mowbray blew it.
  2. Strange decision. Hilly seems the sort of bloke who attracts controversy.
  3. I saw a bit of Portsmouth’s pitch today on the news . Unbelievably good. It looked like it was the opening game of the season.
  4. I haven’t got the figures to hand but this government spends much more in terms of money and effort on chasing dole dodgers than they do on fat cat tax fiddlers. That’s in spite of the massive in-balance in sums of money involved.
  5. Labour should be taking note of this. If and when they get back in power the gloves should be off. But we all know they won’t be. I was reading in the paper today that the long awaited “ Employment Bill “ that Johnson promised in the 2019 election run up won’t be up in the latest Queens Speech. This bill is supposed to guarantee workers rights after Brexit and curtail the exploitation of gig economy workers. The Labour Party should be all over this !
  6. He’s still waiting to hear the party line from Tory Central Office.
  7. Is there no depth that this lot will not stoop to ? It was fine on Friday morning when the Mayor of Teeside got all the publicity. Now Labour are slaughtering them in the big cities they want to change the rules. They’re corruption on legs.
  8. This is Wayne Rooney this morning in my paper - “ I’ve had plans for playing in the Championship next season as well as in League One. I’ve got a lot of work done. My pre-season is done, my pre-season fixtures are done. Everything is done “.
  9. I’d rather take a chance on an up and coming younger player from lower down the league to be honest. Some work out and some don’t but Johnson is on the downhill slide now.
  10. Taxes will go up ——————— after the next general election.
  11. Yes, it’s like the old saying - “ You owe the bank £10,000, you have a problem. You owe the bank £10,000,000, the bank has a problem”.
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