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  1. K-Hod

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    In context, whilst it’s annoying, is it really that bad to just click a cross button in the corner a few times a day?
  2. Obviously glad we got the win, been out working today, so didn’t manage to see anything of it until about an hour or so ago. At least I can watch the highlights tomorrow and not be in a bad mood!
  3. To each other mostly, although ideally just criticising his management or things he has said rather than calling him ‘a dickhead’ would be preferable....
  4. Hi All- just a couple of reminders- if there are things you don’t like on the thread, please report them, or DM a mod and they can sort it with you. Talking about it in the thread also takes it off topic and we don’t want that. Also- insults aren’t fine and any more of that and the offending posters will be having a short break from the forum. As ever, just play nicely please. (As frustrated as we all are with our wretched form lately). Thanks.
  5. I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen Mols play, but it just seems really bizarre that he isn’t good enough for us, but he’s good enough for Burnley, who, as we know, play a division higher than us....
  6. No issues with Henderson playing tbf, it’s more I don’t want him and Rice together, it’s far too negative.
  7. Southgate isn’t ballsy enough to do that, though I agree that he should be playing a bold midfield like that. My concern though is that he bricks it and plays Rice and Henderson 🤢
  8. It’s like you just read my tinder bio. Brought a tear to my eye tbh....
  9. I mean, if they offer me a free gaff on Brockhall as a sweetener, I am that much of a douchebag tbh....
  10. But hold on a minute everyone- I thought that when Dack and Travis came back, we’d be flying up the table. Oh right, that didn’t happen did it?....
  11. To be fair, I didn’t see anyone use the c-bomb, but I’d tend to agree that the other names are probably a bit far. But then, I wouldn’t come on here expecting people to be completely rational after a 6th defeat in 7 games....
  12. ‘What’s he supposed to do about individual errors? He’s not out there on the pitch!’ Then ask yourself, would that happen under a Mick McCarthy side....
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