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  1. Sad to say I completely agree. The structure at Rovers just doesn't lend itself to making such decisions as sacking Mowbray and his staff. Pasha just wants a quiet, easy life and doesn't seem to want to upset Waggott and Mowbray and I'd guess his lines of communication to India reflect that.
  2. I agree Andy. It's really worrying to me to see and hear so many people talk like it's all over. I really think it's irresponsible of anybody in authority to say such a thing.
  3. The last decade under these owners has been thin and the line 'support your team no matter what' is no more than blind loyalty. Next season I believe our attendances will be at a 30+ year low and no doubt it will be spun as primarily down to Covid but more and more long term supporters have just had enough. The truth is the product has deteriorated and the nobody in any authority seems to care. We have a ridiculous structure whereby the Chief Executive can't call the shots but has to go through the owners representative who then has to get the owners permission. The manager isn't good enough a
  4. I still believe we have a top six squad completely undermined by an average manager and staff. What is particularly galling to me is that this seasons Championship is the poorest standard I can remember and we haven't laid a glove on it. Too much chopping and changing of personnel and tactics have become a trademark of Mowbrays tenure and have particularly led to a really inconsistent season. It seems that Mowbray is often caught between two stools as to what style of play we adopt. He continually talks the talk about a passing game and quite often we do have more of the ball but in reality it
  5. I have been told today that Bell is not getting a new deal and will leave with Evans, Holtby and Downing along with the loan players returning to their parent clubs. Johnson has been offered a new one year deal. The person who told me thought Bennett had been offered a new deal but couldn't be certain. He also said there is a strong possibility that Nyambe played his last match for us today.
  6. You're not Ian Holloway with that analogy are you? 😂😂😂
  7. Six of the substitutes probably won't be here next season. Building for the future
  8. Despite the tub thumping by Infantino about the ESL UEFA have let down supporters all over with the paltry fines handed out. These clubs will reach down the backs of their sofa's for the money. Here was a real opportunity to stamp their authority on the game and hammer these clubs but once again the weaknesses of football governance is exposed. Shame on them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57031372
  9. According to Wikipedia Evans has started 184 league games since he signed in 2013. In the same period he has played 41 games for Northern Ireland. Roughly for every 4.5 games he played for us he has played a game for Northern Ireland. I know Wikipedia is always the most accurate but I'm sure we all understand the theme here.
  10. You could well be right but who would pay his rumoured £15k each week? He is a crock and I don't think a very good player neither. One of two things will happen I believe. He will be here for the remainder of his contract and play a nominal number of matches in between injuries or we will pay him off. My money is on the latter.
  11. He is desperately trying to prove a point to justify the money he has wasted on Ayala. He has lots of previous in this regard and he will sell it to the gullable set who hang on his every word as a huge positive for next season. His shame has no bounds.
  12. In the Kean years the verbal protests simply didn't work and to be honest I was disappointed at the apathy shown by the majority of fans towards us. Verbal and in some cases physical threats were meted out and I witnessed some of this first hand. I accepted then that generally speaking Rovers fans aren't the protesting types with many preferring to watch the game and go home and put up with all the nonsense. I said earlier this week that the United fans got it right by getting in to the ground. Had that been peaceful with perhaps a sit down protest on the pitch it would have been perfect
  13. I saw quite a few United fans interviewed who said they wouldn't buy merchandise, subscribe to MUTV or anything else United related. A lot of their fan group leaders are also endorsing this. I actually heard this live and this bloke has decided not to renew his and his families season tickets: https://talksport.com/football/875145/manchester-united-protest-fans-supporters-glazers-out/ Summer is the time when clubs like Rovers take the bulk of their income through season tickets and new shirt/kit sales. Starving them of this would hit them hard and attract negative publicity.
  14. Spending nothing at all (or very little) would make a real statement and would be impossible for Waggott to spin. I understand that some fans will want to buy season tickets but if I get one (I'm undecided at the moment) it will be on the last day possible. Similarly merchandise should be boycotted - just imagine the impact of a delivery of new kit with a fanfare launch and nobody buys any. Sponsorship should be held back too. I personally don't know any sponsors but if anybody has any influence this could help. Doing this is no real hardship for anybody and could have an impact that pro
  15. I agree. Arguably the most high profile actor involved and we didn't actually see him live. Mercurio is playing the long game here.
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