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  1. Maybe nobody that was pro empty fuel tanks phoned in ?
  2. I look at it like this - there are always going to be differences of opinion about the way forward. The way backwards is obvious.
  3. I was listening to “You And Yours “ on the radio earlier. It was a phone in regarding the current shortages. Normally it’s pretty even handed with callers who are both pro and anti whatever the government of the day is doing. This phone in was different, nobody had a good word to say for the government policies. It was mainly Home Counties people complaining about the lack of government action on fuel and the lack of labour to do various jobs.That doesn’t happen often. There comes a time in the life of all governments when the electorate say “ Enough of this lot, anything would be better than this “. That moment came for the Major/Thatcher government and it came for the Brown/ Blair Labour government. We are not there yet but I suspect that moment isn’t far away.
  4. Who was it said “ the only thing square about boxing is the ring “ ?
  5. I used to get my copy from the Boulevard and then read it from cover to cover on the bus back to Rochdale.
  6. It was still the “ Last Sports “ and on white paper when I was buying it. I was playing on Saturdays myself in the mid to late 1960’s so the only time I could get to Ewood in that era would be for night matches.
  7. The reports Alf did back then ( before your time I presume ? ) were more of a detailed play by play account starting with who kicked off and which way Rovers were playing. IE Rovers kicked off attacking the Darwen End. Alf then gave you a running account of who did what as the game evolved. Today’s reports are more of a general summary of what happened.
  8. I think the final straw for people like McDonald is the way Starmer is walking away from the promises he made to get elected.
  9. Just what my wife said when Grant Shapps came on the TV.
  10. Another one from today’s paper - According to analysis by the “ Kings Fund “ the NHS backlog is hitting different areas of the country disproportionately. Waiting lists for routine treatments have grown by 50% in deprived areas and 35% in the most affluent areas. 7% are waiting over a year for treatment in deprived areas compared with 4% in the wealthy areas.
  11. No. thank you. The tests, 5 vials - almost an arm full, all came back clear. The story of the shortage of vials emerged about 5 weeks ago just as I was getting ready for the tests I have every 12 months or so.
  12. I’m reading in my paper today that “ Essar Energy “ who own the Stanlow refinery , the UK’s 2nd biggest, have been allowed to run up a VAT bill of £223 million ! How can this happen. Many a sporting club have been pursued for VAT debts with ruthless efficiency. Just as a footnote to this the “ Stanlow “ refinery is just one more of the nations strategic resources that is now in foreign hands. “ Essar Energy “ is owned by two Indian billionaires brothers, Shashi and Ravi Ruia. Let’s hope they know more about the fuel business than the Chicken Chokers know about football. Their grasp of accountancy appears to be a bit shaky.
  13. That’s old news. It’s why I had to wait 3 weeks for a blood test I had a week ago. Previously I’d be seen within a few days, a week at the latest.
  14. As I understand it the rules and regulations regarding HGV drivers and fuel tanker drivers are different. Tanker drivers training takes longer apparently. How many of the military HGV drivers will be authorised to drive fuel tankers ?
  15. There’s plenty of fuel in the country but it’s at the refinery’s not at the pumps, that’s the problem. This is going to take some putting right. Instead of filling up as per usual people will be filling up more often in the immediate future. As soon as a filling station receives a delivery there’ll be queues waiting to fill up. I can’t see many drivers coming from Europe for 3 months and how many drivers are there in the military than can drive fuel tankers ? I can see some form of rationing coming ie £30’s worth per vehicle.
  16. Thanks very much Tony. I enjoy your “ blow by blow “ account of the game a lot . It reminds me of Alf Thornton’s match reports in “ The Last Sports “ back in the day.
  17. With any team you need to play to your strengths and not impose ways of playing that don’t suit the players skill set.
  18. I agree. Forget the possession based dull football of last season and get the ball forward earlier. We aren’t Barcelona but we do have plenty of willing runners in the team
  19. We’ll know a lot more this time next week. Two tough away games coming up but our away form is decent so far. Four points would be really good, Two wouldn’t be the end of the world.
  20. You know it’s going to be your day when you dummy the keeper with a miss kick, and then the defender kicks the ball against your shins for a goal. They all count the same though. Quality penalty for the hat trick.
  21. Once they’ve finished watering down the rules regarding HGV driver qualification we’ll have all the drivers we need. Just be more careful when you’re crossing the road.
  22. From today’s “ Guardian “ ” As the government sought to alleviate the problem, figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed millions of people were already struggling to find items they were looking for. The ONS said a quarter of British people had reported gaps on supermarket shelves over the past two weeks, with one in six reporting difficulty in finding “ essential “ items. Six in Ten noticed differences in food shopping, most commonly a lack of variety in the products available. Four in Ten said they couldn’t find everything they wanted to buy. “ I can’t speak from personal experience because Mrs Shoelaces refuses to take me super market shopping on the grounds that I put things in the trolley when she isn’t looking.
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