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  1. That's exactly how you referenced it.......twice. By the way, a hell of a lot has happened in 2 years since your 2019 article. Odd thing to bring up. The Guardian has tons on it recently. I'd recommend the, (I assume ironically named), Jasper Jolly articles. Remind me never to get stuck near him at a party.
  2. Fair enough. Wasn't necessarily aimed direct at you, just a general rant. Sick of some of the BS I've heard and read recently from those "reputable" sources. The figures are all there if these journalists bothered to actually do their jobs. For instance, here are the 2018 figures: https://www.bifa.org/news/articles/2018/dec/truck-driver-shortage-crisis-now-spreading-across-the-whole-of-europe By my calculations, through Brexit & the pandemic, France's shortage has doubled from 20k to 43k. UK's has gone up about 15% from 52k to 60k. Yet we all know the headlines we've seen.
  3. This problem has been building for decades Mike: "The driver shortages have been affecting the global road freight market for around 15 years." The pandemic has exacerbated it. And, yes, Brixit has had an impact too. But it's getting boring it being solely attached to Brexit, when most Countries in Europe have the exact same issue. Estimated driver shortages: Poland- 124,000 UK- 60,000 Germany- 45,000 France- 43,000 Spain & Italy- 15,000 https://www.globalcoldchainnews.com/driver-shortage-is-pan-european/ And here's a good article on why these staff shortages might turn out to be a good thing for low pay workers. About time these companies with billions of profits each year started paying people properly further down the chain: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk-politics/2021/08/the-lorry-driver-shortage-has-exposed-britains-exploitative-low-wage-economy
  4. So bad. I keep zoning out and feels like I'm watching a giant killing FA Cup tie on the BBC. Wolves v Aldershot Town or something. Ffs.
  5. These commentators....Smallwood was a fans favourite...... and Tony might start panicking about the number of goals conceded soon. They obviously haven't heard defenders are coming.
  6. I think we should all just get our medical recommendations from Nicki Minaj: It prompted this response: And she's currently arguing with Piers Morgan and Laura Kuenssberg over it. What a World!
  7. Hull haven't scored a goal in their last 5 matches. Hull haven't scored a goal in the last 4 matches against Rovers. Rovers have kept a clean sheet in 4 of last 6 home games against Hull. Pretty emphatic stats that all point to one thing being guaranteed to happen tomorrow.....🤔
  8. The refs reacted with emotion rather than using their heads. (Seems VAR didn't get involved, 4th official on side called it.) Just like the ref admitted he did with Gomez I believe afterwards. Said he saw how bad the injury was and sent Son off unfairly. Awful injury for poor Harvey just when he was breaking in the 1st team. Good luck to him on the recovery. But I'd struggle to make a case for that being a yellow, never mind a red.
  9. Yeah, felt like it right. Groundhog day. We could say that about a dozen games a season last few years. Clearly looking good isn't translating to points. 😥😥 Sad times. And this is where we're at, just waiting for the inevitable. I genuinely don't believe there will be another manager in all the football leagues that has survived so many dismal troughs. Say 10 game spells, will there be any other managers with such a low pts per game % repeated so many times that is still in a job. 🤔
  10. Exactly 2 years back in the TM thread there's people calling us "embarrassing" and "cringey" for saying it was time to go. I would love those people to explain to me how Rovers have benefitted in any way from having him here these last 24 months. Zero progression. Imagine where we could be if a new manager had come in then. I refuse to believe we could possibly be in a worse place, and am fairly confident there would have been significant improvement in that time.
  11. Interactive prediction league with a speedboat as final end of season prize....🤔
  12. Absolutely. The focus seems to have all been on the "horse wormer" because it makes pithy headlines, but it's the monoclonal antibodies that got my attention. Seem to be a legit option in fighting the virus: https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hblog20210901.667955/full/ Been getting prescribed for a good 6 months now in US I believe, particularly for serious cases. I'll take any good news in terms of treatment, as I don't think this virus is going anywhere, more likely it will keep mutating and getting worse.
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