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  1. They’re shite, convince me otherwise. Chaddy has liked your response, says it all, not a go at you, sorry, but both are shite.
  2. It won’t end, rovers have the option to extend by 12 months, which they obviously will.
  3. You joking? This club won’t get anyone of that Calibre these days, and yes I mean that calibre, not great, second rate at best, I know. Our best hope these days is young lads from the lower division who think along the lines of “oh wow yeh, Blackburn they won the league in 95, massive, ill defo sign for them”. Established players won’t come to this shithouse.
  4. No we don’t, we have one in Gallagher but play him on the wing.
  5. Noble said he was the best player he’s ever played against didn’t he lol, he was wrong, found out the hard way didn’t he.
  6. Just watching the promotion game at Preston back in 2001. Wow we had some warriors back then, but warriors who were talented too! Even the likes of duff and Dunn flying in with challenges and looking mean. We really could do with a Gary Flitcroft type leader these days, I forgot how good he actually was, quality player.
  7. Exactly, we should have learnt from previous attitudes in regards to style of play, Allardyce got hounded, as soon as he left we've been on a downward slope for 9 years.
  8. You said “the main issue, is that he’s crap” so which one is it, is he crap or not.
  9. Agree totally pal, however that word ‘imagination’ isn’t one that you can attach to the manager, board, owners and club in general, we just plod along.
  10. On our supposed budget there probably isn’t ‘better elsewhere’.
  11. The Spanish love Le Tis, most of them say he’s the best English player ever. One club does a kind of presentation every year which he attends, because he was a one club man and a great player, and xavi and iniesta both said he was their favourite player growing up. As for Tuggers, ferguson said he’s the best he’d ever seen outside the so called top clubs and would have signed him if he’d noticed him in his earlier years, says it all about tuggers. Mark noble also once said tuggers was the best midfielder he’s ever played against.
  12. We won’t be replicating any model, the club from top to bottom are incapable of such plans.
  13. Give over; rothwell - shite davenport - next to useless samuel - diabolical caddis - atrocious whittingham - god bless him, but poor walton - calamity chris gladwin - not worth a comment Harper - useless nuttall - truly awful striker bell - worst full back I’ve seen at ewood hart - pointless chapman - what was the point payne - what was the point brereton - disgraceful signing gallagher - doubly disgraceful signing johnson - worked out badly armstrong, dack, downing, holtby, tosin I would class as good signings. A few other I would class as neither good nor bad. overall though poor record
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