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  1. Slowly, very very slowly the truth is emerging. Brexit was and is, a crazy, costly in many ways, unnecessary move. I honestly believe that even the brexiteers deep down, now know this. The majority will never admit it. Hopefully, as younger generations exert their influence on what will be *their* countries direction, the desire for outward looking, progressive politics where diversity and expansion overcomes desire for an introverted, insular existence will prevail. That’s the only direction that’s worth striving for. Edit….. as part of her bid for head of the NHS, Dido Hardin
  2. The story is about the Amersham Electorate turning a 16,000 Tory majority into a 8,000 vote defeat. Thats huge.
  3. I miss that. Bring back the Hunters, the Bremners, the Vinny Jones’s, the Tommy Smiths, the Glenn Keeleys. None of this tippy tappy, backwards sideways crap from them.
  4. I like Southgate as a person, but this England side is a reflection of his personality - boring. Two games in and there is so much wrong with this England side it’s untrue. Basically there’s no invention, no heart, no belief.
  5. The debate on newsnight centred around how red wall seats can no longer be taken for granted by Labour because in many of those areas the population is becoming older (and according to the guy from the FT less educated and voted leave 😀), while in southern areas younger people are coming to the fore - and they are anything but Tory. The point was none of the Parties should take their historic supporters for granted. Brexit has changed everything.
  6. At this rate, he’s going to be lifting the Jules Rimet Trophy in 2026.
  7. Talk the club and prospects down. Retain a failing manager seemingly forever. Push the prices up. Hmmm? and the brains/thinking behind this is………..
  8. According to the Independant, Johnson is to strip the electoral commission of its powers to to prosecute after its inquiry into who paid for his flat refurb. Absolutely disgusting.
  9. It’s a 7000 page document with various screenshots apparently. Obviously I haven’t read it 😀. As for Hancock lieing? We all know he’s a liar. This in summary about Hancock saying there had never been a shortage of PPE… “I suggest Mr Johnson be asked whether he now agrees "with Hancock that there was no shortage of PPE or do you agree with yourself in April 2020 that PPE supply was 'a disaster' that required moving Hancock?".
  10. That’s just one screenshot of Johnsons comments about Hancock on Cummings’ WhatsApp page. For all the evidence - and there’s a lot of it - go and read Cummings Twitter feed.
  11. Did you not read Jim’s post? He has provided it. It’s there to see.
  12. Lord Frost in front of a select committee this morning answering questions from mainly Conservative and DUP MP’s about the problems with the NI protocol and the checks on goods between GB and NI. As you would expect from that mix, plenty of criticism of the EU. Anyone remember vote leave, leave EU and Brexit supporters everywhere arguing that there would be no need for checks at the Irish border because the technology was already available, already being used between the EU and non EU countries? Wasn’t the argument from them that there would absolutely be no checks? That obvious
  13. British Beef and Lamb farmers? Food, animal welfare standards? Why? What does Australia have that we couldn’t get in the EU? James O’Brien..?
  14. Have Brexiteers now sold out U.K. farmers, just as they did the fishermen? We haven’t yet seen all the details but it appears as though the Aussies will get immediate, tariff free access to our Beef and Lamb market. Why? What for? Any of you brexiteers want to explain? Did you know you were voting for this? Labours viewpoint… https://labour.org.uk/press/australian-government-reveals-the-true-scale-of-tory-sell-out/
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