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  1. It's over for Rhodes at our level. There should be no room for sentiment in football. That's if you want to win things that is.
  2. Cue Britt Assombolonga rumours. He seems to be another one on the way out.
  3. Sorry, you're wrong there. The lad can play in the last third. Corry's never been there.
  4. He'd be an improvement over what we've got at the moment, that's for sure. My issue is - has he been found out at Sheff Utd and that's his only way of playing ? I'm impressed by the way he's kept them plugging away although they were dead and buried by Xmas and their squad is pretty poor.
  5. Yes, a nice ball to the left back - who should have been a couple of yards wider out if I'm being picky. He made it easier for Buckley but harder for himself. I like players who can spread the play effectively though. The ref got in a decent position and then allowed himself to be unsighted by other players. You can't give what you don't see. Although some refs would have done !
  6. Much as I'd like to play the same team - Sat, Millwall - Tue, Swansea - Fri, Brentford means that changes are inevitable. The only good thing is there isn't any travelling involved.
  7. Come on matey, the ball to Gallagher was worth the £10 fee alone. Speed of thought and a lovely touch. If that had been a certain midfield player not far from here ?
  8. Never play it across the box full stop. The keeper should put that into the other half.
  9. The run for the Dack " trip " was a great piece of play. It deserved a goal.
  10. No. If they're sticking to the 12 week rule, and they seem to be at the moment, we aren't due for the second jab until late April.
  11. They'd have been better off just saying " Nobody is having a pay rise ". 1% is a joke.
  12. And if it doesn't work your employer will help you find another job.
  13. And we scored first with a lucky deflection. . That makes a big difference. Lucky goals are better than ordinary goals in one respect, you start to think " This is going to be our day for once ".
  14. I'll remember him as the guy who wasted 3 seasons and £12 million in the process if he goes in Summer.
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