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  1. Yeah, I don't wish to be a negative nora, but I doubt it will even get as far as the waste paper basket unfortunately . I think we're being left to rot
  2. Arguing who's been our worst manager of the last ten years just shows me how much absolute nonsense we have had to endure. It doesn't matter who's been worse in my view, all of them have not been good enough for one reason or another. And if we get rid of Mowbray, we'll just get another bottom feeder installed.
  3. Duds, dickheads and crooks 🤣 sums it up very well. I don't think anyone sensible would work with them, I mean, it must be well - known in football what they're like. If mowbray goes, we'll just hire another arse. Completely agree, they have to go, but for whatever reason they refuse to let us go. It's incredible, the stupid level is absolutely galactic
  4. Because he's a poor manager, who as time has gone on, has increasingly given up on trying to make a success of it and is now just in stasis as he waits to get binned. The villains of the piece are most definitely venkys. They've hired a succession of chancers and yes men. We certainly weren't in this position when they took us over. I do acknowledge that any manager worth his salt (ex McCarthy) given the resources at their disposal, should have at least got this team into the play offs.
  5. Let's just hope this is the bell-end. Picking Evans again. Like a northern Irish Lowe, but without the running
  6. Even if we did get rid of him, does anyone have any faith that the next guy would be any better
  7. Yeah, there'll possibly be another dozen or so turning up to watch the game 👍
  8. Imagine getting a team talk from him, that would really inspire players to give more
  9. It really is unbelievable. What an absolute mess. Anyone going to be buying this season's highlights DVD? Because next season will make this one look like 99/2000. At this point you have to say relegation is nailed on.
  10. You can't trust the venkys Like uncle jack walker When they're mates with Dodgy Jerome
  11. Yep. No one runs a football club this way, because it is a template for disaster With no changes, our current form will continue and we'll be ten points adrift at Christmas
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