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  1. You forgot James Collins... big striker who knows where the goal is.
  2. A lot of free bees available. Halilovic, Mowatt and Marcondes available midfielders. Also Yuri Ribeiro at Forest as left back. Have to say Bell looked miles ahead of Douglas in last games but is now released. Think he will do better with a better manager.
  3. Well Brereton up top with Gally on a 4-4-2 would not be that bad..
  4. I hope Harry Pickering is better than Douglas and Bell...
  5. I would try to bring in Devante Cole from Motherwell along with Assombalonga.
  6. Well We looked really clueless....this is a downward spirale at the moment.
  7. Another pathetic performance from Rovers and shows just why Rovers must get a new manager with fresh Ideas. Were not safe yet with three games to go... Mowbray OUT
  8. All this Mowbray bullshit talk about identity... Rovers need a new manager asap.
  9. The club is in shambles....I havent watch the last two games ....Waggot is really taken this club with disgrace at the moment. He dont have the guts to sack his mate Mowbray... Dropping down a division would be devastating. 4 years with Mowbray is enough.
  10. Well we were on course for relegation some months ago. When will Venkys learn... Sack Mowbray!
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