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  1. Proper match preview. Feels a bit like the old days. If we keep this up we’ll have them up the day after the previous game soon!
  2. Twas probably what clinched the deal. No travel costs. Let’s not use this as an excuse to give Mowbray a free pass though. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those team tactics meetings still continue.
  3. Welcome back AAK. Hopefully it’s a big turnaround for yourself and Rovers. Onwards and upwards!
  4. He went to the loo and managed to splash his trousers so tried drying them under the hand dryer. If you’ve ever used the hand dryers on any of the concourse toilets you’ll understand why it only taking him 15 minutes (and an awful lot of rubbing) to get them touch dry was a massive achievement. Meanwhile one of the players spotted a whiteboard at the back of the changing room wedged behind a bench. Presumably left there by a former manager and only previously show to Adam Armstrong…
  5. I respectfully disagree. He has traditionally done well when he has had fewer options to choose from. That’s not good management. I guess one could argue that Chapman’s contribution tonight was the result of Mowbray playing a long game with his development. Banishing him to the U23s, exiling him out on loan in a lower division, but we both know he is back because Tony has next to no alternatives so it really would be scraping the barrel. He has a slim chance of proving Mowbray wrong (or right depending on your perspective) or he will be replaced by a loanee again. Let’s chat again about it in December. When I sincerely hope to have egg on my face.
  6. That would be stupid, so yes, probably. These results are in spite of Mowbray, not because of him. Our squad is paper thin due to poor recruitment policy, bad contract management, and lack of ambition. As a result the team picks itself, and Mowbray has very few options to tinker. Even now, he cannot see the need to make changes until it is too late. Another night and this would have finished a draw. Let’s see what happens when he does have a bigger squad and more bench options. Then the failed rotation policy will start again. The only saving grace is that this is probably the most uninspiring Championship line-up that there has been for some time. The biggest teams are West Brom, Bournemouth and Fulham. If we can’t finish sixth in this division, this season then it will be down to one man. This should have been the zenith of three seasons of building. Instead it’s the morning after an earthquake and we are doing the best we can from the survivors we’ve dug out of the rubble. If we are up in the top 4-6 in December I fully expect him to get a new contract but it would be the wrong move.
  7. Puts to bed the “we won’t score without Armstrong” concerns. Four different goalscorers too. Long may it continue. Our good start might be the little nudge a couple of signings need too.
  8. What script would that be? We all want Rovers to win. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
  9. N&W eulogising about Ayala just now but Harry Chapman also deserves a special mention. Turned that 1 point into 3. Has he regained Mowbray’s trust?
  10. Great result that. But you have to wonder how much better things could be if these players had a better tactician in charge. Shouldn’t have needed to concede before making changes. Davenport was excellent when he came on.
  11. Credit where it’s due. Great tackle from Buckley.
  12. Why are we set up so that Buckley is on the end of these chances? (And why does Neil let him off every time but hammer Dolan?)
  13. Rothwell and Dolan coming off. Free passes for Buckley and Brereton.
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