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  1. Why don't they try out these ideas in full scale training games ?
  2. We've completely lost our way regarding ways of bringing Test standard players through. Building an innings or hanging on in there to wear down the bowlers are lost arts in the new era of tip and run cricket.
  3. Hang on Jim, probably the easiest prediction to make since I predicted Coyle would relegate Rovers on the day we appointed him.
  4. Putting the morality of this to one side for a minute - how is this going to 1) Attract the new nurses we need 2) Retain the existing nurses that must be thinking " Is this job worth it anymore ? "
  5. I can't see any point in sending a team to Australia to be honest.
  6. Betting on us to go down after we appointed Coyle was a licence to print money but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm superstitious like that. I backed Germany to win the World Cup in 1966 after I saw them play once in the comp. The final was a win/win game for me. England win the final - great. Germany win the final - I'm in the money.
  7. Bus fares are outrageous. The last time I got on a bus to travel about 5 miles I told the driver " No mate, I don't want to buy the bus, I just want a ticket to Rochdale ! "
  8. First rule of politics Jim, " Reward your friends and punish your enemies ". The Tories do it all the time whilst the Labour Party never does it. Which leads me to wonder who the Labour Parties enemies really are ?
  9. When I was working in the Engineering industry I didn't need to go to the gym. The work kept me pretty fit and my weight down. Since I've retired I've had to watch what I eat. I've cut alcohol out completely but unfortunately I've replaced it with Mrs Shoelaces chocolate habit. I have a long ( 2 hours ) walk every day I can, that's most days.
  10. My adopted home town team, Rochdale, have only won one home league game all season, yet they've won five away games.
  11. When they were running the tram into Rochdale there was a plan to put a tram stop half way down the route from the railway station to the tram terminus in the town centre. The stop was abandoned on the grounds of cost. The cost of a simple tram stop ten years ? - £250k. So your £125k isn't going to go far these days. By the way, the trams are brilliant.
  12. Just like Mowbray with Trybull and Evans. Too conservative by far, too concerned in what the opposition are likely to do.
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