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  1. Exactly, get rid of Johnson and Bennett and bring in an experienced midfielder that’s still got a few years left in the tank.
  2. Sorry, the 50’s is before my time and I’ve never seen his name mentioned in any stuff from the 60’s. That doesn’t mean he didn’t play. For example 29 players played for that reserve team in the photo in that season.
  3. I would have delayed the indoor re- opening planned for Monday by a couple of weeks at least until we know more details about what we’re dealing with.
  4. I think Johnson is making the same mistake as last year. “ Wait and see “ isn’t the answer. We need to be pro-active not re-active.
  5. And a vast record collection that you’ve spent half your life putting together.
  6. David Holt was a centre half who came up through the ranks. He played 5 first team games towards the end of the 1965-66 relegation season and 5 more at the beginning of the following season. I think he came from the North East and I think he packed the game in as a young player to get a proper job. Martin Hall was a reserve right back who never made it into the first team. Could line up like this - Jones. Hall, Mulvaney, Holt, Wilson. Horrey, McGrath, Rogers. Blore, Anderson, Jones
  7. Back row - Reg Blore, Dick Mulvaney, George Jones, Ben Anderson, David Holt, Roland Horrey. Front row - Mick McGrath, Martin Hall, Mr A. Duckett, Bob Jones, Billy Wilson, Eamon Rogers. I knew who the players were but I had to look up who the director in the suit was.
  8. Blair only got away with it because he was on the “ winning “ side. In other circumstances in would have been in the dock at The Hague.
  9. I heard one of the experts on the radio today suggesting that it would be wise to wait a few more weeks before we remove the restrictions on indoor activities. I wonder wether his advice will be taken ?
  10. Ronnie and Bryan were on the way down by then and big Fred had left a couple of years ago.
  11. He got more wrong than just Iraq Jim. I couldn’t vote for him again, I had to hold my nose the last time. The bloke’s a wrong ‘un.
  12. Johnson’s in the dock for a £500 debt apparently. My “ Private Eye “ should be arriving today so I’ll have the full SP soon. Can’t be for a roll of gold wallpaper, that was over £800 a roll. Lock him up I say.
  13. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of hers. I find her delivery and way of speaking grates on me. Not altogether her fault I suppose. Her constituents must rate her, she always get a very large majority.
  14. I see we’re having a COVID enquiry - this time next year. So give it 2 or 3 years to report back - safely beyond the date of the next General Election !
  15. Exactly, if somebody would have come on here back in the day saying he’d heard Roy Keane was down at the club and he was signing after the weekend their information would have been good. It just didn’t work out that way.
  16. I don’t get that at all. Maybe he hasn’t realised the Tories have been in power for the last decade. I was listening to another interview yesterday. An older woman was saying “ I’m not keen on Labour anymore, they need to change, they’ve got too many public school boys in charge “. I nearly fell off my chair. This was followed by “ Bertie Wooster “ Rees-Mogg telling us what a great job the Tories were doing. it’s hard to know what to say in the face of that level of ignorance.
  17. I see the new saviours of the working class have decided we don’t need a new Employment Bill after all. The poor buggers in the gig economy can look after themselves. They’ve nothing to say about the latest wheeze of firing and re hiring people at reduced terms of employment. On the other hand they can chuck £20 million at sorting out the four cases of election fraud we seem to get every general election. ” If I am ever asked on the streets of London, or in any other venue, public or private, to produce my ID card as evidence that I am who I say I am when I have done nothing wrong an
  18. This was the season to have a real go at promotion and Mowbray blew it.
  19. Strange decision. Hilly seems the sort of bloke who attracts controversy.
  20. I saw a bit of Portsmouth’s pitch today on the news . Unbelievably good. It looked like it was the opening game of the season.
  21. I haven’t got the figures to hand but this government spends much more in terms of money and effort on chasing dole dodgers than they do on fat cat tax fiddlers. That’s in spite of the massive in-balance in sums of money involved.
  22. Labour should be taking note of this. If and when they get back in power the gloves should be off. But we all know they won’t be. I was reading in the paper today that the long awaited “ Employment Bill “ that Johnson promised in the 2019 election run up won’t be up in the latest Queens Speech. This bill is supposed to guarantee workers rights after Brexit and curtail the exploitation of gig economy workers. The Labour Party should be all over this !
  23. He’s still waiting to hear the party line from Tory Central Office.
  24. Is there no depth that this lot will not stoop to ? It was fine on Friday morning when the Mayor of Teeside got all the publicity. Now Labour are slaughtering them in the big cities they want to change the rules. They’re corruption on legs.
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