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  1. Chris Crowe back in the 1960’s. Chris Coleman in the 1990’s.
  2. Me too, they are good odds. My paper had us as relegation candidates today in a review of next season.
  3. My paper has been doing a review of the coming season for all the leagues. Today it was the turn of our division and they have us amongst the relegation candidates - “ The outlook for Blackburn also appears bleak. It is difficult to envisage Adam Armstrong, who scored 29 goals last season, being in the Championship at the end of the transfer window and Tony Mowbray, having failed to add to their squad, presumably will again look to the loan market after Tosin Adarabioyo, Taylor Harwood-Bellis and Harvey Elliott impressed “.
  4. That’s a very nice shirt for 18 Euros and it’s properly halved, or quartered, if you’re fussy.
  5. What part of the whole Venkies/Rovers saga makes any sense ?
  6. Yes, there have been 4 really top class England left backs in my time,, Ray Wilson, Kenny Sansom, Ashley Cole and Terry. He was a great player before that badly broken leg more or less finished at the top level. Thanks for the memories Terry.
  7. If you ‘re hoping to get the best out of Brererton and Gallagher, as you say, they need to be played up front as a pair. It’s fitting the rest of the team into that formation that’s the issue. What do they do in training ? That’s the place to work out new ways of playing and new formations.
  8. The Ayala signing is reason enough to sack Mogadon man on it’s own.
  9. Who appointed the three stooges ? Who appointed all the other stooges ? Anybody can make a mistake but this lot specialise in it.
  10. One of top engineering companies back in the day. They used to have machine tools in there as big as large buildings.
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