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  1. I don’t post for the love and I certainly don’t list for love from people who still think Mowbray is good for this club. Yesterday was enjoyable to watch but it changes nothing. In fact, it proves even more that he is holding back these players and the club.
  2. Some positives from today: - We actually looked like a team - The players had a point to prove and did so (that there is life after Arma - and goals) - Dolan is full of confidence and suits a free role - The win and 3 very timely points - JRC being back - Dack looking far happier (penalty incident aside) - Gally looking far happier and getting the clichéd one off the backside (well, chest) - Today proves we have the players but not the manager Let’s try to settle a side now and get some points on the board to get some clear daylight away from relega
  3. What’s happening is that there is no concern from anyone at the club about relegation or the effects of it. The good ship Mowbray is headed for the rocks and the lookout is on a fag break. Nobody off the field fears for their position. Results don’t matter. On the field, players aren’t selected on merit or form but by some rotation policy that means even if you play well you could be on the bench next game. The owners don’t demand anything from the club, the manager or the board. Fans are a necessary evil. Apathy reigns.
  4. Presumably they can’t see the contradiction...
  5. Let’s avoid relegation for now. If we have to suffer Tony and his favourites plus tombola midfield then for now so be it. It’s just a shame that Venkys have no interest and/or no clue and/or no ambition or we would have someone new in now assessing what was needed before the Summer window and pre-season. This should be Waggott’s job but he clearly has no interest in change either. On top of covid restrictions we will now have “we can’t talk about season tickets until we know which division we will be in”.
  6. Stuart

    Site adverts

    But those unpaid volunteers know this going in, and if you charge customers to use a site then surely you should pay those people who help run it. But it then becomes a very different concept. By the way, one person’s civility is another’s censorship so it may be somewhat unique but it might not be a selling point for everyone. You could moderate a Facebook group.
  7. Stuart

    Site adverts

    Like I said it’s your call.
  8. Stuart

    Site adverts

    You have decided or you would have switched them off and asked for donations. Sorry for the immediate reply - the notification intrusively popped up!
  9. It amazes me that it only takes a single win for some people to start their sanctimonious crap. We could lose the next four and win the fifth and the same thing would happen. It’s just bizarre.
  10. Today makes a huge difference. It’s another reset for Mowbray and we are now stuck with him until at least the end of the season (if there was ever any doubt). The next test will be what he does when Armstrong is “fit” again.
  11. Stuart

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    I’m sorry if you are genuinely struggling or alternatively I’m not sure why you are turning this into some kind of argument. The ads are shit (not your fault as I’ve already stated, it’s just a fact). You have decided to run the site with ads so the fact they pop up is of your making, (despite it apparently being some Google-related trigger). Having decided this you now see the “solution” as people paying a subscription to avoid them. Which is a pretty shitty move but hey it’s your site, it’s just that this experience reflects on the site. I don’t want to see the ads and I
  12. Stuart

    Site adverts

    I understood perfectly fine thanks.
  13. I too thought Trybull did well today. Better than expected tbf.
  14. Actually really enjoyed that game today. We looked like a different team. From one with a single focal point to a real team performance. Dolan has showed what he can offer (MoM today for me). Dack is a far better fulcrum and him and Arma are going to struggle to find common ground. When Dack was on top of his game pre-injury, Armstrong was out wide - which doesn’t suit Arma either. If we can get anything above £10m I say sell. Gallagher central is far better. All of the things we have been asking for but Mowbray has stuck to his way. As soon as he can he will bring Arma back and drop
  15. These commentators are being a bit pathetic now. Having a pop at Rothwell for trying to play Dolan in, in a game we are winning, and berating Rothwell for not being more selfish like Armstrong, after the latter’s selfishness has been a contributing factor in six defeats in seven. “Why can’t they just enjoy the win?” Granted Millwall have been really poor but we have looked more like a team today than we have since the start of the season. It’s a team game, not an individual one.
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