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  1. What’s to explain? I’ve watched the team when Armstrong has been absent and, in my opinion, we play much more like a team. Movement, interplay, passing and movement, cohesion, body language. There are minimal stats to back this up but last season without him we beat Millwall away, drew with Swansea and narrowly lost 1-0 to Brentford. Dack was injured by Raya and Arma was then brought back in for the following game. He was then out again and we drew with Norwich. In both runs, as soon as we lost, somebody was dropped for Armstrong. Arma hogs the chances and no surprise scores the
  2. I think that question is yet another indictment of Mowbray. See Sparks’ comment. Mowbray has favourites. First it was Dack, and Armstrong was played in a position that Arma himself said didn’t suit him in order to favour Dack’s abilities. Everyone else is part of a rotation. We are likely to have one player per season of any transfer interest. This season it is Armstrong. Now, to go back to Joe’s question, I would support keeping Armstrong but only if Mowbray is replaced.
  3. Moving the goalposts there, Joe. I would rather we sold Armstrong right now than Rothwell. If we keep Armstrong and recruit using the money we make from Rothwell then we are going to really struggle. If we keep Rothwell and strengthen using the money from Armstrong then we should be able to improve the first team. Arma is hugely overrated IMHO and his stock is artificially inflated because of his sporadic goalscoring - he is very inconsistent and has scoring gluts once teams are beaten. We are a better team when he doesn’t play. (You won’t find many stats for that but I’ve
  4. Ha, yes. It was a photo of him with what looked like a bag of pedigree chum on a shelf behind him.
  5. Why would Armstrong go along with that idea? He can make a heck of a lot more money as a free agent with the exact argument you are making. We have to sell this Summer or plan for life without him and no money. With Mowbray in charge we may as well give Rothwell “the Armstrong role”, build the team around him and let him have 5-6 shots every game. I think it would be wrong to finance a one-season gamble (form vs injury-risk vs value) by selling another first team. Besides, even if your lowball estimate is right. £10m now or £20m next season (assuming the same kind of season
  6. Entirely possible. Similar happened with Kean. Steve on November 22nd: “Yes, there have been discussions about a new contract, but I have told the owners that this is an inappropriate time to conclude any new contract discussions. Instead, the real issue is for me and everyone else to concentrate on the games.” https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/steve-kean-20-damning-quotes-823871
  7. Selling Rothwell to keep Armstrong would only serve to highlight how terrible the Coventrio are at recruitment. A proper manager would sell him and buy three gems. Have we learned nothing from what happened with Dack? But then again it is Nicko. He has a tombola machine to rival Tony’s.
  8. The only difference is that at the end of this season Mowbray no longer has a contract. It will be the biggest F you of all from Venkys to the fans if he gets another one.
  9. Utterly frightening. Is this what football really is? A front for other interests? It does make you wonder what motivates ex players in particular. We hear often about players struggling financially when they finish playing, and how precarious a job football management is. I expect they have to make money how and when they can. It might even be possible to feel sorry for them - but not at the expense of our beloved club.
  10. With there being some similarities in the phasing (due to also overstaying their abilities) I reminded myself of the circumstances of Bowyer leaving. He was removed in November 2015 after a run of W5D6L5, sat in 15th, 4 points outside the bottom three. That’s a run that would delight Mowbray and his fans and would be spun as stability - with all kind of tropes and euphemistic language to support it. So we can expect Mowbray to get the full window and one-third of next season at least. If he stays in the top half the gig will rumble on. It doesn’t appear that Waggott will be reti
  11. His inability to organise a team to win games of football.
  12. With Rotherham and Wycombe both relegated, Mowbray is now the longest serving manager in the Championship. Sixth in the EFL 72 overall. And that’s with relegation on his record, whether he likes it or not, and the two worst runs of form in decades which would have seen him sacked at any other club at this level, let alone one that needed promotion. Such a shame we ended up with owners so rich, so negligent and so arrogant that they allow themselves to be exploited time and time again. At this point, comparisons with Kean are fair. Both are unable to deliver on the field, bo
  13. VAR needs scraping. It is not consistently referred to.
  14. I think you’re spot on. VAR is corrupt and an external actor decides which decisions to refer and which not to. Needs to be three referrals by each manager, not somebody who is not accountable.
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