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  1. It’s gone beyond that. We were poor then but we were proud. Now we’re a Zombie club.
  2. I never buy suede trainers. Not in this climate.
  3. That’s if he gets over his injury. He was out a long while last season.
  4. Another thing I remember was Mick McGrath scoring one of the other goals. He was the Tronstad of the team so he rarely scored goals. Again it was right in front of me. A ball was fired in from the right wing all along the ground. Mick came sliding in on his backside on the near post, stopped the ball with his left foot, and knocked it in with his right foot,from about 3 yards out whilst lying down ! It’s funny the things you remember.
  5. Ike And Tina Turner - A Love Like Yours ( Don’t Come Knocking Everyday )
  6. Not only that but when we really needed him he put his hand up to turn out. He’d enough strapping for two players on his legs at Leicester but he still gave his all. In my top ten for playing for the shirt in the Premier League era.
  7. I feel myself blessed to have seen that goal, you had to be there !
  8. Myself, got the bus over from Rochdale to Blackburn. I was just 14 then.
  9. With the Chicken Chokers in charge ? It’ll always be a shit show.
  10. I was there, right behind the goal. Roughly in line with where that photographer was standing. It was an Easter Saturday game. I wonder how many of the 11,500 are left now. We’d hammered Sheff Wed at home the day before 3-0, maybe people couldn’t afford 2 home games in 2 days although going to the football was dirt cheap back then.
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