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  1. Eh? You posted a link to Labour islamophobia, but when there was chat about Islamophobia in the Tory party, you kept quiet. In that way, I’m saying your credibility is lost a bit. If you posted comment on the cases in both parties, there wouldn’t be an issue, but I imagine you know this already.
  2. Hartson on top form ‘a controversial free kick for Italy’. Have a day off sweetheart.
  3. You chose not to comment on that, but you comment on this though? You’d have to ask them, they’re their own people?
  4. Mad that you have 20:20 vision for this, but the Tory investigation into it passed you by….
  5. Noticed a few people impersonating Captain Hindsight after one start and one goal for Chile. Can we not do that please? Spending £7 Million on one player who is for the future isn’t a luxury that BRFC can afford. You’re confusing us with another team that play in a different shade of blue in East Manchester….
  6. It’s more to do with 10 years of neglect from the owners, I’d say. But then, I imagine you knew that already.
  7. Whilst they are winning at present, can’t say I’ve been impressed with Spain at all, so far….
  8. Good grief. The lad is 22 years old and he’s already won the World Cup. His numbers at his age are way beyond Ronaldo and Messi when they were the same age. The lad is a machine.
  9. Can’t even remember posting that tbf. #thirstythursday
  10. Haha, I think it would actually be alright tbh. I’ve often said that if people met in person, they’d view other people’s posts in a different light once that happened. Although, impressions of myself certainly after a few cheap Heineken in Ewood WMC may be altered…. P.S- Hi vis optional for the mods!
  11. If anyone doubts that Bennett has been described as a ‘legend’, anywhere, please don’t look at Rovers’ Facebook page, or you’re going to be triggered…. ’Captain, leader, legend’. (I’m not exaggerating, that’s verbatim).
  12. No need to over think it lad. Just a player that isn’t good enough and hasn’t been for a while, has left. Don’t use that as an excuse to have a pop at members on a forum, they might just be right on this occasion, though I’ve my doubts you’d ever admit that…
  13. They still aren’t at full strength either.
  14. They wouldn’t struggle to appoint someone better tbh.
  15. Assuming Wales win, then Italy beat Switzerland, then Wales will be as good as through….
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