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  1. To be fair, I didn’t see anyone use the c-bomb, but I’d tend to agree that the other names are probably a bit far. But then, I wouldn’t come on here expecting people to be completely rational after a 6th defeat in 7 games....
  2. Not sure who the mids are, but the mods don’t advise that, no.
  3. ‘What’s he supposed to do about individual errors? He’s not out there on the pitch!’ Then ask yourself, would that happen under a Mick McCarthy side....
  4. Cheers J*B! For real though- if anyone has anything they want me to raise on their behalf, do it in this thread, or drop me a PM. I’ll collate the responses and raise them accordingly. (Also, the Brockhall thing is being raised, so please don’t be shy with your concerns re that).
  5. Oxford and Astra Zeneca. Allegedly, this is the one with the worse side effects, not as many with the Pfizer one, so I hear. (I speak to a lot of people re the vaccine regularly, with work).
  6. Tell you what, the day after the jab, I didn’t half have a tough time! For those of you that have been to a festival for three days- imagine how you felt when you got home and you’re probably there! All better now though....
  7. Hiya- getting a lot of reported posts from this thread, so rather than dishing out warnings and people having time away from the forum- can we rein ourselves in and stop repeating the same things please? Thanks.
  8. Even when you consider that there will be a lot of people in the same households sharing streams, those numbers are still very low...
  9. Amazing when you consider just how much they’ve screwed up and especially re the corruption!
  10. Just had my first vaccine at Blackburn Cathedral in the last hour. Whatever teething problems they may have had, they seem to have been ironed out, I was in and out in ten minutes. As someone with a massive needle phobia, I barely felt it, which was lovely. I’m sure Bill Gates can’t wait to see what I get up to now he’s spying on me forever....
  11. Makes me laugh when people go on about balance. In other words ‘it’s not aligned with my point of view, so it’s unbalanced’.
  12. I’m starting to wonder if some of these super fans will still support us when Mowbray eventually does leave. Or if they are just fans of Mowbray....
  13. Hi everyone- please can we stop duplicating the ‘has he gone yet?’ posts? When he does go, it will be all over the local news....
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