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  1. The UK could have procured the vaccine from within the EU. How many times does that need saying?
  2. There have been more posts on this cricket thread today, than there has been all the time it’s been running.
  3. Root getting 5/8 against Indian batsmen brought up on turning wickets should tell us what’s happening. All he did was turn his arm over.
  4. The previous ball spun and bounced over his left shoulder Jim. This is the problem. Nobody can bat on it including the home players.
  5. Truth is neither side can bat on this. Pope out to a straight one, previous ball spun and turned over his left shoulder. If anyone knows how to bat on this wicket let the England team know.
  6. Got to take the game to them here. Not rash, but positive.
  7. Root 4/5 India lost 6 wickets today for 35 runs.
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