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  1. I’m confused. That article was posted on 20/02/21? I also thought that OZ said earlier there was no covenant? Okay... I guess the trust still has to post the clubs response to those questions.
  2. Different day, different bollocks. Hes not talking to the fans, he’s talking to the owners. For some reason they’ve always accepted this tripe and apparently still do.
  3. No. You’re making that up I think. Jim’s still waiting to hear what the AMG story has to do with brexit. Or are you now claiming that any good news at all, is now down to Brexit?
  4. They will change their stance, I’m fairly sure. They might wait for the review board to do it for them.
  5. Try ITV then? “Majority of lorries crossing channel to France are empty as Brexit hits trade“ https://www.itv.com/news/2021-01-28/majority-of-lorries-crossing-channel-to-france-are-empty-as-brexit-hits-trade
  6. We were given dates for both jabs when we booked the first. Sometime in April for us. Blackburn Cathedral again, hopefully without the three and a half hour queue - of which three were outside.
  7. It’s a relief to get that over. I guess England think so too. Bottom line is that we just didn’t have the batting technique for those wickets. It always been that way and I can’t see any way we can change that.
  8. According to Mat Watson of carwow, the best EV in the world.
  9. I’ll be on the picket line with them.
  10. This series hasn’t been boring has it 😊. England have consistently got team selection wrong. The Bowlers given far too much work to do in 40 degrees heat in this test. Bess has played himself out of test cricket for quite some time as well. All in all, truly hammered by a far better team in this series. Yet we still have a (tiny) chance of drawing it. Work that one out.
  11. £37,000,000,000 for test and trace £3.50p for Nurses. I expect Chaddy around any minute to defend that one.
  12. @RevidgeBlue - all that land and they’re talking about squeezing a two storey building on there. Second thoughts, absolutely no doubt.
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