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  1. Harry Kawasaki, whatever you want, just fuck off and never come back
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/article/2024/may/16/dead-hand-of-the-immovable-glazers-keeps-strangling-manchester-united?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2lLVQ9AX5ho417sMHxjOotZ5m93DjI3eAbTJjBtay61x2PYNsD9IinsaU_aem_AeMJE0gIdDkKWVSX1AZxonMu5AQS578s-fUMNVX7Mqs_vOsB1IHyEgIU6iDmySs9j3O96uEPA2nOCKnypDXTG2L0 I read this piece and you could almost just change the names and you'd think, yeah, this is rovers. Such a strong feeling of deja vu. The writer talks about asset capitalism. I think the economic term is rentier capitalism. Sitting back and living off the income of the golden goose. At least that makes some sort of sense, if you're a beetley little weevil parasite whose station in life you owe to your accident of birth. With venkys they've long since turned the golden goose into glue. Haven't they?
  3. Could well do. In any case, if he stays with us, he's mental. Christ knows, I wouldn't stay with us 😆
  4. Feels like a stay of execution to me. I can't see Sammie staying, he'd be a great signing for a club coming down from the prem. And I can't see him being adequately replaced
  5. Whilst I do think we'll stay up now, I can't see anything other than relegation next year. And next year, I don't think it will go down to the last day
  6. I guess it's inevitable we'll stay up now. Which would just be a stay of execution. This is an absolutely piss poor squad, which will be weakened further over the summer. And if we're in the championship next season, surely we're going to get tonked right from the off? It's only our half decent early season form that's saving us at the moment. Our form since Christmas must make sobering reading?
  7. If we don't drop this season, then I think we're certain too next. On the assumption that Sammie gets sold, which seems about right
  8. Fair play but how do you explain the Sunderland game? A fiver nil flash in the pan, it's just mental
  9. I must say, how can this be the same team that took Newcastle to the limit? We piss all over Sunderland and now this. Makes me think we only turn up if we're playing higher league opposition, so there's nothing at stake and we're expected to lose anyway. Or the other team is so piss poor and on such an awful run that there's barely anything there for us to beat. The dressing room atmosphere must be terrible. Rich roll likes to all his guests, are you dragged or driven. These lads are definitely dragged. Jump in the rubber dinghy at the first opportunity and don't look back. Shocking stuff. The rot starts with the owners
  10. Oh lord. It's my birthday today, what fresh hell is this? I'm running the London marathon for charity in eleven days, I've just been taking it easy, can't risk going down the pub or anything, don't want to get ill. I had assumed after Sunderland that the danger was over. How wrong was I? I wonder what the particular permutation of teams at the lower reaches of this division says about the premier League revolution. A number of these teams were in the top flight not so long ago. Now we're all trying to outdo each other for awfulness
  11. If Sammie da Szmo has had a bad game today, I'm not bloody surprised. Two international games in what, five days. Then back to play for us after carrying us all season. The man just be absolutely shagged out. He's not long been a dad (second time?) also I think
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