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  1. I just don’t know what to think of this rovers team, lovely performance tonight, Pickering excellent as usual, such an upgrade on bell. Dolan marvellous as per usual, Brereton banging in a goal as per, and Rothwell majestic on the ball at times. But then I think, if we hadn’t have fecked up against Luton and Coventry, we’d be 3rd and we also lost 7-0 the other week, and ayala is also getting on my nerves, limping off every other week. However here we are, let’s stick at it, and please let us strengthen in January.
  2. Yes, I think it’s a fair comment from, Garner, it’s strange to say the least, I don’t rate the lad at all. However the team does do better with him, I can’t quite work out why.
  3. The system I suppose dictates that we only need one sitting midfielder, which I guess is why davenport has been dropped. However travis has been underpar for a long time now, I’d have dropped him and played davenport. Seemingly travis is one of Tony’s new soldiers, who has to play every week.
  4. Forgot all about, Lambert, damn. Good shout though.
  5. I was JW upper, Darwen end side, they nearly ran out of beer, there were no crisps or chocolate and they had minimal pies/hot dogs and at half time a relatively small queue, took them about 25 mins to get through seen as there was 1 person serving, the whole set up is a complete and utter shambles.
  6. Very good point, an acquaintance of mine works with his sister. When he got the job he was over the moon, and had a proper and I mean proper, project and vision for the club moving forward. He was proud to be rovers manager and was absolutely gutted when he got the chop. However he always wished the club well, shows the level of the man.
  7. Is that what it is based on? If so I retract my comment, I thought it was like Football Manager, where they just come up with randomly wild valuations.
  8. I still don’t understand how Buckley goes from a central midfielder, to a right back and onto a false 9 within the space of a week. Fuck me! also, why did he persists with 3 forwards all game, utter craziness, he clearly has no plan b, when it’s going wrong it continues to go wrong under, Tony.
  9. I wouldn’t say values are facts, I would say they are based on some pretty useless algorithm and opinions. Granted the appearance markers are factual and say a lot.
  10. If this prick isn’t gone by tomorrow, then I am NEVER, going home or away again under venkys, NEVER.
  11. On a more positive note, England 4 wins from 4 in the World Cup, and we even had one of our own representing in Asia.
  12. I just meant in general, he’s like a lost schoolboy, not up to it and clarkson is like a clone of him.
  13. Midfield is the massive problem, it doesn’t protect the back 4 enough, and doesn’t create enough, essentially both it’s 2 main roles. clarkson and Buckley like a couple of school lads having a kick about, useless. johnson way past it. Travis never recovered from that long injury (despite commentary tonight saying he’s had a great season, fuck me not sure what they’ve been watching) then you’ve got the 2 other loans, khadra always injured and poveda as much use as a chocolate tea pot. rothwell only decent one out of the whole lot, it’s a joke it really is.
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