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  1. Silas

    Site adverts

    Yeah, fair enough, very different sites, I get that. Was just pointing out that from experience, these specific ads blend into the background quicker than you might think. That was all. That's my personal experience though, doesn't mean others won't feel different and find them annoying.
  2. Silas

    Site adverts

    Indeed. I've just worked out I hadn't even noticed them because I was so conditioned to instantly closing them on another site. Forebet = great football stat site with h2h info, form guide etc that I definitely don't use to aid and abet a gambling habit. 🤔 Anyway, if you're researching fixtures daily those ads must be par for the course, because I appear to deal with them like my eyelids deal with moisturising my eyeballs. I kid you not. It's actually caused me to reevaluate a few things tonight. 😊😊
  3. Silas

    Site adverts

    I'm not getting any change on mobile (samsung galaxy). Didn't yesterday on my work PC either. What am I missing? 🤔 Is it because I stay logged in so I'm not clicking on a new link.
  4. Liverpool's last 7 home games: 1-1, 0-0, 0-1, 0-1, 1-4, 0-2, 0-1. 2 pts from 21. TM has at least achieved one of his goals, it's official, we finally play football like Liverpool.
  5. Rishi says Mexican coke is the best you can get:
  6. Speaking of the last 6 games though, I see we're now rock bottom of the form table: https://www.thefishy.net/formtable.php?table=2 Even if you go by the last 10 games we're in the bottom 3. It truly is the direst of dire death spiral, and that takes some doing with what's gone before. I genuinely can't see how any Rovers fan, however positive they are generally, can not be reaching for the panic button. Even worse, some of them are incredulous that it's being touted. Mystifying. There's showing loyalty and giving managers a chance, I get that, but that ship sailed a l
  7. Can understand that too. And with each week/match that goes by, goodwill evaporates, and the ones willing to give him credit dwindle. That's why it's best for everyone it ends soon. Before we all end up in the disgusted camp. We're exactly where I hoped we'd never get to. And I'm not meaning league position.
  8. That old phrase - when people are angry they say things they don't really mean. I can understand that. Another phrase - desperate people do desperate things. I can understand that too. That's how I'll explain TM's embarrassing ramblings these last 6 months. And when he goes soon I'll try and remember him for the 3.5 years before that where he did an ok job. And give him credit and respect for that.
  9. Very noble attitude to have, well done you for respecting other opinions and not tearing down. Just one thing though.....in the last week alone you've put your stamp of approval on tweets calling fellow fans "absolutely pathetic" and "petulant children". Just wondering where that falls in your spectrum of Zen enlightenment? 🤔 Let me guess, it's just the folk with an opposing opinion to you that are acting like big meanies?
  10. Yeah, I'm doing a complete u turn now. 1st way worse. If, by the letter of law, the 2nd isn't a knock on then fair enough. It's BS, but laws are laws. The 1st is a disgrace. Ref should be embarrassed.
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