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  1. I'm happy with the win today and I've always said substance over style for me any day if results depend on it. Although we were under the cosh we were quite resilient and in truth limited Boro to very few chances. There wasn't any real stand out performances but the team and work ethic were highlights for me. I have always said the secret to success in the Championship is clean sheets and for me that's were our focus should be in every game.
  2. I had several rows with him over the years and I have to say I found him a nasty individual who invariably blamed me when his team had lost. In the same season he called me the best first year referee he had ever seen to the worst official on the list later in the season. Today's rant was typical of him and it's simply a deflection tactic designed to ease any criticism for losing. This is a man who called Diouf a sewer rat then signed him.
  3. I strongly disagree with that statement Gav. I would go as far as to say that millions who voted leave were sold the dream that it would be simple to leave and voted accordingly without having a clue as to how it might adversely affect them. The whole thing has been a real mess from the first announcement. Just imagine a political party not producing a manifesto prior to an election and expecting people to vote for them. That how I see Brexit with nobody having a clue at the time votes were cast what the deal (if any) would be but still voting to leave. Madness from Cameron.
  4. The Co-op was demolished many years ago Tyrone but when I was growing up there was a nightclub above it which had a few different names. I first remember it as Uncle Toms Cabin, then Tiffany's with an adjoining club called Nocturne. On the site of the old Co-op now stands a couple of charity shops, Savers, Iceland and Asda.
  5. Mowbray is praising the owners (again - yawn) for allowing him to bring in Branthwaite. Nov I don't know for sure but I'd imagine we are picking up a percentage of the 18 year olds wages which in reality shouldn't be a fortune. And to mitigate some of that Carter has gone out on loan. For me it's all part of Mowbray's continuing ingratiation with the owners.
  6. I suspect strongly he is retiring as the rumour has been rife for some time now. If there is pressure on Mowbray it has to be coming from within but I honestly think he still holds all the cards in respect of his future.
  7. Do you think he'll walk or are you saying you think he'll be sacked? I have heard from two different people who work at Ewood that the word is Swag is retiring. His absence from Ewood and pretty much non attendance at games indicates to me that he has lost interest. Maybe Mowbray realises this and is getting his ducks in a row to help him keep his job.
  8. I haven't listened to this because, quite simply he bores me with his twaddle. Mowbray has well and truly ingratiated himself on the owners who, like some Rovers fans buy his bluster and bull. If the rumour of Waggott retiring at the end of the season is true I think our only hope of Mowbray going is a new CEO who can see through the self preservation nonsense he comes out with. However I don't hold out too much hope and have resigned myself to the mediocrity Mowbray brings for as long as he wants to be here.
  9. Mowbray will be like a dog with two dicks for this game. Live on Sky, one of Boro's favourite sons returning and he will regale bore anybody who can be bothered listening about how he used to sit on his dads shoulders to go to the game, John Hickton and the Holgate End sucking the ball into the goal yadda, yadda. I really don't think we will get anything here despite The Riverside being a good ground for using recent years. Warnock will have Mowbray on toast.
  10. He won't get fooled again though. 😁😁😁
  11. I had to Google him 😁. There is a likeness though. It's worrying how she can look like both men and women. 😁😁😁
  12. I see lots of potential in Buckley and I think he could be a top player. Unfortunately I don't think the coaching currently at Rovers will bring that out of him. A new manager and coach could make a huge difference to him and others.
  13. Is that not Colin Hendry? 😁😁😁
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