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  1. The club is in shambles....I havent watch the last two games ....Waggot is really taken this club with disgrace at the moment. He dont have the guts to sack his mate Mowbray... Dropping down a division would be devastating. 4 years with Mowbray is enough.
  2. Well we were on course for relegation some months ago. When will Venkys learn... Sack Mowbray!
  3. Would also look at Andrew Hughes at Preston who is out of contract at the end of season.
  4. Alex Neil is only 39 years old... Taken Norwich to the Premier League, so young and been the game a long time. I think hes way better than Mowbray. Hee needed a change after 4 years at Preston who is selling their best players. Proven at Championship level last 6 years.
  5. Rankin-Costello looks a player. We are destined with Mowbray until end of season by the looks. He did say once.. Judge me by the end of season.. So be it.
  6. Harwood-Bellis should be our first signing in the summer.
  7. Rotherham win away to Bristol C... it Will be tight at the bottom.. Norwich were not at their best today...good point but still We are going backwards.
  8. To be fair we seems better defensively with RC but why not play them both at fullback and let one of them going forward and the other one protect...not rocket science.
  9. In december We took 5 p out of 21 possible points... in januari bashed out against Doncaster... february pathetic.. mars... back to normal standard...poor.. were going backwards..
  10. It Will be a great oppurtunity to sack the manager before the international break... cant see us winning at Norwich.
  11. We are in real danger of relegation. This was a must win game and We failed. Birmingham changed manager and won...
  12. Waggott and Venkys does their best to splitting the fanbase.... everyone can see We are going backwards...
  13. 5p of 30 and play off ambitions. Can't believe the Manager is still here. Think he feels responsible for us getting deeper the relegation and want to make us safe and hopefully he will leave at the end of season.
  14. Rotherham have 4 games in hand and is 12p adrift. I think it's Birmingham who will go down with Sheffield W and Wycombe and we will manage to stay up above those.
  15. We need to stay up and then get a new manager IN. THAT'S PRIORITY.
  16. Can Shearer come back, also Dack can but I admit Dack needs to be fitter and build up his muscles even more around the knee in the future. So sad this.
  17. Agree...you could see on replays Raya see Dack coming and pushes Dack...clear penalty and an potential big injury.... terrible stuff! Mowbray out!
  18. The ref was a joke and Raya is a f......... he may have destroyed Dacks careeer..... Dack did alright and it was a clear penalty!!
  19. Dack out and probably Armstrong in next game as both can play together... Again Mowbray was clueless.... Mowbray out!!
  20. Again we lose, the are lucky to have Frank as manager... The referee was really poor. Should had been a penalty when Nyambe fell and then Rayas push on Dack giving an alarming concerning injury. I would not feel good tonight if I was Raya.....
  21. Id change a Fresh Armstrong for Gallagher or Brereton om Friday.
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