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  1. Looking at the figures tonight things are on the slide in the UK whereas in Europe they seem to be going in the right direction.
  2. Thanks as always Tony. You appear to have Kane receiving two yellow cards. Minutes 17 and 78.
  3. From today’s “ Sunday Observer “- “ A YouGov poll indicates that 21% of respondents think Brexit is “ going well “ - as many as that ! - and 53% think it’s going badly. Only 53% ? “
  4. It was pretty obvious that once Raya had gained a bit of maturity and cut out the un forced errors he would develop into a top class player. Some of the saves he made were out of this world.
  5. At the end of the day the object of the exercise in signing players is to get us out of this division. Anything else is a waste of time and money. Both of those things are now in short supply. We’re no longer a club that can invest big money in “ project “ signings.
  6. In the great “ paper , stone, scissors “ game that is politics “ reality trumps bullshit “ eventually.
  7. Don’t look at what they say - look at what they do. Benefit cuts for the worse off today.
  8. Yes, those stats are easy to follow and pretty objective. The subs had an impact jointly of minus 7 !
  9. That was after he’d said the current lack of HGV drivers has nothing to do with Brexit. I was expecting the interviewer to respond by saying - “ If that’s the case why are you trying to get 5,000 European drivers to come back to the UK ? “ Not fit to run a piggy bank never mind the Bank of England.
  10. Exactly, how anybody can think for a millisecond that this lot in government at the moment are in the slightest way competent is beyond me.
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