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  1. It's the lack of care and respect that is unacceptable. Being h crap is one thing, but giving up is entirely different. How can that geezer sit on the bench as a helpless bystander and not do anything. If the job is beyond him then leave, if it isn't then grab hold of your Bollocks and start putting it right. The fans are owed that much. I'm convinced he's sat there waiting for his push off and he's just given up on it because he doesn't believe in himself. Never mind your professional pride, how can you call yourself a man and do that. He's a bloody coward. He hides, he puts the blame anywhere but himself. But then that's the sort of character that Venky's attract. It's a very poor show all around and it's been going on far too long. It's the old Stockdale paradox again. I just have to accept that Venky's own the club and they're batshit clueless loonies who neither care nor understand. To paraphrase stockdale “leaving the world of football and entering the world of Epictetus.” but he only did seven years in hanoi. I guess one day they'll leave, won't they? Won't they?
  2. Not acknowledging the fans is very low. The sign of a man who is completely untouchable or someone who is just waiting for the sack like your wait for Godot? Or both? I just don't know where this is heading, other than down. The whole situation is very unhealthy and it stems from absentee owners who seemingly have no interest
  3. Looks like he needs a Chris Ryan book to keep him occupied. One of them ex-SAS lads books, very macho, help take the edge off the boredom for the fella.
  4. Oh the lad from Liverpool. Well, I didn't see the game. But I pity any young lad playing for rovers at the moment. The manager is a dead loss of space, I should imagine he'd be toxic for any young fella trying to learn the game. I wouldn't feel full of confidence with him behind me. Look at the difference in brereton after he played for a different manager
  5. Yeah, look after yourself, it's not worth it. We didn't sell the club, we don't run the club, we're not the manager and we don't play. The Club is an absolute basket case, but it's not our fault and realistically there's nothing that we can do about it. There's quite a lot of people who contributed to taking us from where we were to putting us into this great bloody hole that were now in, but I doubt any of them feels any shame. It's a crying shame, but you have to look after yourself and not torment yourself thinking about it too much
  6. And people still fall for fat Barry sending an open letter telling us that he's going to fix everything. Oh, they're billionaires, they're so rich. If they ran the club right, we'd be laughing. Wake up, the club is dying on its arse
  7. He should've gone years back. But he's not walking and he won't get sacked
  8. Apart from the Facebook crew, did anyone actually back mowbray anymore? I would've thought he'd lost the entire crowd by now
  9. We are lost in the Venky's vortex with toxic Tony who's on the grass all week. Langurous Lowe, Vexatious Venus and Wankspanner Waggott complete the picture to leave us up Alliterative Alimentary Canal. Can't go forwards, only back, straight down the pan and flushed with prejudice. La tristesse durera, the only release is hacking your internet access off and going down b and q on a Saturday afternoon
  10. Just been reading a piece in the guardian about the Newcastle takeover. It's written by a Geordie. One line stood out... "Without fantasy, football becomes meaningless" The last eleven years have been devoted of meaning then at Ewood. The only fantasy I have is of Waggott dropping dead, and Venky's selling up.
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