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  1. I remember Phil Jones playing his first for us and I said to my father, “he is unbelievably good!”
  2. If money isn’t there to buy or loan, I’d rather us utilise the academy and JRC across LB, RB and Wing. Bell has been... ok and we still have Williams. I’d rather not see us spunk our last pennies on players only to end up like Bolton and Wigan. We are comfortably mid table but with a little luck, we could sneak into the playoffs. IMO
  3. Why wait until Monday? Have we forgotten losing Keane the same way? Get it announced and done now.
  4. By this comment alone, I know exactly who you are now! Muwahhaha
  5. Still thought he was a good young keeper. In fact up until his face injury, I thought he was immense.
  6. I always thought Raya would one day end up in the premiership. I actually thought he’d end up at Liverpool
  7. That’s hardly fair. Yes he has had some stinkers and I have called him out on Twitter for it but at the end of the day, he plays wherever and whenever he’s told. Can’t fault him for his desire to play for the club.
  8. Mind you. Sometimes people do hear things and want to give the MB a boost. But of course if they say who told them or say too much, Then their sources dry up. personally, I like the tid bits!
  9. Piss poor planning form those two. They should have coordinated to ensure at least one was here! Tut tut
  10. Does he like smelling his hand? Where’s he had it I wonder?
  11. Maybe Nixon will pick up on this... I think he is on this group. ?
  12. Hmmmm. Strange really because even though his scoops are usually wrong, I enjoyed them.
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