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  1. Harsh? What are you on about? I was politely reminded if I don’t like the spam ad era I could piss off. I think my reply was quite light-hearted in response.
  2. A point I’ve already made for you. But thanks for reinforcing “F.O.” as the alternative. “If you don’t enjoy the experience, there’s other options out there”. Sounds like you’ve been in Waggott’s company recently. I imagine he has that framed on the wall in his office.
  3. Hi Glenn, hope you are well. Interesting points. However, I feel that we have reached the point where is is not between 1 and 2 but between 3.5 and 4. Everyone’s perception will be different. Interesting you mention paywalls though. It was deemed important not to enforce members only to avoid serial screenshotters from getting their kicks on Twitter but the response from the site owners/admin to ads is we could go to membership only (paid, of course). And somehow, paying to post (create content - which people currently do for free) is somehow comparable with a Netflix subscription! Anyway, it’s pretty academic as it’s their site to do as they wish. I just preferred how you and Ste ran it. Maybe it’s all wrapped up in a nostalgic want for simpler times when I used to enjoy being a Rovers fan rather that it being a duty, and now a form of psychological torture.
  4. You just keep on reading what you want to read Gav, don’t worry about what others are actually saying. 🤔 Keeps things simple for yourself. 👍🏻
  5. So you removed them, presumably, because you didn’t like the aesthetics and it spoiled the reader experience by harder to get to the content? I completely agree with you and this is precisely the problem. Clearly the forums don’t matter as much as the articles though. Ambition to become a Blackburn WSC and relegate the forums to “readers comments” in amongst the advertising, maybe? Ads are a necessary evil for the site (notably over the last three years mainly) but they really have now reached spam level. The type of which appear on click bait sites. The Citizen newspaper went down this road and people ended up chucking it straight in the bin - outdoor toilets no longer being a thing.
  6. Well “he’s not Kean” so he gets a free pass. These people would still be chanting “Owen Coyle’s blue and white army” because we simply don’t have any other songs to sing, such is the dearth of inspiration. Our only fallback is the sweary “no nay never” that tends to come out as a late-game song to try to warm the cockles.
  7. Without the “covtrio” we probably would, at least in the short term. Impossible to “rally around” without it being spun by them as endorsement. Following Rovers has never been this painful.
  8. Sounds like something Boris would say! Take away what you had and then offer it back to you at a cost. 🤔 It won’t be a surprise when I say this but the ads were bad enough when you first switched them on, now they are so obtrusive it’s not funny. It’s a full page one at the top and about 2-3 at the bottom of every page, then about every fourth post, and also pop up every time you change thread. Impossible to ignore - and still nothing I would ever purchase. Is there no limit to how many? Will we have them after every post soon? The fluff piece in the LT said the site is non-profit and the ads generate money to improve the site. Yet, at the same time they make the forum experience poorer. The functionality is worse than it has ever been over the last 12 years or so. Don’t ask me to list all the minor forum downgrades over recent years, there are a lot and they are little things but they all add up. At least it mirrors the state of club though so that’s good. What has changed since Ste and Glenn ran the site in terms of costs? Have server cost increased that much, relatively speaking? Because, on the face of it, it seems that you are sacrificing the forums to fund the site becoming news-centric. There are zero ads on your home page or articles page - or even the articles - let alone the intrusive ones we have to leaf through. So to turn your jibe to Rev on its head, are you going to start paying forum posters? After all they are content creators and wealth generators for the site (as the advertiser target audience that you have selected). At the end of the day, it’s your site now and you can do whatever you like, and I can either put up with it or walk away. Very much like how Waggott has treated us all as fans: “Pay up or F off” That aside, congratulations on becoming formal owners of the site.
  9. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rothwell has asked to leave. Wasted under Mowbray. Keep Rothwell, sell Armstrong and use the money to pay off the Mowbrosaur and invest in a new manager.
  10. Interesting. Needs further research though. However, what I did find interesting was this article. Just the opening paragraph of point 1 is sufficient. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejm199711133372006 We are heading for a dark place. Threatening students not to be able to get an education if they don’t comply. If that isn’t duress or coercion, I’m not sure what is. This is the largest medical research programme in history and people are not being allowed to opt out, lest they are punished.
  11. Utterly disgusting. I mean it’s a nice shirt but it is a Rovers shirt. They can claim they had it first off they want - I don’t imagine there are any colour photos of it - but that is a Rovers shirt. There’s a video on YouTube and the Palace fans in the comments are all salivating over it. Just cements the fact that Blackburn Rovers have the best and most iconic kit in the country. Just a shame the clowns currently in charge of the club don’t have a clue, and we are back to playing in blue in the first half and playing in white in the second.
  12. Well Kean did do exactly that with John Jensen.
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