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  1. And your first sentence is my point about a new manager coming in. He needs time to assess and plan so now is the time. Summer is too late.
  2. We might as well keep Mowbray as give the job to a coach for the rest of the season. If (big if) he gets the boot a new manager has to assess the squad, sort out contracts, plan pre season and target new signings. Time is really of the essence here.
  3. It is. The website I saw had him as three and corrected it later.
  4. Dan Pike has number three as his squad number which was Derrick Williams' number. I posted a while ago that he has left but for some bizarre reason the club don't want to announce it.
  5. I have seen Watford a few times even as recently as Friday and they try and play out from the back. It will be an eye opener for them walking out on that. It could be advantageous to us if Mowbray doesn't over complicate things. Plenty of balls over the top for Armstrong to chase would be the order of the day for me with a high press out of possession.
  6. I would have thought so. It has been steady rather than the incessant heavy rain we saw before the Swansea game.
  7. The Ewood swamp might be a bit of a leveller tonight after a day of rain.
  8. I once heard a comedian say "Don't get married, just find a woman you don't like and buy her a house." 😁😁😁😁😁
  9. It was Jack. I used to be so envious of them for having two regular goal scorers like them. They always seemed to score against us too.
  10. He has, according to his agent suffered multiple leg injuries and is in surgery. He was cut from the wreckage by the Fire Brigade. SSN showed a picture of his car and it's A real mess.
  11. I'm not sure Lenny. It looks like we were playing flying goalkeeper though 😁😁
  12. John Waddington on the left and Faz on the right but who is the one in the middle? Smash and Grab playing for the Gas are also in the picture.
  13. That was Ronnie Tattersall. I remember playing against him when he played for CWC Engineering in the Darwen Amateur League. Last I heard he was living in the Lake District.
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