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  1. Yeah, that's absolutely disgusting. Not only have respect for the club, but how about a bit of self respect. He isn't up to the job, fair enough, so do the decent thing and walk. To say he's not affected by losses, that's shocking. Christ knows what the atmosphere in the dressing room is like. Those players aren't idiots. Hopefully they still have professional pride of not some sort of feeling that they want to win because they like the club. And yet they have to play for a guy who doesn't know what he's doing, what does that do for their careers? The situation is absolutely toxic, no wo
  2. No sense in rushing. Make it ten years instead and make it a really worthwhile journey
  3. I honestly believe lads, that we are teetering on the brink of an implosion.
  4. I read once that during the week, Glenn was kept in a cage and fed raw meat. Wonder if Christine was the same?
  5. Protest march? Throwing river chickens on the pitch? Blockading the training ground? Last time there were big protests, not enough people got on board because some people just wanted to watch rovers no matter what. What they'd do if rovers went out of existence, I'm not quite sure
  6. There's no good reason to keep hold of Mowbray. If we shunted him, how many clubs would be queueing up for the geezer? How many clubs right now would be thinking, God, we need Tony Mowbray in here, he'd get this club sorted out. He's no bleeding good, he can't put a squad together, he can't put a team together, he's about as inspirational as Eddie Edwards skiing backwards blindfolded. And he's tainted by association with Steve Swaggot. What does he offer this club? All this money being spent by venkys and nothing to show for it. All I hear in return is a load of surrender mon
  7. Lost in the quarters to Brentford in 89 I think it was. also remember almost beating Liverpool over two legs in the league Cup, sellars headed in a pearler.
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