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  1. Some strange comments about Warnock using school yard logic. By that logic, Steve Kean once beat Alex Ferguson....
  2. Yep. Speaking to loads more people now that have been vaccinated. Spoke to one today who had the Oxford vaccine too, so it’s not all Pfizer.
  3. Seen some stats about Thiago Alcantara last night which were interesting. Let me first add the caveat, this lad is a player. One of the best in the world in his position. But, I don’t think Liverpool are working too well with him in the side. Their system of graft over craft in the middle did work, as the full backs are very positive indeed. They don’t seem to get the ball forward as quickly with him, whereas before, that was very much their strength.
  4. I think this is a prime example of people forgetting the impact Dack has had since joining us. Elliott isn’t even our player, Armstrong is out of form and we need to get Bradley Dack back to his best. If the system that used to work much better than the current one gets the best out of him, then that’s what we need to go back to....
  5. Here we go- a thread dedicated to the man himself, the opinion divider, the one- Mr John Buckley!
  6. For goodness’s sake, can we stop another thread turning into a John Buckley debate please? I’m going to create a John Buckley thread for you all to go nuts in. The end.
  7. It’s hardly unreasonable to question the spending on giving out contracts to players who never made an appearance that we have ended up sacking off. Or to give people a wage to use our facilities when they weren’t anywhere near the team. Or, for when the club wouldn’t give anyone refunds and pled poverty. It’s all money that could have been used to help improve the pitch....
  8. On her Facebook page last night she was getting all high and mighty about people being kind. More front than Blackpool Prom....
  9. Look, we mentioned that we didn’t want posts digging out other posters and baiting each other. Yet people carried on. The correct process to follow, if you’ve a problem with a post being removed, is to message a mod, or to go into ask admin and raise it there. We don’t want threads being de-railed with people feeling like they’ve been wronged. If people keep having posts removed, then people might want to check themselves, before blaming the mods for doing what we feel is best for the harmony of the forum. In the past we’ve been accused of either protecting this poster too
  10. Just been catching up with this thread after a busy morning.... Had to hide a few posts directed at some posters politely asking legitimate questions having their intelligence questioned in doing so. I know we are all having a bad time at the minute, but that doesn’t mean that manners and politeness should be escaping you. It’s possible to disagree with people without being rude. To summarise- civility is king. There won’t be any further warnings like this, only bans issued.
  11. So am I, but I’ll be getting mine as soon as I’m able!
  12. If you are making bold claims like this, please can you quote someone who said they aren’t watching or provide some evidence please? I feel like I’ve had to say this to you before too.....
  13. We’ve been appalling today. Trying to work out what’s worse, how we’ve played, or the pitch....
  14. That’s the thing, I’ve had quite the traditional role reversal, I’m good at cooking and a bit OCD, so everything is very tidy! I blame my Dad. He is the one supposed to pass these skills down and he just gets other people to do it for him. ‘Why should I do it when I could pay someone to do a better job than I could?’. Can’t fault the logic really!
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