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  1. Barnsley brave with a new foreign manager in Markus Schopp.
  2. Missing out on Reach a huge blow... We've got time to get him but mess things up again.
  3. Mowbray has to go. If we sell Armstrong we have to keep faith in Dolan and Brereton as our main strikers with Gallagher coming of the subs to score and a joker in McBride.
  4. Mowbrays time at Rovers looks numbered... be prepared for Johnson to take over.. in a cheap way like Bowyer did and then maybe ... we can hope somebody tells Venkys about Ainsworth...
  5. Seems we have changed to a 3-5-2 formation for this season...that would surely end our wing play with Gally and Breo ..... think its down to numbers missing.
  6. Would be the best one to replace Mowbray. Young, hungry and impressive as manager.
  7. So both Chapman and Rothwell left out and probably leaving then.
  8. Good to see Dolan getting 45 mins against Leeds...he will be ready for Swansea after 75 mins against Bolton on saturday.
  9. Ayala was poor against Bradford...Happy to see Magloire who I rate..
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