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  1. The big prize was the country championship. This feels like the 3rd/4th place play off. As you say cricket in this country going into October is just too far.
  2. Sigh 😔 Have you been following the conversation and the replies to that point?
  3. Yep, I meant to end freedom of movement - which is the reason these problems are cropping up.
  4. Not all immigration is for cheap Labour EA, far from it. That’s not a great stance to take really. When you voted for brexit you voted to keep ALL immigrants out of the country - so what you say here and what you voted for are two different things. I have no idea why you think remainers WANT Immigrants into the country for their “cheap Labour”. No idea at all. Most remainers I know understand the benefits of their contributions and understand how much we need that flexibility.
  5. I answered that earlier. Those countries might have driver shortages but because they’re in the EU and still have freedom of movement, they have access to a huge, flexible Labour pool. Brexiteers here don’t want foreigners in the country. Remainers told you this would happen.
  6. Breaking news on Sky… Government are bringing in the army to help with fuel deliveries. Maybe they’ll help the supermarkets fill their shelves, or help the farmers out next summer. What about doing a bit of deep sea trawling to help the fishermen out? Brexit is fantastic isn’t it.
  7. Why not £20/hour? McDonald was close to Corbyn and McDonnell. He was no doubt angry about Starmers rule changes which reduced momentum and the out and out left wingers influence in the party. They have been trying to bring Starmer down since he took control of the party. IMO Starmer wants to lead as someone who does the right thing for the country, not as someone who pushes political, idealist agendas. Corbyn and his mates had their go and left the Tories with their biggest majority since 1930. The country - again in my opinion - will never elect a far left party. If I thought it would I’d be 100% behind them.
  8. The bottom line to the shortages we are seeing in various sectors all over the country, is that because of Brexit and the stopping of freedom of movement, we now don’t have access to the Labour markets that we had pre brexit. There might be HGV shortages around Europe but they don’t have the empty shelves or pumps because they can tap into workers from elsewhere in the EU. We stopped that because brexiteers don’t want foreigners in our country. There’s no quick fix.
  9. It was a sarcastic post that adds nothing to the discussion.
  10. It’s a very childish post Chaddy. It’s becoming quite regular from you these days.
  11. You’re asking why? You know why, - or at least you should know why.
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