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  1. Armstrong's an individualist. That makes it hard to fit him into a formation if you're relying on him to make the play as well as score goals. If he was that good he wouldn't be at Rovers now. We need a front man who can lead the line. I'd have paired him with another striker/target man and gone 4-4-2 years ago, just like Dyche did.
  2. Not for me, any Rovers win makes my day big time. just like any loss ruins it. I'm a really bad loser. Mowbray made some big decisions today and they came off for once. As I said to my lad when he texted me the team _ " Bloody Hell ! One thing though, Millwall won't be expecting that line up anymore than we were. Whatever plans they've made must be out of the window at 2-00 pm ".
  3. That was a big win for Burton, Peterborough are up near the top. Chapman couldn't work his magic for Shrews today. Magloire going well up in Jockland. My adopted home town team are bottom of their league.
  4. Knowing when to " Stick and when to Twist " is what separates the top defenders from the also rans.
  5. I'm not sure Armstrong is the sort of striker that looks to bring other players in to the game regularly. That's part of the problem.
  6. The difference was in 1970 and 1970 we had a real chance of winning the cup. The Iceland defeat just showed we weren't anywhere near good enough.
  7. England 1 v Poland 1 actually Jim but it felt like a loss.
  8. She phoned me after todays game. She's 90 with a bad knee and she'd be at Ewood on Tuesday if she could. She said " Double or quits on Tuesday night ? " So I took the bet - 3 points for Rovers then.
  9. I don't think Wycombe or Sheff Wed will catch us, Rotherham might with their two games in hand.
  10. I was up at my mums and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the team. She said " I'll bet you a pound Rovers win ". I said " Go on then mum, I'll take Millwall ". She has previous in this - we were watching England v West Germany in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. At half time England were a goal up and she offered to back West Germany for a £5 bet. I was thinking she knew I was skint and it was a way of giving me a fiver ! I was sitting pretty when Keith Newton made a goal for England to go 2-0 up. Then the Germans came back to win 3-2 ! Not only that but she wanted the fiver !
  11. There are two ways of getting the ball forward from full back. Passing it or running with it. Running with it, if you lose the ball you're out of position. Passing it forward, if the pass goes astray you're still in position.
  12. Why don't they try out these ideas in full scale training games ?
  13. We've completely lost our way regarding ways of bringing Test standard players through. Building an innings or hanging on in there to wear down the bowlers are lost arts in the new era of tip and run cricket.
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