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  1. Just on the train home and extremely pissed off with everything Rovers. The figure head and voice of our club is embarrassing and he should resign. The majority are now waking up to what some of us have been saying for ages. The man is impregnable, untouchable and when I read his interviews it's like he knows it. His words, the performance, and the whole bullshit package will be of no comfort or consolation to me as I climb into bed at 3 am. Mowbray out Fuck off Waggott Fuck off Venky's
  2. It's incredible that Mowbray is harping on about wages and money when in each of his four years here our spend versus income has been astronomical and contributed largely to put us in position we are in. The ridiculous contracts he and his cohorts awarded unreservedly have cost this club millions. I wish some would wake up and see who the real villains are here.
  3. How funny would it be if Newcastle were relegated and were then hamstrung by P&S rules? In the words of one of their former managers 'I would love it'.
  4. As I said inconsistent and pedantic. Two of the worst possible traits for a referee to have.
  5. Did anybody hear the rumour doing the rounds yesterday about the cost of getting Brereton back for his fifteen minute cameo yesterday? The rumour suggested that a private jet brought him back from Chile, he is in rented accommodation over Chorley way and a hired luxury vehicle with perspex screens was used to ferry him to Ewood and back. The same vehicle will be used to take him to London and back next week. It was said the total cost would be £85k. As I said it's a rumour going around so don't shoot the messenger.
  6. The referee was embarrassingly inconsistent. Kane should have been cautioned for a cynical, technical foul early on and we he was then cautioned later on would have been sent off. Buckley was lucky as his two indiscretions were both yellow cards again highlighting an inconsistency. His performance was summed up at start of the second half kick off. He made the Coventry player move the ball a few centimetres on the centre Mark drawing unnecessary attention to himself before the second half had even kicked off. And the ball was certainly going to be kicked backwards anyway. Absolutely pedantic and it spoke volumes about his performance. That said he denied Coventry what looked to me like a clear penalty which could have resulted in a defeat for us.
  7. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-mowbray-coventry-inexperience-21881381 So now Mowbray has thrown the young players under the bus. If this really was the case why didn't he put Bradley Johnson on instead of Davenport. He's a walking contradiction who just brushes things away and blames everybody except himself. Him and him alone has the responsibility for results.
  8. At each of our corners Coventry kept two players up. Any guesses how many we kept up for theirs?
  9. The protests about Kean told me a lot about our fan base. Anybody with Rovers at heart should have been protesting or shouting for him to be sacked and put pressure on the owners. Instead of being a united club it caused rifts. I witnessed it outside the ground when we were ridiculed for having the temerity of wanting something better for our club. In the ground many of us were told to 'get behind the team' when shouting 'Kean out'. I still maintain getting rid of him early in that relegation season and getting a proper manager in would have kept us up and an opportunity for someone to build. Probably the only truth Kean told was the 1% jibe. That's history now but looking to the future Mowbray is bomb proof, no pressure from the supporters or anywhere else and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he got a new deal.
  10. Did anybody notice that the new clock kept running at 45 minutes up until the referee blew his whistle for half time? Somebody will get a rollicking for that as the regulation is that the clock must stop on 45 and 90 minutes so the referee won't be pilloried if he plays over the announced stoppage time. I wonder if Waggott was operating it?
  11. Today was something I have witnessed far too often under Mowbray. I think the phrase 'game of two halves' came about because of his teams propensity to perform differently in the same game. In the box seat, two up and relatively comfortable and half time kills us. We were full of attacking intent in the first half with our wing backs causing them all manner of problems. In the second half they barely crossed the half way line and we, to all intents and purposes played a back five. Robins did a number on Mowbray as he changed their shape at half time and the controlled the midfield. For me it was crying out for Bradley Johnson but instead we got Davenport. I'm so fed up with this bloke now as I really believe he is costing us vital points which is essentially down to his tactical misgivings.
  12. I have seen Burns play quite a few times and believe me he can look after himself, amongst his attributes in my opinion is his strength a physique. I refereed at that level when coming through and also at reserve team level and the pace and tempo of both are like chalk and cheese.
  13. He has gone to play in a glorified pub league. How many players over recent seasons have we sent to non league only for them not to get game time, not adapt and return to us no better. It's a pointless deal that with do neither Rovers or the player any good.
  14. There has always been hate as you say Gav but the era you mention was different in terms of the faceless people who perpetrate hate via the internet. There was a comparatively big NF group in Blackburn but most of the prominents were known and easy to keep track on. Now with the dark web and the like subversive groups are growing. I agree about the deterrents and I would also penalise the social media sites who give hate a platform.
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