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  1. Ipswich may be about to sack Lambert and maybe that's a job Mowbray is looking at.
  2. We will see Brereton, Armstrong and Elliott today in the front line. Also think Rothwell will start and Evans. Lenihan may play.
  3. Mowbray says its owners to decide his future.. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19122979.tony-mowbray-dont-sit-fear-fighting-job/
  4. The talk about being a burnden and owners to decide could be that we may see an end of the Mowbray era in the coming weeks or by summer. Think they had set the goal for play offs and if not reached they will probably part company.
  5. Magloire doing well https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19119084.unbelievable---tyler-magloire-winning-praise-motherwell/
  6. He keeps plodding about Arma being a Prem player.. Wants him sold then..
  7. We looked this all season...conceding soft goals then pill one back and then just let them ease through...
  8. Are you for real.. Watford were crap tonight...even coventry would beat them. Think it Will be tough on saturday...
  9. Were getting nearer relegation zone...balaji brothers must be excited about this crap...
  10. Why dig he not sign Kipre when We had the chance in the Window ...devastating decisions has cost us all season
  11. Look at Barnsley...they got a really good manager. Look at their team.
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